Which Vaper Type Are You?

Like automobile or wine enthusiasts, vapers come in many types and shapes for many reasons. Some people savor the aroma and pairings, some people just want to chug it. Neither is right or wrong if they are happy.

Both are wine enthusiasts, just for different reasons and with different criteria for judging the same bottle. Vapers are the same.

Vaper Types

Some vapers are pragmatic and just want a reliable puff, some are flavor connoisseurs, some chase clouds, and some don’t know what they want.

The Vaping Beginner

Being well-versed in vaping has less to do with the number of years vaping and more with how much attention they have been paying to vape technology. They are not aware of ongoing improvements in both juice and the devices. They do not care that there are new options, strengths, ohms, flavors, or delivery systems. They aren’t aware of the FDA-imposed shipping bans, FDA-imposed flavor bans, and state-imposed vape bans going on every day. Unless there is a ban on tobacco flavor in their state, they probably won’t change or care.
Often interchangeable with the Practical Vaper in vape experience level, the difference is that the Newb likely wants more information and likely wants to learn more about vaping. They may become an OG Vaper at some point, or they may wind up vaping the same simple delivery system all their days because it serves them.

Good vapes for the newbie focus heavily on ease of use. Auto-draw vapes work best, since they allow the vaper to simply put it in their mouth and puff. I have listed several easy-to-use disposable vapes with no on/off switches, no air adjustment settings, no refilling, no charging, and no device settings to learn. No experience is needed.

Good Vapes for Beginners

Smoking Vapor e-Cigs

Smoking Vapor eCigarettes are easy-to-use vapes that mimic the shape of a traditional cigarette. You simply screw your eCig cartridge onto your battery and puff.

Smoking Vapor e-Cigars

E-Cigars are a fantastic option for traditional cigar smokers that are transitioning to a vape devise. These are easy to use devices that require no filling or charging.

VaporLax Mesh Vapes

Easy to use disposable vapes that come in quality flavors and have a low cost per device.

Air Bar Max Disposable Vapes

The Air Bar Max disposable vape is a basic disposable vape that comes in multiple nicotine strength options and a handful of quality flavors.

Cube Disposable Vapes

The Cube is a long-lasting disposable vape device that is available in a nicotine-free option as well as a 50mg (high-nicotine) option. There are fantastic tobacco options as well as many mint and fruit flavors in the Cube line.

Kangvape Onee Stick Disposable Vape

Very easy to use disposable vape device at a low cost.

Posh XL Vapes

Easy to use disposable vape devices with a bunch of flavor options.

Esco Bar Vapes

Another easy-to-use disposable vape pen that requires no charging or filling.

Elf Bar BC3500

Easy to use disposable vape that has a wide assortment of popular vape flavors and is priced lower than the Elf Bar BC5000.

The Practical Vaper (Utilitarian)

Some folks decide they are going to start vaping, grab the first thing recommended by the corner gas station attendant, and five years later they are still vaping that same brand and flavor. They needed a nicotine delivery system and found a cost-effective “no fuss” delivery system and are satisfied. To them, putting nicotine in their system is like putting gas in their car and they do not see any reason for more than one or two options.

Think of a cowboy with a vape. They are busy working and do not have time for other hobbies. They want something that is easy to use every time, reliable, and provides their nicotine whenever and wherever they need it. Sometimes a Practical Vaper will do the math and switch to a device to save money. A device, a charging cable, and a few pods full of juice and they don’t have to stop for days. More often, the Practical Vaper will grab a long-lasting disposable with a decent amount of vape juice at the corner gas station in the morning with their coffee and pay it about as much attention as they do to their cup of joe.

Good vapes for the utilitarian user must be easy to use, sturdy and long-lasting. They are easily picked up via Go Puff or at their corner gas station convenience store. It must have long battery life and provide lots of puffs. It needs to last all day and if it does have a recharging feature, it should be easy to use and provide enough of a charge for the entire next day. The disposables listed are easy to use long-lasting devices. All have so much juice they are rechargeable to allow you to vape the rest of the juice.

Good for The Practical Vaper

Athenaz Refillable Pod System

Easy to use vape pod that reduces the cost of vaping.

Mi-Pod Pro Kit

Easy to use vape pod that reduces the cost of vaping.

VaporLax Sirius Disposable Vape

Easy to use, low cost disposable vape with a bunch of flavor options.

VaporLax BOBO Disposable Vapes

Long-lasting disposable vape that is easy to use and has a great value.

Hyde Rebel Pro

Easy to use disposable vape device that comes in a wide variety of sweet, fruity flavors.

VaporLax Mesh Vapes

Low cost disposable vape device that is easy to use and provides unparalleled quality.

Vaal E5000 Vape

This disposable vape is known for the excellent flavors that it provides due to the premium mesh coil and quality vape juice in the device. Is also easy to use and provides great value.

Xtra Flow Vape

The Xtra Flow is a long-lasting disposable device that is easy to use and has a low cost for the amount of puffs that it provides.

The OG Vaper (Experienced/Informed)

Most vapers fall into this category and bounce in and out of other types as needed. This type of vaper is aware of any local or state bans of their favorite vape products. They probably have several “go-to” flavors and a few devices to ensure there is always something to vape nearby even when they forget their primary device at home. They keep up on the FDA bans as well as China bans and shipping issues because they have figured out it all affects their access to their favorite products.

