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The Hyde disposable vape brand is a popular brand that has countless amounts of flavors and models. There are over 30 different types of Hyde vape styles to choose from and typically about 20 or more flavors in each Hyde type. This surely seems a bit overwhelming to the average vaper, so we’ve tested a bunch of the top-selling Hydes to give you the rundown.

Most Popular Hyde Flavors

For the purposes of our testing, we used some of the newest Hyde vapes available. We chose flavors from the Hyde Rebel Pro, Hyde N-Bar, and Hyde Mag lines for this review. There are other popular flavors like Neon Rain that were not included in the following summary of top Hyde flavor options because it is not available in some of the latest Hyde vapes of 2022.

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Rainbow Hyde

This vape flavor is a top-seller among most disposable vape brands. It blends a handful of fruit flavors to provide a familiar candied fruit taste. This blend seems to mix berry, citrus, and melon flavors for a fantastic overall vape. Even though this vape is very sweet, it has faint citrus and mint flavors that keep it well balanced. You can find the Rainbow flavor in the Rainbow Hyde Mag, as well as the N-Bar, Rebel Pro and many other Hyde versions.

Fresh Vanilla Hyde

The Fresh Vanilla Hyde flavor is a fine option for vapers that are looking for a lighter flavor that does not have a sweet fruit taste. Most flavors that come in various Hyde disposable vape versions are a fruit mix, but not all vapers prefer a fruity vape. The Fresh Vanilla has a light, soft vanilla cream taste that makes it a smooth all-day vape that you won’t get sick of. The Fresh Vanilla flavor is available in the Fresh Vanilla Hyde Mag vape, as well as the Fresh Vanilla Hyde Pro. Both are long-lasting vapes that come prefilled with 10ml and 11ml of vape juice.

Coconut Crumble Hyde

This popular Hyde vape flavor is a unique option for coconut lovers. While many vape companies make a watermelon and blue razz flavor, not many make a coconut vape flavor. This is probably because most others can’t replicate a coconut flavor like Hyde can. This incredible vape flavor mixes a spot-on coconut taste with a creamy dessert and the overall taste is smooth and flavorful.

Blue Razz Ice Hyde

Most vapers are familiar with the Blue Razz Ice vape flavor. It is one of the most popular vape flavors and comes in almost every vape juice line and disposable vape line. If you are a fan of blue razz vapes, the Blue Razz Ice Hyde Mag vape and Rebel Pro provide a long-lasting disposable vape option for vapers looking for that fantastic mix of sweet blueberry, raspberry and mint. The Hyde vapes Blue Razz is made with more of a sweet, candied blue razz flavoring rather than an authentic fruit flavoring.

Tropical Hyde

The Hyde Tropical vape, previously known as Hyde Tropical Gummy, is a candied fruit blend that mixes sweet and sour flavors using a wide assortment of fruits. It is tough to pinpoint the exact flavorings used in this disposable vape, but it seems to mix pineapple, apple, melon and berry flavors for a fantastic all-day vape. You can find the Tropical Hyde flavor in the Tropical Hyde Rebel Pro, the Mag, and the N-Bar, as well as previous Hyde models. However, if you are looking for this sweet fruit mix in an older version, it will probably be labeled “Tropical Gummy”.

Mango Peaches and Cream Hyde

Similar to previously mentioned dessert flavors like the Fresh Vanilla and Coconut Crumble, the Mango Peaches and Cream Hyde vape flavor offers a unique experience for vapers that aren’t fruit flavor enthusiasts. The Mango Peaches and Cream does have a great fruit base, but it is blended to perfection with a sweet cream flavor. The Mango Peaches and Cream Hyde vape flavor is available in the Hyde Mag and N-Bar, as well as older models like the Edge.

Philippine Mango Hyde

Ever since the release of the Juul mango pod, there are vapers that swear by a good mango (myself being one of them). This mango vape flavor by Hyde has everything you want in a solid mango disposable vape. It provides a nice sweetness, yet has that smooth mango flavoring that keeps the flavor from becoming too sweet. The Philippine Mango Hyde vape is available in the Rebel Pro, Mag, and other Hyde models.

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