No More Vape Ban? Has Trump Had a Change of Heart Towards Vaping?

The vape industry has been at a standstill for some time now and eagerly awaits news from the White House administration on what vaping regulations will be passed or proposed. Since September 11th the vape community was shaken to it’s core with a White House administration announcement that an e-liquid flavor ban was pending.

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The residual effects of this federal announcement, coupled with negative media coverage, struck a huge blow to the entire vaping industry. A number of states subsequently moved forward with e-liquid flavor bans and the banning of vape sales. Large and small vaping brands were forced to layoff employees because of a frozen speculative vape market. Brick and mortar vape shops were also negatively affected.

Although, in the last 48 hours there seems to be new possible light at the end of the tunnel. Recent reports have stated that President Trump has had a change of heart about the e-liquid vaping ban that he initially was for only two months ago.

According to the Washington Post, “Trump reversed course this time on a plan to address a major public health problem because of worries that apoplectic vape shop owners and their customers might hurt his reelection prospects.”

Trump has continued to be advised of the number of voters that could be potentially lost in battle ground states. A conservative figure was stated to be about 2.5 million voters could hinge on this vaping decision, and recent polling proved this.

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In regard to this polling, the New York times stated, “One such poll was commissioned by John McLaughlin, one of the Trump campaign pollsters, for the Vapor Technology Association. The poll, which surveyed battleground state voters who vape, showed negative results for Mr. Trump if he went ahead with the ban, and was passed around to a number of people in Trumps circle, including Brad Parscale, his campaign manager, and senior White House officials.”

Reports have also stated that President Trump has claimed the banning of flavors was never his idea in the first place, but something his wife and daughter were passionate about. Administration officials have also said, “Trump was now upset with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, who had taken the lead in rolling out the plan.”

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It seems now the waiting game continues with Trumps last vaping related tweet stating that he would be meeting with vaping industry leaders and health advisors to study the issue in more detail.

It is said the longer you wait for something the more you’ll appreciate it when you get it. We can only hope that what Trump decides to roll out is beneficial for the vape industry and is sound regulation that everyone can agree on.

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