Off Stamp SW16000 Review

The Off Stamp SW9000 was a revolutionary device that managed to spark excitement among adult vapers. It removed and reduced much of the waste associated with the disposable vape experience by reusing the largest and most expensive portion of the battery and hardware. This also reduces the price of using this product.

    The Off Stamp SW16000 disposable vape is simply a larger disposable component that is still compatible with the original battery.

    Powered by Lost Mary, the Off Stamp is a modular disposable vape and consists of two parts.

    Off Stamp Vape Components

    • Disposable: This component is prefilled with e-Liquid and contains a small battery.
    • SW Charging Device: Contains a larger rechargeable battery that can be reused and be affixed to another Off Stamp Disposable. By reusing the larger battery, the Off Stamp design will help decrease quantity when it comes to batteries ending up in a landfill.

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    How to Use an Off Stamp Vape

    The Off Stamp, whether you choose the original SW9000 disposable component or the larger SW16000 disposable vape function in the same way and both sizes are compatible with the same 800mAh battery charging device.

    The new combination is formed when you attach the pre-filled Off Stamp SW16000 disposable to the charging battery to create a longer lasting vaping experience.

    The SW series are just as easy to use as a typical disposable vape but the novel vaping experiences it provides have a smaller environmental footprint. The small battery built into the disposable vape half is for use when the main battery is being recharged. The main battery serves as a charging station and snaps together with the disposable half using strong magnets.

    The Off Stamp Collection itself is quite affordable as the "disposable" is essentially refill with a small battery. You need only buy the kit the first time. There is no other way to finish the delicious Lost Mary formulated e-liquid and satisfying hits contained within.

      Off Stamp SW16000

      The original Off Stamp was quite a nice device, and the good news is that it is not obsolete. The same 800mAh battery that powered the original SW9000 kit can be used to power a new SW16000.

      The increase of from 13ml to 17ml has greatly increased the puff count. The battery built into the disposable is also 10mAh larger, but this equates to basically a single puff.


      • 17ml Capacity
      • Approximately 16000 Puffs
      • Disposable Battery: 210mAh
      • 800mAh SW Charging Device (1010mAh when magnetically attached)
      • Mesh Coil
      • Powered by Lost Mary

      Off Stamp SW16000 Features

      The SW16000 and Off Stamp platform are very pared down compared to some of the garish screens found on boosted disposables. But the design produces plenty of vapor thanks to its hardware, which was developed by Lost Mary. The upgraded air sensor helps avoid pocket firing and provides a very solid draw. 

      The modular components have great ergonomics and the mesh coil design is outstanding, it was easily able to cut through the 17ml capacity without gross tasting flavors at the bottom. 

      Off Stamp SW16000 Review

      To enjoy the flavor and performance of the Off Stamp SW16000 disposable you need the charging device. It is a rechargeable battery that needs to be affixed to the "disposable" component. In combination, they have over 1000mAh of battery power. Snapped together, it functions like a standard draw-activated and one-time use vape. When detached from the charging device/battery, the Off Stamp SW16000 functions as the smallest disposable pod but cannot be charged independently.

      The Off Stamp SW16000 disposable vape costs only a bit more than new pods for a gas station vape but holds eight-times more e-liquid. It is always available in the great flavor profiles that adults prefer.

      The magnetic strength is impressive for both battery device and disposable, which is important for keeping this two-part disposable vape together. It really snaps snuggly into place. Constant fidgeting with the components does not seem to wear down or weaken the attachment. The Off Stamp changes configurations when you switch to the larger disposable but otherwise it is quite similar.

      The taste quality remains superb, and the draw is not overly loosened by the greater volume. The increased size does not detract from portability. Fun to use for adult vapers and with plenty of performance on tap, the Off Stamp SW16000 disposable vape is now a long-lasting device, whereas the SW9000 had a more mid-level puff count.

      Off Stamp SW16000 Disposable Flavors

      The original Off Stamp has a separate collection of great flavor options. There is no denying that this powered by Lost Mary vape delivers incredible flavor density and vapor. How do the individual flavors stack up.

      Strawmelon Peach Ice

      A nice and cool flavor, with the berries working to tamp down the distinguishing peach notes a bit. Extremely cool and balanced, the Strawmelon Peach Ice Off Stamp SW16000 disposable vape is a solid fruit-ice fusion flavor that is comparable to the best from rivals like Geek Bar and Lost Mary.

      Rainbow Sherbet

      With a dose of creaminess to back a blend of citrus and berries, the Rainbow Sherbet Off Stamp SW16000 disposable vape really does taste a lot like the frozen treat. If you enjoy refreshing dessert and fruit inspired flavors, this one is a slam dunk.

      Mango Twist

      A twist of tropical fruit cuts through the dense flavor of mango, creating an airy and refreshing vape. The Mango Twist Off Stamp SW16000 Disposable vape is one of their few forays into the tropical realm. It is a well-executed version in a competitive field.

      Dragon Melon Ice

      The second major Off Stamp flavor inspired by dragon fruit; the Dragon Melon Ice is a cooler flavor than the Dragon Strawnana SW9000. The advantage of the Off Stamp SW16000 Dragon Melon Ice disposable vape is more than just 16000 puffs in this case. The unique and ripe honeydew flavors add a balanced burst to this fruity and ice cold vape. Dragon Melon Ice is a forceful flavor and one of the best disposable vapes.

      Blue Razz Grape Ice

      The addition of grape makes this flavor unique and distinct in a crowded field. There are scads of delicious and nostalgic blue razz vapes and nearly as many Concord grape ices. The Blue Razz Grape Ice Off Stamp SW16000 Disposable vape combines these two classics and adds an epic blast of chill. It’s a big upgrade as the unique grape flavor elements adds a tremendous amount of depth.

      Sour Apple Ice

      A classic disposable vape and nic salt flavor, most adult vapers love a good sour green apple vape. Inspired by a confection that was inspired by Granny Smith apples, there are so many great flavor elements that range from fruity to candied. Add in a blast of ice for balance and the Sour Apple Ice Off Stamp SW16000 disposable is a perfect all-day vape.

      Rocket Pop

      Rainbow sherbet, rocket popsicle and great icy treats should provide superb inspiration for more new styles of nic salt flavor. Rocket Pop is not overly chilled. The lime, cherry and razz flavors complete with the similarly themed Rocket Pop Lost Mary MO2000 Pro. The notes of fruit are excellent in both. The less wasteful of philosophy behind this modular vape makes it a conscientious choice.

      Baja Blast

      Competing directly with the Baja Splash Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo, the efficient Baja Blast. This is a top-notch tropical beverage flavor. It is refreshing and has a nearly anonymous blend of complementary fruit notes that end up tasting a lot like the namesake drink.

      Our Verdict

      Adult vapers cannot go wrong with the Off Stamp SW16000. The quality of the nic salt formulas are top-notch, as you would expect in a vape powered by Lost Mary. The concept is easy to understand, you pop off the battery from the kit and use it again with the next disposable and saves money. Reusing the battery is a step in the right direction for a vaping industry that is tightly constrained by onerous regulations. Just remember to buy the kit the first time and you are good to go with the Off Stamp SW16000. 

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