Off Stamp SW9000 Disposable Vape Review

Modern disposable vapes are easy to use, satisfying, and long-lasting. Draw-activated and using USB-C rechargeable batteries, they are ready to use out of the box and come in a variety of great flavors. Mi-Pod's disposable vapes collection is loaded with all the best flavors and devices. 

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Today we are reviewing the innovative Off Stamp SW9000 Disposable Vape Collection. It has embraced fundamental design changes which reduce cost and waste, while providing similar or even superior performance to its rivals.

Off Stamp Sales Pitch

And all of this is accomplished without changing the basic user interface, as it remains a draw-activated, rechargeable and easy to use disposable loaded with flavorful nicotine salts. 

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Off Stamp SW9000 Disposable Kit

Off Stamp Specs

Pictured above are images of the Off Stamp SW9000. It has the convenience of a closed vape pod kit but is priced like a disposable vape. The battery device is reusable and you can attach future SW9000 disposables to your original battery. 


Two Components of Off Stamp SW9000

1. 800mAh Reusable Charging Device.

2. Prefilled disposable vape with integrated 200mAh battery,

The disposable component CANNOT BE CHARGED without the use of the battery charging device and lacks a USB-C port. For your first purchase, you will want to purchase the complete kit and then can accrue savings and reduce waste by purchasing the separate disposable vape component in future orders.

This is why your initial purchase should be of the competitively priced Off Stamp SW9000 Kit. The battery may match the specific flavor it was sold with in a kit, with the shapes merging almost like a 1980s Missing Link Puzzle, but is compatible with every other flavor of Off Stamp disposables.

The disposable component is also sold outside the kit, which provides savings and reduces waste as this allows you to reuse the 800mAh battery from an early kit purchase. 


Off Stamp Infographic

This may sound confusing at first but makes is actually efficient. The largest and most expensive components are in the reusable battery half. The disposable, with the coil, e-liquid and mouthpiece, can be tossed but the 800mAh lithium ion battery is spared a quick trip to the landfill. 

Unlike the colored disposable pods of yesteryear, this is actually a less wasteful and more cost effective way to vape. The 800mAH battery serves not only as a charging dock but as an integrated battery when affixed. The combined battery output is an impressive 1000mAh. 


Off Stamp SW9000 Specifications

  • 13ml Capacity
  • Approximately 9000 Puffs
  • 800mAh Recharging Battery (In Kit Only)
  • Integrated 200mAh Battery in Disposable Component
  • Mesh Coil

Off Stamp Components SW9000



Off Stamp SW9000 Performance

With 13 ml of e-liquid, a 1000mAh battery, advanced mesh coil, and great flavors, this draw-activated disposable functions like its many competitors. The draw is tight and the flavors are outstanding. This disposable device is from the makers of Lost Mary and EBCreate and the quality of the 5 percent nicotine strength formulas really shines through. 

While two parts, the device functions seamlessly when functioning as a whole unit. The 200mAh battery won't get you through a day of vaping but is nice if you need to quickly charge the battery. 

The quality of the flavors are what really stand out. The fact it pulls apart provides some fidgeting value, as you can snap the pieces apart mindlessly. The fact that the batteries are color coded with a shape that is made whole when the battery is added gives it a bit of 1980s Rubik Snake appearance. 



Off Stamp SW9000 Flavors

Off Stamp Flavors



Use Case for a Modular Disposable Vape

The complete Off Stamp SW9000 Kit is competitively priced with a standard disposable because it is directly comparable in terms of performance. The value add is that you can detach and reuse the 800mAh battery rather than tossing it in the garbage when it still has many charge cycles remaining.

A customer can continue to purchase kits, as there is no price premium for the modular vape design. But if you switch to just buying the disposable vape component you can save money and reduce waste. 

The 200mAh battery in the disposable device component is designed so you can keep vaping while the charging device is being recharged.


Our Verdict

The Off Stamp SW9000 Kit is your starting point to enjoying this product. You need both components if you want it to work properly. As long as you buy the kit the first time, rather than the cheaper disposable vape "refill", you will be golden. 

Competitively priced, the Off Stamp Kit includes both the prefilled disposable vape device and an attachable charging device which is colored to match the flavor of the kit.

For vapers on the go, it might make sense to have at least a couple of the batteries on hand but you can go straight to purchasing the disposable part only once you have a battery device on hand. 

While the novelty of matching the shapes and colors might appeal, the advantage of buying more than one kit is that you will have more than one rechargeable battery. 

Once acclimated to buying the disposable and keeping the battery, this is an incredible device. Great flavors, great satisfaction, attractive, and mature. That it also reduces waste, as you only end up jettisoning a 200mAh battery rather than a 650mAh one after each each use, is a bonus.

Ideally, there would be a disposable vape with no battery in the replacement component. Just e-Liquid in one half and a rechargeable battery in the other.

That of course would be called a vape pod kit and flavors were banned in those by executive order.  

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