Ever Consider Switching to a Vape Pod System?

When you first start vaping, the variety of devices, options, flavors, features, and claimed benefits for each added feature could be overwhelming. There are a plethora of options from simple easy-to-use auto-draw vapes to complex mods that require constant maintenance. The nicotine delivery device and vape juice you select are important to ensure an enjoyable vaping experience . The vape products should match your style of vaping and your personal preferences. Fortunately, there are only a few very simple things to do if you vape with a pod system.

Vape Pod System

The easiest way to describe a pod is somewhere in design between a disposable and a mod. With a pod system, you have the freedom and usability of a vape pen and the powerful battery of a vape mod. Refillable vape pod systems are rechargeable, refillable, and reusable. Pod Systems are often programmable, allowing the user to burn hotter, run in stealth mode, turn the device on and off, etc. The devices available at Mi-Pod in this category are the Mi-Pod Pro+, Athenaz Pod System, Mi-Pod 2, Voopoo Vinci, and Uwell Caliburn AK2.

How to Use a Vape Pod System

There are three things you need to do when using a refillable vape pod system.

1. Recharge it when the battery is low, just like you recharge a mobile phone or rechargeable disposable vape. It will flash a red light telling you it needs a recharge. It will flash blue when it is fully restored. When the battery gets low, it doesn’t cook the e-Juice enough for an ideal puff. In a vape pod device, the battery is housed in the device itself, so you don’t throw it away every time the juice runs out; you recharge it like the way you recharge your mobile phone every day. The charging port and cable are used exactly like a charger for a mobile phone.

2. Add vape juice to the pod when it runs low. Again, it couldn’t be easier; open the flap, pour in the juice, close it, and pop the pod back in. Pods tend to work best when you wait about 5 minutes after filling the pod up (allowing the vape juice to settle in).

3. Change out the pod when it becomes old. After refilling a pod 4-6 times, it should be replaced with a new pod. The cotton at the bottom of the pod gets over-saturated with residue (usually from sugars in the vape juice), and your coil gets gunked-up through regular use. This doesn’t taste good and affects the performance of the device.

Why? Both the cotton and coil live inside the pod. When you replace your pod, you start with a brand-new coil and fresh cotton. Add a little vape juice, wait 5 mins for the cotton to get saturated, and the vape juice will taste like it did when your pod system was brand new.

Why Switch from Disposable Vapes?

Refillable vape pod kits differ from disposable devices in a few ways. The biggest difference is you can refill a vape pod with fresh e-Juice when it runs low. Disposables are not refillable so when you run out of vape juice you are supposed to recycle it. Most people just toss it, which dumps toxic chemicals into our landfills.

Pod Systems are particularly convenient for using several vape juice flavors in multiple pods simultaneously. I keep several pods pre-filled with my favorite flavors and grab a couple of pods on the way out to have my vaping options on the go.