This is the consumer most vape manufacturers focus on because their marketing information is understood by this group and this group is willing to try many different devices and juices in search of vaping nirvana. This group isn’t afraid to push a slider to let in more air or refill a device with juice when it runs low. They understand and have access to all the new vaping technology.

Good Vapes for the "OG Vaper"

Mi-Pod Pro+

Ultra-Portable vape device with refillable pods for vape juice. Ideal for DL hits.

Mi-Pod 2.0

Upgraded vaping device with refillable pods for vape juice. Ideal for MTL hits.

VaporLax Draco Disposable vape

The Draco vape comes in very popular flavors and contains features like airflow control, recharging capability and a premium mesh coil.

Elf Bar BC5000 Disposable Vapes

These disposable vapes come in a wide variety of flavor options. They also provide limited edition flavors that are only sold at certain retailers.

Vaal E5000

Box-shaped disposable vape with Wide Wick Technology that provides tremendous flavor.

Vaal Max

Sub-ohm disposable vape device that hits like no other disposable. Has a dual-mesh coil to provide incredible flavor in every puff.

The Cloud Chaser (Experimental/Device Savvy)

We all know someone who falls into this category. OG Vaper + Experimentalist + Device Modder and Avid Hobbyist. They and are vape savvy, enthusiasts. They know they are creating a powerful combustible box that they plan to put next to their face and suck on. Cloud chasers, or former cloud chasers, enjoy a deep DL (direct-to-lung) puff and plenty of clouds. For an easy-to-use disposable that provides a Sub-Ohm experience, the Vaal Max series is the best choice.

Cloud chasers (or former cloud chasers) enjoy a deep DL puff and plenty of clouds. For an easy-to-use disposable they can get much of the Sub-Ohm experience but in an easy-to-use disposable.

The Vaal Max Disposable Vape pairs an 850mAh rechargeable vape battery with a 0.7-ohm dual mesh coil for a sub-ohm experience in a disposable vape.

The Clueless Vaper (Living Dangerously)

This vaper uses clones, attempts modding without a clue what they are doing, vapes homebrew juice, or "back of the van" devices to save some coin. They have a complete disregard for authenticity or their own safety.

Best Advice for Clueless Vapers

Purchase vapes from a reputable vape retailer. You can confirm authenticity of vape products by checking products with verification tags.


A vape device has the potential to be dangerous if misused. It has a battery that holds an electric charge, a container full of vape juice, cotton to soak up that vape juice, and a coil to burn it.  It can be dangerous if messed with or purposefully used incorrectly.

If I modded my electric toothbrush I would expect it to zap my face off instead of brushing any teeth. Same for vape devices. You have no business messing with things that were not meant to be messed with on a vape device. 

There are many parts on a standard device that are meant to be messed with (changing coils, changing carts, adding e-Juice, recharging cables). The parts that are meant to be utilized with are standardized, listed, and idiot-proofed for the general consumer.

Clones and Pirates

Another potentially dangerous side of vaping is cloners and pirates online selling unsafe products to unaware consumers. There are many unscrupulous people making money by cloning devices and selling it to people online who think they are receiving and using authentic products from a manufacturer. They go so far as to create authentic-looking websites and ordering systems. Everything looks legit until you get the e-Juice or device, and the e-Juice tastes bad, and your device stops working. Then when you try to contact the people that sold the clones to you, you find their website has closed, and all the people that were sold fake products have no recourse. Even worse, the cloners are already selling their clones on a new site to a new group of unsuspecting vapers. 

When this occurs, the vape industry takes another hit for “how dangerous vaping is” and the vape pirates disappear, reappear elsewhere, and do it all over again to another unsuspecting group. These people do not care if their nasty homebrew juice hurts you, or their cloned disposable blows up in your face.  They are pirates, not vape industry manufacturers. They do not care about your safety. They are not regulated. Most devices now come with authenticity verification to make sure everything you buy is authentic and not a clone. It is wise to use the manufacturer’s security tag.

In Summary

Most people fall into multiple "vaper type" categories. For example, I am primarily an “OG Vaper”. Well educated on vaping and staying that way. Plus, it’s my job.

Once I settle on a device and flavor I like, I will become a “Practical Vaper” for a while and just vape that until I get bored with the flavor or find a need to adjust the strength up or down according to my current state of “the zoomies.” Then I’m off to the races looking for new flavors, strengths, and delivery systems (aka devices) like an OG Vaper.

I have been a “Cloud Chaser” in the past while singing in a band and using a vape mod device to blast massive clouds on stage for a Nic boost and for the special effects the vape clouds created against the stage lights.

I have even been “The Clueless Vaper” trying anything to get my nicotine when my delivery technology failed. I was tearing cartridges apart, adding my own juice, popping the cap back on, and vaping it. Halfway through one show with Narcoleptic Spiders, the cap unexpectedly came off the cartridge and next time I took a puff I got a full mouthful of pure juice. I spent the rest of the night singing a song, then running to the bathroom to expel it in every way the human body can expel. This continued for two more sets, sing a song, run to the bathroom, sing a song, run to the bathroom. I lost ten pounds that week and do not recommend it to anyone. Now I always spend the extra few bucks on professionally manufactured eCig carts or vape pods.

What kind of vaper are you? Except for the uninformed vaper, there are no wrong answers here. If your vaping makes you happy, that is all that matters.

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