Congress to Vote on Synthetic Nicotine Ban This Week

The United States Congress has added language regarding tobacco-free nicotine (or synthetic nicotine) to an omnibus spending bill that will be voted on this week by Congress. This addition to the bill will go unnoticed unless you make your voice heard. This omnibus spending bill is largely centered around 2022 federal government budgets and Ukrainian aid, which means that is will most likely be passed in a hurry.

In order to save the vape industry and countless amounts of jobs and small businesses with it, simply text “VAPE” to 40649. You will receive instructions on how to reach out to your local congressmen.

Congress will only remove the synthetic nicotine verbiage is adult vapers unite and reach out to their local representatives in droves. Act now to save the vape industry!

Why Target Synthetic Nicotine Vapes?

The United States federal government, along with multiple states, have targeted synthetic (or tobacco-free) nicotine vapes recently because they are currently outside the purview of FDA regulation. Since these products are not derived from tobacco, the FDA is not allowed to currently regulate them. Many vape manufacturers that did not have the time or resources to file costly FDA product PMTA's have been forced to switch their product lines exclusively to tobacco-free nicotine over the past couple of years. 

Once the FDA has the ability to ban synthetic nicotine vape products, it will affectively ban the use of these vape products. Not only will this regulatory change effect the vape industry, it will crush the nicotine pouch industry as well. A significant portion of the nicotine pouch industry uses synthetic nicotine in their products, just like the vape industry.

Not only has the government focused on shutting down the market for tobacco-free nicotine vapes, the big tobacco companies have had their eyes on them as well. Since vapes made by big tobacco businesses do not use synthetic (tobacco-free) nicotine, the likes of Juul and Vuse Vapor have pressed Congress to crush this growing market in order to help profits. Juul and Vuse are currently competing with disposable vapes for sales and shelf space at retail stores. If this bill were to pass, it would devastate the market for disposable vapes.

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