  • More e-Juice flavor and nic strength options - Pod systems were made to be refilled; most rechargeable devices use interchangeable or removable cartridges/cartomizers. These replaceable pieces allow you to try new flavors & nicotine strengths with ease. Individuals that enjoy extended customization with their device may prefer rechargeable over disposable devices.
  • Pod systems are incredibly convenient and easy to use. The supposed complex parts are pouring vape juice out of a bottle into the pod and popping out a pod to replace it with a full one or a different flavor. Some people may still prefer disposable vapes over rechargeable ones because rechargeable devices come with two more parts to keep track of. Furthermore, they require larger initial investment to set up.
  • Save money, a vape pod system pays for itself in two months of vaping. Over time, reusable vape devices prove to be much more cost-effective than disposable eCigs. The initial purchase of the device itself is usually the most expensive piece. Once you invest in a reliable device, your subsequent purchases should only be low-priced replacement pods & e-Liquids. Additionally, vape devices are intended to last for years, so they are built to take more punishment. Vape kits have superior batteries that are expected to recharge over the life of the device. The parts and pieces of a disposable vape do not have to be as rugged or high-quality to survive a few weeks and then wind up in a landfill.
    • Do the math for yourself. As of the writing of this article: a device, pods, and an e-Juice bottle should cost around $55 (Mi-Pod Pro with two pods is $40, and juice is around $15 per bottle). After the initial investment, you only need to buy a bottle of vape juice and occasional replacement pods (around $20 a month for 30ml of vaping).
    • Disposable example, an Elf Bar comes with 10.5mL of vape juice in the BC3500 for $16, or 13ml in the BC5000 for $18, so for 30ml of vaping, you’d need three of the 3500 every month = $48/mo. vs. $20 per month using our Mi-Pod device and bottles of juice. The device has paid for itself in two months; everything after that is savings.
  • Customized vaping experience. Multiple device designs, vape juice flavors & nicotine levels to choose from. Swap between flavors on the go by carrying a few tiny pods vs. the same number of disposable vapes.
  • Recreate your old favorite flavors - Ten years ago, I found my favorite flavor, “Bourbon Cookies.” When the company went out of business, I thought bourbon cookies was gone forever. Using my Mi-Pod Pro and a few bottles of juice, I took some sweet tobacco juice, added a little custard flavor, and BOOM, Bourbon Cookies are back!  
  • Invent New Flavors - I love VaporLax Strawberry Cream, but I sometimes prefer it with some added banana or orange flavor. I make my unique blend each evening, adding a little of this and a little of that, and I can vape my one-of-a-kind favorite flavors that I made myself by pouring juice from different bottles into the pod.  Super easy to do and provides a level of vape satisfaction and customization that cannot be obtained from a disposable. 
  • Changing your vaping for higher or lower nicotine strengths and flavors is trivial. Pop-out the old pod, fill up another one, pop in the new one, and start vaping your fresh juice. 
  • Devices come in various styles that provide varying levels of convenience and performance. If you want to add a new skin or a lanyard it’s worth it to do for a device you will have for years. 
  • Disposables come looking how they look. Pod Systems can look any way you want them to look. Some disposables are downright goofy looking. Colors are fixed for each flavor, so color coordination or accessorizing is out unless you own all the flavors and are willing to vape whatever flavor matches your dress that night.  
  • Pod Systems are higher-quality products with higher quality pieces and parts because they are built to be reused for years vs. days.
  • Much better Performance with its larger and longer-lasting battery.
  • Disposables require you to buy a new device whenever you want to try new flavors or nicotine strengths. You take one puff, and if you don’t like it, toss it in the “do not use” pile of disposables in the corner. With a pod system, you are only out the juice in that exchange.
  • For customization, reusability, and low long-term cost, the pod system will give you everything you need for the lowest long-term cost. Although you will initially pay more for a starter kit, the price of replacement cartridges and e-liquid is much lower than repeatedly buying disposable vapes. 

Vape Pod System Recommendation

The new Mi-Pod Pro+ pod kit is the only device I highly recommend for first-time pod system users.  People love their Mi-Pod Pros!  If you know you are into vaping and want a better solution, grab a Mi-Pod Pro+.  Each comes with 1x Mi-Pod Pro+ and 2 Replacement PRO Pods and is available in countless designs.  Vape better with minimal maintenance, fill your pods, charge your device, and enjoy your vaping experience.

Why I recommend this pod system

  • It provides great-tasting puffs with plenty of airflow.
  • Ease of use
  • Low-Cost, a Mi-Pod Pro+ is just $40.  It comes with two pods and a charging cable. 
  • Easy to change pods and fill with juice.
  • Auto-draw firing system (inhale from the mouthpiece to vape, no button pressing).
  • No extreme programming to memorize for features I won’t use.
  • Easy charge battery that uses USB-C charging cable for faster charging.
  • Long-lasting 950-mAH battery.
  • Design options: MPP+ comes in many colors and textures, and the pods come in a rainbow of colors.
  • I use pod colors for different flavors for fast identification. It takes me seconds to choose the day’s flavors each morning.  It’s easy to grab the correct ones throughout the day.
  • Saves money on juice while providing better puffs. The new Mi-Pod Pro+ is designed for efficiency, slowing the vape juice vaporization rate while increasing the nicotine strength. 
  • It is my favorite device by far (I own six).

In summary: If you plan to vape for an extended period, you will find yourself looking at better-performing money-saving Pod Systems.  Take the training wheels off your vaping and move to an actual vape device.  Everything about a Pod System is better than a disposable.  Your vape flavors will come to life and you will save money while enjoying a better vaping experience. 

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