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The Xtra Flow disposable vape comes in a small square multicolored box. On the back of each box is a scratch-off to check authenticity. There are many clones on the market that look authentic but are made without any concern for your health or safety. Everyone should get in the habit of checking their purchases for authenticity. Also, the manufacturer needs the serial number on the back of the box if you need to ask for a replacement, so we recommend you keep the original packing box or take picture of the code before discarding it just in case. Ordering from reputable vape retailers also goes a long way in ensuring that you are receiving authentic vapes.

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Inside the box is a 2” x 2” x ½” square, hard plastic disposable vape device with a little round chimney mouthpiece coming out of the top. The color of each device is a different muted earth tone. On one side of the device is an airflow adjustment slider, and on the other side of the little disposable is a USB-C slot for recharging.

The device looks like a little pencil sharpener with its square body and little chimney mouthpiece on top. The description isn’t very sexy, but it all works together well to provide a pretty good vaping experience.

On its most closed setting, the Xtra Flow airflow is fully blocked. On its most open slider position, it provides about the same airflow as an Elf Bar; what I would call a medium airflow setting. On its most open, the airflow is still not quite open enough for a good DL puff, but almost. The airflow takes it from fully closed to halfway open for a good MTL puff, and fully open you can get a DL hit with some work.

Taking a nice, slow mouth to lung puff is where the Xtra Flow shines. At this draw strength, the flavors are good, and the entire vaping experience is solid. On the other hand, if I try to pull out a bigger puff than the airflow wants to accommodate, it clamps down and creates a vacuum. You can hear the hiss of air rushing back into the chamber as the pressure outside the device rushes back into the device after each puff. This did not happen to several of my peers who normally take slow MTL puffs, only to me who tries to hit it like a leaf blower.

Xtra Flow Specifications

  • Puffs: 5500
  • Firing Mechanism: Draw-activation
  • E-Liquid: 12.0ml
  • Nicotine: 5% (50mg/mL)
  • Pre-filled & pre-charged
  • Battery: Internal, Rechargeable 550mAh
  • Coil: Mesh Coil
  • Rechargeable: Yes, with USB-C
  • Airflow Control: Adjustable airflow slider

What Does That Mean to the Vaper?

The Xtra Flow is a smallish (easy palmed) square device that puffs well. The colors are not gaudy, and the body looks well-built. Unlike the cheap plastic in many disposables, Art used a higher-grade plastic composite that is durable and feels good in the hand (tactile feel). I never feel self-conscious about vaping one of these in public. They do not look like toys or clown cigars. They are well-built little disposables in muted earth-tone colors.

The integrated 550mAh battery seems sufficient for vaping with this device configuration. The fact that it comes with a coil mesh means there is more surface area to cook more juice, providing a more flavorful and powerful vape. It helps provide more flavorful puffs even using a smaller 550mAh battery.
12ml of juice means you will get around 5500 puffs. The 550mAh battery is rechargeable and given the amount of juice provided you can plan on recharging it a few times.

Xtra Flow Flavors Reviewed

A very utilitarian disposable and all-day vaping flavor pallet. Taking a few puffs off each flavor in the collection provided a decent overview of their flavor pallet. The fruit flavors all taste like sweet icy fruit, and more surprisingly, their cola tastes like cola, and their mint is one of the best mints I have tasted. The flavor intensity is medium across the line. Not weak and chalky like some juices, but also doesn’t provide a flavor pop as well some others do. The flavors are not exotic or gourmet, rather they are the preferred flavors most folk vape all day.

The Xtra Flow flavors collection provides a uniform, tasty, all-day flavor vape across their disposables line. I usually go for the more exotic flavors, but strangely enough, I found myself picking up Xtra Flows for vaping through lunch or when walking around the office. They are a safe vape to grab every time. They are all going to taste good, no surprises. A good little workhorse vape.

Flavor Review

Let's examine each Xtra Flow vape flavor in detail.

Banana Ice LaLa Land

The Banana Ice LaLa Land Xtra Flow is an icy banana flavor. With the airflow on a tight setting, it is a more flavorful icy banana, but even on its tightest setting, it is not a pop-in-your-face authentic icy banana, but a flavorful, good-tasting all-day banana ice vape. On a more open airflow setting, it sacrifices some of the flavor strength for the extra airflow. Overall, it is a good-tasting all-day disposable. I found myself carrying this one around for a few hours and enjoyed it just fine.


The Blueberry Xtra Flow vape tastes like, wait for it, blueberries on an open airflow setting. There is more coolness than just Koolada in there, almost icy but not quite. On its open airflow setting at a slow draw, it tastes nice, sweet, and slightly icy. When I switched the airflow to a tighter airflow setting, I got much less cooling and more of a modified blueberry flavor. In a tight airflow setting and hard concentrated puff, it started taking on a completely different flavor profile, more of a strong dry blueberry without ice. I guess this gives you two different flavor choices from the same device, one of which I like.

