Coolplay Aire Vape Review

The CoolPlay Aire Vape comes in a clear plastic container that looks like a squashed tube from the side. There are specs, ingredients, and warnings on the container.

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The device itself is 2” wide, ¾” thick, and 2 ¼” tall with a thin ½” long tubular mouthpiece sticking out of the top. The Aire device looks like a plastic box in monotone pastel colors with no artwork, just the names. It appears square from the side but is curved and has rounded corners up both sides, making it easier to hold and giving a 50s automobile look. On the bottom are two small air holes for airflow (no adjustable slider) and a slot for recharging the small 550mAh battery using a type-C charging cable (not included).

Aire Vape Specs

  • E-Liquid Contents: 10ml
  • Puff Count: +4000
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg (5%)
  • Coil: 1.1ohm Mesh Coil
  • Battery:550mAh
  • Recharging: Rechargeable with USB-C *Charger not Included

Coolplay Aire Performance

Even though the parts and pieces appear to be made of cheap plastic, it is a thick and solid plastic that works together to provide a sturdy little device. I “dropped” the Strawberry Cheesecake several times, but it didn’t even scratch it. So, I threw it on the ground a few times. Still, nothing broke. The tiny mouthpiece looks wimpy but is molded as part of the top so is very well attached and did not snap off even after a couple of direct hits to the ground. It has a little heft to it (probably the 10mls of E-Liquid inside and battery) and when thrown on the ground it makes a nice “thunk” sound. It didn’t scratch or break after several gravity checks.

4000 puffs is a fair amount of vape juice, which means you will not use up all the 4000 puffs before it runs out of battery and needs to be recharged. The battery is smaller in size compared to some of the other disposables available on the market. Recharging is as simple as charging a mobile phone with a USB-C cable. A little white light brightens on the bottom of the device to indicate it is charging. When it is finished it will blink a few times and turn off.

After ½ hour of charging, I was ready to continue vaping the vape juice left in the CoolPlay Disposable. The smaller battery means a shorter time vaping before it needs to be recharged. You will want to keep it fully charged because that smaller battery will run out faster than some other disposables and less battery strength means once it starts to run low on charge you will start to experience a less intense flavor.

The two small air holes on the bottom of the device provide just enough airflow that you can wrangle either an MTL or DTL puff out of it by loosening or tightening your lips on the mouthpiece allowing more air in from the sides.

Coolplay Aire Collection Review

After spending at least an hour testing out each flavor, I can say that one of their flavors was outstanding (Lemon Mint), two others were good (Watermelon Ice and Strawberry Banana) five were pretty good, and two were universally unloved (Kiwi Guava Passion Fruit and Strawberry Cheesecake). I personally prefer strong natural-tasting fruit flavors for an all-day vape but find myself grabbing one COOLPLAY for a puff or two throughout the day.

Aire Flavors

We put each Coolplay Aire vape flavor to the test. Check out our findings below.

Blue Raz

The Blue Raz Aire Vape is blueberry, raspberry, and ice. The ice is a little heavy in the mix for my taste, but the berry flavors are there with some added sweetness. Between hits, you are left with a sweet icy taste on your tongue. No bad aftertaste, so nothing to dissuade me from going back to it all day. I personally prefer strong natural-tasting fruit flavors with less ice for my all-day vape. On the other hand, if you prefer icily candied or sweetly iced fruit flavors, then you will enjoy the flavors in this line.

Cool Mint

The Cool Mint Aire Vape is a strong mint-flavored vape with a strong ice flavor and just a hint of sweetness. It reminds me of mint gum after most of the sweetness has been chewed out of it. The after-vape taste in your mouth is not mint as much as minty/iced something else.

Fruit Punch

The Fruit Punch Coolplay Aire is a decent-tasting fruit punch. It is a fruit blend of berries, apples, and other fruit flavors. I like some things about the flavor and dislike others. The flavor is nice and strong, fruity, and icy. It may be the apple that throws it off for me, but others here liked the apple. If you like sweet apple juice flavor with berries and ice you might enjoy this flavor.

Kiwi Guava Passion Fruit

If you like guava you won’t dislike the Kiwi Guava Passion Fruit Aire flavor. I passed it to a few people that like guava and the consensus was that “they didn’t hate it but didn’t love it either.” I on the other hand, only enjoy a very accurate fruit-flavored guava vape. I thought it tasted disgusting. Really disgusting. Enough said.

Lemon Mint

This flavor is awesome! Every time we get a new shipment of vapes in to review there are one or two flavors that will consistently disappear off my desk. This time it was the Lemon Mint Aire Vape. It came in, we all tasted it, and it was the one I had to go chase down for the review. If you like the lemon-shaped sweets from your youth, this flavor will ring a few bells. Good, lemony, sweet, and just enough ice for an all-day vape. This one was by far my favorite of the CoolPlay Disposable flavors.

Peach Blue Raz

Straight-forward peach ice flavor. I wish the peach flavor was stronger in the Peach Blue Raz Aire Vape. This was the flavor I found out that I could not pull more flavor out of the device than it was designed to serve up. The smallish battery and PG/VG vape juice provide a solid puff…up to a point. If you draw harder (trying both MTL and DTL) it limits its vapor output to that of the two tiny holes on the bottom. Not enough of a hit or flavor for me.

Rainbow Candy

The Rainbow Candy Aire Vape by Coolplay Medium ice, mixed berries, not overly tart. You can taste citrus added for tartness, but the sweetness overpowers it. It’s like the tart, sweet and ice are fighting for the top flavor leaving my tastebuds confused. Straight out of the package the smell was overwhelmingly like hairspray or cheap spray perfume. After airing it out for a couple of days it was totally vape-able and didn’t taste half-bad.

Strawberry Cheesecake

This was one for the books, a cheese-flavored vape. I hit it hard expecting a strawberry sweet cake flavoring, maybe a little sour to account for the cheese element. What I got in the Strawberry Cheesecake Aire vape was strawberry cheese. It was so bad we passed it around to whoever came in the office to watch them retch from a cheese-flavored vape. If you want to make sure your young adults never start vaping give them one of these.

Strawberry Banana

I really liked the Strawberry Banana Aire Vape by Coolplay. I like strawberries and bananas, so if they got the fruit flavors right, I was going to like it. This vape was not exceptional, but it tastes right. It is 4500 puffs, not over iced, and doesn’t have any lingering weird non-fruit taste in-between puffs. I pick it up and puff this one a few times a day at random, so I know I like it.

Watermelon Ice

The Watermelon Ice Coolplay Aire Vape is a lovely vape. The taste is fruity, sweet, and icy. The sweet watermelon mixes well with the cool ice. It is not too strong or too weak. The flavors work together to create a powerful enough flavor that this is a good all-day vape experience. To make sure I took it home and as I thought I vaped it all day.

In Summary

If you prefer candied or sugary fruit flavors, then you will like the flavors in this line. All their flavors include strong ice and coolness on your throat after each exhale. No real surprises, these are all flavors we have seen before, and they did a good job recreating most of them. The device functioned well. It vaped the vape juice well, but with a smaller battery and no adjustable airflow control. What you hit is what you get. You can’t dial in a stronger flavor either by drawing harder or trying to MTL a more flavorful puff. Its solid body construction is airtight, so you only have two holes for air. The airflow rate is adequate for an MTL.

These are good little functional vapes. Sturdy, 4000 puffs, some amazing, and some decent flavors. The price point for a 4000-puff disposable is reasonable (around $16 list). This vape is ideal for the beginner or practical vaper. If you can recharge a mobile phone, you can handle this device.

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