Orgnx Vape Juice Review

I set up for the ORGNX review the same way I usually set up for reviews. I prefill all the pods, label them, and then invite everyone by my desk to try them out and give me their honest opinions. I also often take a couple of flavors home if there are any flavors, I find hard to review or that I want to keep vaping.

One thing I can say about the ORGNX LIQUIDS line is the flavors all taste like a light version of the fruit they are supposed to taste like. The banana tastes like banana, the pineapple tastes like pineapple, and the peach tastes like peaches. I know this sounds like I am stating the obvious. If only that were true. I seldom grab a bottle named after any fruit that tastes like a sweet ripe version of that fruit. Often you can pick out something in the flavor that reminds you of the fruit it is supposed to taste like. Sometimes there is a random flavor that was added that gets in the way of the fruit flavor profile. Many are just poorly named and do not taste anything like their namesake. Sometimes you can pick out several other flavors they combined to try to recreate a certain flavor.

It bears repeating. These fruit-flavored juices taste like they are supposed to taste. Even flavors I don’t particularly like (because I don’t like the fruit they are fashioned after) still taste exactly like the fruit they are supposed to taste like. I can respect that and appreciate that others that do like those fruit flavors are going to like ORGNX juice.

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Testing Orgnx e-Juice Flavors

When vaped through my Mi-Pod Pro provided a nice refreshing fruit-flavored puff. I could vape the salts through the MP Pro all day. Not so sweet it is going to muck up my coil or too sweet to vape hours on end. The High VG was a little weak for the DTL device and is a little chalky on the exhale.

Vaped through the Mi-Pod 2.0, the High VG juices provide a more flavorful and sweeter-tasting puff. I chalk that up to the difference between devices. The Mi-Pod Pro gives a great DTL hit with enough air getting in to allow a long straight-to-lung puff. The Mi-Pod 2.0 provides a better MTL vape. For any High VG juice, the MP 2 is going to pull all the flavor possible out of the juice.

Orgnx Vape Flavors

All Orgnx vape juice flavors come in nic salts, High-VG Juice, and Iced versions. Find detailed fruit flavor descriptions below.

Apple Orgnx e-Juice

The online description for Apple ORGNX E-liquid suggests the juice tastes like a fresh, red Washington apple. They nailed it! I like the flavor and strength of the flavor. This is a good juice for all-day vaping. I can taste a touch of ice on the exhale that accentuates the ripe apple flavor I tasted on the inhale. The overall effect is a nice refreshing apple vape. I would put this almost up there with 7Days Reds Apple flavors. That is a huge compliment because no one does Apple flavors better than they do. Unfortunately for me, they only make apple-related flavors. For any other authentic fruit flavors, I turn to ORGNX. For a top-shelf juicy sweet fruit flavor, ORGNX is the bomb.

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Banana Orgnx e-Juice

Banana flavored juice has always been a hard one to duplicate. Most banana e-liquids taste like artificial banana extract at best, and even when they do taste good, they do not necessarily taste like bananas. It is rare to find a good banana e-juice flavor, but ORGNX is one banana juice I would recommend. It tastes just like, guess what? Bananas!

I love the banana flavor when it is done right. ORGNX banana is done right. I bought one of the 60ML bottles of ORGNX Banana as soon as I tasted it. I like to mix it with their Apple Ice as well as with their Orange Ice. It is perfection!

The Banana Orgnx eJuice flavor is available in a Banana Iced Orgnx Nic Salt version as well as a high-VG iced option.

Honeydew Orgnx e-Juice

The Honeydew ORGNX e-Juice is pretty good. It tastes like Honeydew (as opposed to any other melons) so that is an impressive accomplishment. It does not taste artificial to me, rather like a light honeydew melon with something else added. It was not as sweet and fruity as some of the other ORGNX fruit flavors. It tastes great and is a spot-on honeydew melon flavored juice.

The Honeydew Ice Orgnx vape juice was a little less enjoyable to me because the melon flavor was changed maybe due to the ice. Usually, all that adding ice does to a flavor is provide a brighter flavor profile and a cool exhale. In this case, there was enough ice that it changed the honeydew flavor to more of a mint melon than an iced version of their honeydew. I liked the non-iced honeydew flavor better.

Lychee Orgnx e-Juice

The Lychee tastes like Lychee with a touch of lemon and a spot of mint added. They do not mention any lemon in it on their website, but I am pretty sure I got traces of sour lemon, sour Lychee, and icy mint. All mixed together it tastes good. Lychee has never been one of my “go-to” flavors, but this is a good-tasting juice. I would vape Lychee if one of my favorites were unavailable. Again, not as powerfully fruity as their pineapple or their peach flavors, but for an accurate Lychee with a touch of lemon, ORGNX did a very good job.

Peach Orgnx e-Juice

I tested the Peach Ice Orgnx e-Liquid and it tasted pretty good. Not as sweet or fruity as some of ORGNX’s other flavors, but a pleasing clean iced peach puff. It is accurate but not potent. I am sure the MP 2.0 would bring out the additional flavor for this juice. Through the MP Pro device, it was enjoyable, but not as sweet or fruity as I personally like. Continuing to puff this flavor it continues to taste good.

No bitter aftertaste, no weird undertones fighting for attention. Just a nice mellow peach Ice. Not sickeningly sweet it seems like a perfect flavor for someone who likes peaches, but not overly sweet or fruity e-liquids.

The Peach Orgnx e-Juice is available in a Peach Iced max VG bottle (previously discussed) as well as a Peach Ice Orgnx Salt for pod vapes.

Mango Orgnx e-Juice

This is one of the potent, flavorful fruit flavors from ORGNX. The Mango Ice Orgnx e-Juice is a good-tasting Mango E-Liquid with light undertones of ice on the exhale. ORGNX got the flavors right for this one. A solid non-artificial tasting mango puff on the inhale, just enough mint to make it pop on the exhale.

I have never considered mango one of my “go-to” flavors, but this is good enough to hold my interest in it for hours on end. It tastes rich, a little sweet, full-flavored, and fruity. ORGNX Mango Ice is an all-day vaping juice and is now one of my favorite ORGNX flavors as well. The Mango Ice flavor is available in both nic salt and max-VG versions to please all types of vapers.

Orange Orgnx e-Juice

I enjoyed ORGNX’s Orange Ice e-Juice flavor immensely. It tasted like a weak orange soda to me. One of my other reviewers suggested it tastes like the orange vitamin C packets you mix with water. Neither of these descriptions does their orange flavor justice. I had a few puffs of the pod in the review area and liked it immediately. I took the pod home over the weekend and enjoyed vaping the Orange Ice Orgnx Salt flavor the entire weekend. I put in an order for a bottle as soon as I arrived to work on Monday morning.

The orange is not overwhelming but accurately tastes like an orange in a flavored E-Liquid. I enjoyed it as an orange juice, but then started mixing it with other ORGNX flavors and it was a great juice to mix as well. I tried and enjoyed mixing ORGNX’s orange and banana flavors together and ORGNX Orange and Apple flavors. I loved all three variations.

Watermelon Orgnx e-Juice

The ORGNX Watermelon Ice tastes good. This is one of the less intense fruity flavors, but it accurately captures the watermelon flavor. The ice provided the expected cool exhale. All in all, it is a very good-tasting watermelon E-Juice.
It kicks up quite a bit of vapor on the exhale without tasting bad at al. It does not have any bad aftertaste or non-watermelon flavors as you go from one puff to the next. It is not overwhelming and would be a good vape for all-day use. Again, if you like fruit flavors, but not the usual sweet, bold, fruity juices this will make you happy.

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