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Air Bar is a leading disposable vape brand that is manufactured by quality vape manufacturer, Suorin. Air Bar disposable vapes are mostly popular in the northeastern and southern United States. Air Bar vapes have significant distribution in the states of New York and Texas, which means that adult vapers in those states are more likely to see them at their local smoke shops or convenience stores. Since many of these brick and mortar stores only carry a limited stock due to shelf space constraints, most vapers probably do not realize that there are low nicotine air bar vapes available for purchase. It is easier to find the 20mg (2%) and 0mg (0%) Air Bar vapes when you are shopping for vapes at online retailers.

There are many different versions of Air Bar disposables with each coming in a variety of flavor profiles. Our vape review team has tested all of the Air Bar vape flavors in the Air Bar Max and Air Bar Box lines to find the best of the best.

Most Popular Air Bar Vape Flavors

After taking a look at sales data and comparing that to our vape review staff’s notes on each Air Bar, we’ve built a comprehensive list of the best Air Bar disposable vapes that vapers prefer. Below is a list of our favorite Air Bar flavors:

Peach Blueberry Candy Air Bar

The Peach Blueberry Candy Air Bar flavor is available in the new Air Bar Box 5000 puff rechargeable vape. The new Air Bar Box 5000 is the first Air Bar model that includes a rechargeable battery, which allows vapers to get an extended vaping experience with each disposable vape. Back to the flavor… the sweet peach and blueberry candied mix is a unique vaping experience where each flavor is truly prominent. You’ll taste a definite flavorful peach on inhale and a deep blueberry on exhale.

Kiwi Dragon Berry Air Bar

The Kiwi Dragon Berry Air Bar Box uses the popular Kiwi and Berry mix that Air Bar regulars have come to know and love with a bit of a twist. The Kiwi Dragon Berry is similar to the Kiwi Berry Ice (see below), but has less mint (ice) and a new fruit flavor added to the mix. A tropical dragon fruit taste is added to the Kiwi and Berry blend to really bump up the flavor in this fruity disposable vape. If you aren’t interested in dragon fruit, we would suggest checking out the Kiwi Berry Ice Air Bar Max.

Kiwi Berry Ice Air Bar

The Kiwi Berry Ice Air Bar flavor has been a staple of the Air Bar vapes lines for some time now. It is one of their top-selling flavors that combines a tropical kiwi with a berry mix and a strong kick of mint on exhale. The Kiwi Berry Ice is available in the Air Bar Diamond, Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Max models, and is available in lower nicotine strengths in a couple versions.

Red Mojito Air Bar

The Red Mojito flavor is another tropical fruit and ice mix that combines a strong minty vape flavoring with a blend of berry and citrus flavors. This Air Bar is a great all day vape flavor because it mixes cool, sweet and sour flavors into one outstanding vape. The fruit flavoring in the Red Mojito Air Bar Max is tough to pinpoint, but you definitely can taste a sweet and tart citrus mix that is followed up with a berry and ice taste.

Super Mint Air Bar

The "Super Mint" flavor is a new flavor that made its Air Bar debut with the new, revamped Air Bar Box line. This sweet and minty vape has more of a candied mint taste than its Cool Mint predecessors. The Super Mint Air Bar Box provides up to 5000 puffs of a sweetened spearmint flavor that is a great option for mint and menthol vapers alike.

Strawberry Mango Air Bar

Strawberry Mango is another flavor that is used in multiple Air Bar vape lines. They keep coming back to it because it is always among one of their highest sellers. The smooth, authentic mango is definitely at the forefront of the vape flavor, but it is balanced by a milder strawberry and mint taste that will keep you coming back for more. The Strawberry Mango Air Bar Box is the longest-lasting device of the bunch, and is therefore our Air Bar of choice. If you are looking for a lighter nicotine strength option, the Strawberry Mango Air Bar Max has nicotine options under 50mg for vapers interested in cutting their nicotine consumption.

Watermelon Ice Air Bar

The Watermelon Ice Air Bar vape is another flavor that keeps reappearing in every model that Suorin produces. This flavor is packed with flavor that combines juicy watermelon and refreshing mint. Vapers that prefer the popular "lush ice" mix will gravitate towards this fine option.

Blueberry Raspberry Air Bar

Speaking of Air Bar flavors that are continuously re-used in most editions, the Blueberry Raspberry is another top-selling flavor that is available in almost every style of Air Bar disposable. Air Bar does a great job of replicating the blueberry vape flavor, which is why they often use blueberry in many of their vapes. Even though the new Air Bar Box 5000 line does not include the Blueberry Raspberry option, it does have a Blueberry Ice Air Bar Box, which is pretty similar.

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