Best Guava Vapes

The guava vape flavor is one that has risen in popularity recently. Over the past couple of years, there has been an overall increase in demand for vapes that have fruit and ice flavors. Therefore, many vape manufacturers have tested more unique fruit flavors to cater to adult vapers looking for a quality fruit and mint mix.

Previously, many vape juice companies had extravagant dessert, cereal, and creamy vape flavor profiles. While some of those dessert vapes still appear on the market, the vast majority of disposable vapes are offered primarily in fruit and ice mixes. 

Best Guava Disposable Vapes

As previously discussed, the amount of fruit options that come in prefilled disposable vapes has exploded recently. Vape manufacturers now regularly produce vapes with fruit flavors like guava, kiwi, passion fruit, coconut, and sour cherry. For the purposes of this article, our vape review staff tested some of the best guava disposable vapes available on the market today.

Guava Passion VaporLax BOBO

The Guava Passion BOBO Vape by VaporLax includes a strong guava flavor paired with a tangy passion fruit taste. This long-lasting disposable vape designed by VaporLax uses a rechargeable vape battery to provide up to 6000 puffs per vape device. Each BOBO disposable vape also uses a mesh coil that accentuates the mouth-watering vape flavors.

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Guava Ice Elf Bar

The Guava Ice Elf Bar vape flavor is available in multiple versions. You can get this guava flavor in the popular BC5000 vape or the less popular, but still incredible BC3500 version. Since both the BC35000 and BC5000 Elf Bar vapes work similarly, we'd recommend trying the Guava Ice Elf Bar BC3500 vape because you can save a couple dollars on a first-time trial.

Strawberry Kiwi Guava Hyde Rebel Pro

The Strawberry Kiwi Guava Hyde Rebel Pro is not necessarily led by the guava vape flavoring, but the guava is incorporated to add an extra layer of fruit flavoring to a strong strawberry kiwi vape mix. This fantastic tropical fruit mix comes in the long-lasting Hyde Rebel Pro vape device, which delivers up to 5,000 puffs per device and utilizes a comfortable mouthpiece.

Tropical Punch VaporLax

The Tropical Punch VaporLax disposable vape is not led by a guava flavoring, but it uses guava to complement the flurry of flavors blended together in this tropical punch disposable vape. The upgraded VaporLax Mesh disposable uses a premium coil for ultimate flavor satisfaction. This allows all flavors in this mix (Guava, Watermelon, Citrus, and a touch of mint) to fully hit your tastebuds in every puff. While this isn't necessarily a guava vape, it would be remiss of our review staff if we left this great vape off of the list.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava Elf Bar

This Elf Bar flavor isn't fully supported by a guava vape flavor, but it does have a sweet guava nectar taste that complements the tangy kiwi and passionfruit combination. This Elf Bar vape flavor is so highly rated, that they decided to keep the same formula and release it in their new Lost Mary OS5000 vape line.

Best Guava Vape Juice Flavors

After trying out some of the leading disposable vapes with guava flavor, we shifted our focus to some of the best guava e-Juice flavors for refillable vape pod kits and vape mods.

Guava Orgnx e-Juice

If you are looking for a no-frills, straight-up guava vape juice flavor, look no further than the Guava Orgnx e-Juice. This high-VG e-Liquid is an authentic guava tasting vape juice for your vape tank. The Orgnx line typically does a great job of providing authentic fruit flavors in their e-Liquids and this flavor does not disappoint.

The Guava Ice Orgnx e-Juice flavor is also available for vapers that prefer fruit and ice blends. The Guava Ice vape juice is available in a high-VG option as well as in a nic salt option.

I Love Salts Strawberry Guava

The I Love Salts vape juice line is a regular in our "best of" series due to their premium flavors and smooth hit. The Strawberry Guava I Love Salts flavor, formerly known as Island Squeeze, mixes a fresh strawberry with a ripe guava taste. This fruity nic salt vape juice is not overly sweet, but rather provides an authentic fruit taste in every puff.

Reds Apple Guava e-Juice

The Reds Apple Guava e-Juice flavor mixes their award-winning Red's Apple vape juice base with a smooth guava flavoring. This sweet vape juice tastes like a cup of apple juice mixed with guava nectar. This superb guava vape flavor is available in a high-VG mix as well as in the 7Daze Salt Series. The Reds Apple Guava Salt Nic flavor is designed to be used with vape pod systems and comes in 30mg (3%) and 50mg (5%) nicotine strengths.

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