Candy Gummy Bear

Take everything I said about Blueberry and add sweetness to it for a good idea of this flavor. As opposed to a fruity blueberry, the Candy Gummy Bear Xtra Flow is more of a candied berry flavor. On tight airflow, it is simply a stronger more flavorful version of the candied blueberry, on a loose airflow setting, a less intense candied blueberry with more coolness in the mix. Reducing the airflow only made the flavor stronger, it did not totally hijack the flavor profile as it did with blueberry. There is enough sweetness in it to cover up any odd flavors you might otherwise taste.


The flavor of this vape reminded me of cola flavored bottle caps confections from my youth. Enough flavor, sweetness, and coolness to pull it off. On tighter airflow, it is more flavorful and less cooling, on a loose airflow setting it was sweeter and icier. On a very tight setting, I used a very strong draw and the Cola Xtra Flow vape still did not change the flavor, rather just provided a stronger more flavorful puff. Not one of my favorite all-day vapes but is certainly unique and is what it says it is…a cola-flavored vape.

Iced Grape Bomb

This is a good-tasting icy grape. On both low and high airflow settings, the Xtra Flow Iced Grape Bomb vape provides a good tasting icy grape flavor. On a tighter airflow setting, it is quite sweet, and more flavorful. On a loose airflow setting, it is less grapy and a little cooler tasting. It reminds me of an icier Elf Bar Concord Grape flavor. I liked it then and I like it now. The flavor is not sweet green grapes but rather the red-skinned grapes they use to make wine…with ice. It is a different flavor pallet than sweet grapes, with more depth and subtle flavors than just sweetness.

Lush Ice Fusion

Lush Ice is usually a watermelon fruit flavor mixed with ice (menthol, mint, or Koolada). Some brands will have a straight watermelon and ice, while others add a berry mix to it. The Xtra Flow Lush Ice tastes of watermelon (maybe cantaloupe), mint, and some other fruity flavor undertone.

I enjoy vaping this Lush Ice Fusion more than most other brands’ Lush Ice recipes. This one is a simple watermelon and ice flavor with some additional sweet fruit undertones.


Pure minty goodness. The Mint Xtra Flow vapes actually taste like a popular spearmint gum. This flavor is a mint flavor with less “ice” added. When talking about a mint vape you must consider two things…the flavor (mint, vanilla, fruit), and how much cooling agent (menthol, mint, or Koolada) they added for that icy hit on the back of your throat.
This vape tastes minty but does not provide an overwhelming amount of ice (often associated with a Mint Flavored Vape). If you are not a fan of ice cooling but do enjoy a sweet mint flavor, then this is the vape for you. It makes for a nice puff and an interesting tasting vape.

Peach Ice XOXO

I was surprised to taste an accurate peach with an icy follow-up. The peach flavor is on par with Vaal Max flavor reproductions (but with fewer clouds and a little less flavor strength). The Peach Ice XOXO Xtra Flow tastes like Georgia Peaches with a smooth icy finish. Hotboxing the unit a little did not change the flavor profile. No bad aftertaste between puffs, just some leftover sweet peaches on your lips. Rather on purpose or by accident, the more subdued flavor strength lends itself more readily to all-day vaping. Other Peach Ice vapes may get too sweet after a short time, but this more subdued flavor does not create a flavor buildup that makes you feel like “too much.”

Strawberry Mango

This Strawberry Mango Xtra Flow is a less sweetened Mango flavor. You can just taste some of the strawberries and ice on the exhale, but it takes a backseat to the Mango flavor. For my taste, this could have been a real hit if they had gotten the fruit mixture right, but instead, it is just a “pretty good” mango flavor. If you like a less icy mango flavor, you might love this flavor. When compared to the Vaal Max or Elf Bar flavors, this Strawberry Mango is just okay.

Strawberry Cake

I enjoyed this flavor quite a bit. It reminds me of a less powerful VaporLax Strawberry Cream. Whereas the VaporLax version has much more bite and mintiness to it (vaped through a Mi-Pod). The Xtra Flow Strawberry cake has less flavor and ice, but what is there is a good-tasting vape. Honestly sometimes the high nic salt vape juice I use in my Mi-Pod can be too much at times for all-day vaping (depending on my state of mind). The Xtra Flow Strawberry Cake is a nice less intense alternative.


With Xtra Flow, you taste the stated primary flavor combination on the inhale, exhale, and between puffs. Not a layered flavor effect like with some brands, just a good uniform flavor across the three parts of a puff. Their flavors are less cooled than some other brands and the fruit flavors are not overwhelmingly sweet. Some of their flavors are unique (Cola and Iced Grape Bomb), and some are underwhelming (Blueberry and Strawberry Mango), but all were good for all-day vaping once you find a flavor you enjoy.

The devices go from a completely closed (airtight) setting to a fully open (almost DTL hit). In the middle slider setting (50% open) it provides a nice strong MTL hit providing more flavor and less ice across the board. The devices are utilitarian in that they have a buttload of juice in them, are rechargeable, and are easy to drag from. At first glance, I thought they were little pencil sharpeners, but upon closer inspection, the Xtra Flow proved to be 100% vape.

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