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Sesh Nicotine Pouches are a premium nicotine alternative. They are a tobacco free product made from synthetic nicotine. Mi-Pod carries a great selection of independent nicotine pouch products. Shop nicotine pouches at Mi-Pod and browse products manufactured by independent producers like Sesh+, Juice Head and Zimo Nicotine Pouches.

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The no nonsense design of a nicotine pouch could not be easier to understand. If you have any questions, check out our feature: A Complete Guide to Nicotine Pouches. To summarize, nicotine pouches are spitless and tobacco free. They are made with synthetic nicotine, flavorings, and moisture enhancers. Products like Sesh and Zimo compete directly with the tobacco industry's Zyn, Velo, On!, and Rogue pouches. Check out our Best Zyn Alternatives for a full comparison of the products offered by independent manufacturers. 

Nicotine Pouches Brands

Open a can and park one under your upper lip. They are a spit free alternative to oral tobacco but come in flavors like Sesh Mango that are designed to appeal to adult vapers. Current chewing tobacco customers may soon find that classic flavors like Wintergreen and Mint are their favorite Sesh Pouches.

Sesh Nicotine Pouches Review

When using a Sesh Pouch, expect a tingling sensation but a smooth, juicy flavor thanks added moisture enhancers. Sesh Pouches provide a softer nicotine pouch experience compared the dryer mouthfeel of the popular Zyn. Perhaps not quite as juicy as Zimo, it still manages to thread the needle between not feeling desiccated but also not requiring spitting.

This is key. Slim pouch dryness is not appealing but this is also a product designed to used wherever you're headed whenever you want throughout the day, or within reason anyhow. It is certainly easier to use a nicotine pouch than combustible cigarette and vaping is barred in many areas.


Apart from moisture and pH stabilizing ingredients, the biggest distinguishing feature of competing nicotine pouch brands are their flavors. Sesh Nicotine Pouches have a strong lineup.

Sesh Nicotine Pouch Flavors

Sesh Nicotine Pouch Flavor Review

What is nice about nicotine pouches is their wide appeal to current nicotine users. They are a one-to-one replacement for chewing tobacco but they lack the spitting, baggage, and tobacco specific nitrosamines and alkaloids that come from the curing of tobacco and can be found even in spitless snus.

Yet as the flavors that adult vapers are increasingly under attack by zealots and the tobacco industry, brands like Sesh, Zimo and Juice Head offer nicotine alternative products not manufactured by the Big Tobacco monopoly. To broaden their appeal to adult vapers, almost every nicotine pouch brand is offered in characterizing flavors that adults prefer. Granted, tobacco flavor in these products would be just as artificial as the mango found in the Sesh. And since there is almost no demand for fauxbacco consumer products while every consumer product under the sun uses artificial fruit flavors, it is natural that nicotine pouches would also gravitate towards these flavor profiles.

Mango Sesh Nicotine Pouches

Fans of great tropical flavor are the target of this one. That mango is also a popular flavor with adult vapers surely does not help. This is currently the only fruit option in the Sesh+ lineup, compared to say Juice Head which only offers these adult-friendly flavors. It was a shrewd choice. The artificial mango flavor is pretty much universally loved and not overly sweet. It manages to churn out some ripe flavor notes whether in the upper or lower lip. As far as versatile nicotine products for adults go, it is hard to beat a spitless pouch with such a well-developed flavor. The beauty of synthetic nicotine is not only an absence of tobacco ingredients but also tobacco flavor. This allows the Sesh+ Mango to shine.

Mint Sesh Nicotine Pouches

This flavor splits the difference, with nearly equal appeal to oral nicotine users and vapers. The refreshing flavor and mouthfeel will likely appeal to combustible users as well. At the core of this product is a sweet mint flavor. There is coolness in there has a nice punch to go with the initial tingle. There is a reason mint flavors are such a staple in oral products of all shapes and types. They really suit the typical palate. Mint Sesh Pouches are no exception.

Wintergreen Sesh Nicotine Pouches

While both wintergreen and mint flavors are staples in the world of nicotine pouches, they cater to slightly different preferences. Wintergreen has stronger, more robust profile that resonates well with traditional chewing tobacco users. In contrast, mint offers a refreshing, cool sensation that appeals broadly to both vapers and oral tobacco users alike. The Wintergreen Sesh delivers on this front, with tobacco notes glaring in their absence and allowing the cool flavor to shine through.

Clear Sesh Nicotine Pouches

A nearly flavorless option for those who prefer a pure and refreshing experience. The absence of added flavors is a stark reminder that there is tobacco notes hidden within a synthetic nicotine pouch. There is the hint of flavor of from the plant based fiber pouch, pH balancers, synthetic nicotine and moisture control ingredients but it delivers a very pure experience. 

Sesh Pouch Nicotine Strengths

Sold in a can of 20 nicotine pouches, Sesh pouches come in three nicotine strength options: 4mg, 6mg and 8mg. This mostly matches Zimo (4, 6 and 8mg) and covers a slightly wider range than the Tobacco industry owned companies.

Our Verdict: Sesh Pouches

No tobacco is used in the manufacture of Sesh but instead they use premium synthetic nicotine. Adult consumers will find Sesh Pouches to be a no compromise solution and one of the premium nicotine alternatives on the market today. Buy Sesh Nicotine Pouches today at Mi-Pod. We have your favorite Sesh products, and they are available in individual cans and bundles.

They may not quite match the range of fruity flavors found in Juice Head while Zimo has a perceptibly Juicier and softer pouch mouthfeel, but these are evenly matched and similar products without much separating them except flavor options. The overlap in the Mint flavors is close enough where other than the dryness found in the products of some of the larger manufacturers, it is going to boil down entirely to personal preference.

If you are interested in selling nicotine pouches wholesale, visit Mi-Pod Wholesale for more information.

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