Could it be? Mi-Pod 2!

Two years and counting

Over two years ago Mi-One Brands released the Mi-Pod. The Mi-Pod catapulted Mi-One Brands to new heights and truly became an internationally known vape product. Mi-Pod is more than just another vape. Mi-Pod quickly became a statement, a way of life, and a passion for many in the vape community.

Upon featuring the Mi-Pod for the very first time at ECC, we quickly noticed not just a few... or even a couple dozen... but almost everyone was rocking a Mi-Pod! At this moment we knew the Mi-Pod wasn't just another vape and the time that went into developing this product was all worth it.

Mi-Pod Minus Gravity

Observing consumers excited to get pictures taken with their vape and generally hyped to have purchased the Mi-Pod was amazing. We left the show with the understanding the Mi-Pod needed to deliver something new, something for everyone. 

Over the next year we conceptualized and brought to life new Mi-Pod designs the way only an American company with passion for this industry could! Ultimately, over 10 Mi-Pod collections and 40 different designs were made available for users. Each one designed to appeal to your unique personality, vibe or feeling for the day!

Mi-Pod Collections

Year two of Mi-Pod experienced continued growth, including growth on an international scale with Mi-Pod distributors all over the world. The popularity of the product was apparent on social media with so many vapers familiar with the device and featuring the Mi-Pod on their social media channels. Even celebrities like Mike Tyson, Lana Del Rey, and Diplo were all public fans of the Mi-Pod.

Celebrities that vape

No Quit in Mi-One Brands - there's more to come!

It seemed that nothing could take the wind out of the Mi-Pod sails and then it happened, federal flavor ban announcements, anti-vape media hysteria, and a vapor market in a war for the right to exist. Suddenly, individual products took a back seat to just keeping the doors open and the lights on for so many in the industry. The new reality was that this industry was under attack and would never be the same no matter the outcome. 

Instead of rolling over and quitting, Mi-One Brands battened down the hatches and pulled together a strong core of individuals with the common goal of rising from the ashes with something to offer our consumers that was better than ever before.

Too legit to quit

Once again, out of chaos innovation is being bred. The Mi-Pod 2 is in the works! This device aims to eclipse almost all of what the original and still insanely popular Mi-Pod is. The Mi-Pod 2 will exceed our customers’ expectations in so many ways.

We are in the early stages of development and want to hear from all of you what you would like to see in the Mi-Pod 2. What features do you need to have? Where do you think we missed it with the original Mi-Pod? How can we make this device something that satisfies you and ultimately assists smokers in making the switch?

Please let us know and stay tuned for more updates on the Mi-Pod 2.

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Happy to see the team keep looking forward.

John Webb November 27, 2019

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