What If Vapes Were Banned?

Anyone remotely close to the vaping industry has more than likely recently asked themselves the question, what would I do if I could no longer purchase vape products?

Even with no clear evidence that vapor products will be leaving the market anytime soon, and the Trump administration rethinking a nationwide ban on all flavors, the speculation and feeling of ‘what if’ is justified and quite normal. Popular media and special interest groups are pushing a narrative that is overwhelmingly anti-vape. With constant inundation of negative vape coverage and inaccurate conflations between nicotine vaping devices and black-market THC products, many vapers feel their time for vaping could be up soon. 

Here at Mi-One Brands we were interested to hear what our customers would do if they were no longer able to purchase their favorite vape devices and e-liquid. Our customers answers were thought provoking, honest, and gave profound insight into what the average vaper will do if vaping products are no longer available to them. 

Many of our customers have been with Mi-One Brands for years and vaping our products was what gave them the ability to make the switch. The thought of not having that option seems difficult to imagine for many of them.

What would you do without vape?

“I tried so many times to quit smoking. Vaping is the only way I was able to quit. I feel and smell so much better. I don’t ever want to smoke cigarettes again but being forced to stop vaping would definitely jeopardize that!” exclaimed Ember Anderson. 

Over sixty percent of the customers we surveyed said that they would go back to traditional cigarettes if they were forced to stop vaping. A smaller percent would attempt to quit all together and others would take to the black-market. 

It’s important for people to realize how successful vaping has been to help smokers make the switch. Often times, vaping is the only method that finally gets a prior user of traditional cigarettes to make the switch. Even after this user has tried multiple other cessation methods. Removing this option, the option many of these vapers thought was their saving grace, would potentially force these people into a more harmful lifestyle choice of traditional cigarettes or worst, the black-market. 

Guy vaping

Politicians make their vaping solutions sound as easy as a stroke of their pen. Often times special interests prevent them from thinking about the greater effects of a sweeping decision or ban. How many vapers would be forced to smoke traditional cigarettes again? And worst, how many vapers would go to a completely unregulated black-market to find a suitable vape? 

Mi-One Brands aims to understand the position of our customers. Understanding why they vape, how it effects their lives, what they would do without it, and what we mean to them is what gives us the drive to fight harder to make sure Mi-One Brands is still here when the storm settles. Still here to help improve the lives of individuals and their families all around the world.

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