A Guide to the Best Nic Salts for Any Smok Novo

Disposable Vape Alternatives

Disposable vapes are extremely popular, easy to use, and taste great. But there is an issue with waste and expense.

What if you could switch to an easy-to-use refillable device that provides the same great flavor and performance of a disposable vape, is draw-activated and just as easy to use, and you can save money in the process?

Good news! There is a whole class of device that fits this bill. Refillable vape pod kits have emerged as an extremely robust and diverse set of vapes, but there are few devices that really pare their designs down to the essentials to compete head-to-head with disposable vapes.

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And near the top of this list is the Smok Novo collection. Mi-Pod not only carries the best disposable vapes but the best nic salts so that you can enjoy the convenience of these popular vaping options.

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One such device that has taken advantage of this trend is the Smok Novo, a sleek and compact pod system that pairs perfectly with nic salt juice.


Smok Novo Collection

The Smok Novo is a legacy design and was not originally designed to battle disposable vapes. It targeted nic salt vapers who used the then popular Juul Vape Pod Kit. Back in 2015, disposable vapes were still generally abysmal cigalikes which had higher nicotine concentrations but of the freebase variety, which made them harsh despite their wispy vapor output.

The original Smok Novo set the stage for all future models, which were just evolutions on a fundamentally sound design. The Smok Novo family resemblance is still there, even if the underpinnings and particularly the design of the entire pod has been greatly enhanced. Despite these improvements, the core Novo devices have cross compatibility, although a few have strayed from that formula.

Vape experts have long enjoyed the simplicity of pod systems. They may not have the power of vape mod kit but loaded with salt nicotine they can deliver great performance. Smok Novo pods are also easy to use, with a simple fill port and coils that offer a long service life. Optimized for nicotine salt e-liquids, smooth throat hits and sweetness is usually the plan for the day when the Smok Novo is involved.


Smok Novo Models

Before reviewing the best nic salts for Smok Novo pod kits, we will have to flip through the long list of Smok Novo designs. It is a legacy vape once the Smok Novo 2 was launched, it became clear that personal preference would decide which one is the best fit for a specific vaper. What all the Smok Novo Pod Kits had in common, until the Smok Novo 5, was no fire button and an easy to carry design.


Smok Novo

Smok Novo 1

At more than a couple feet, the original Smok Novo is indistinguishable from its improved brethren and is one of the best OG pod kits. Powered by a 450mAh battery, it had an output of 16 watts, is draw activated and usually sold in attractive colors.

Original Smok Novo Image

The original Novo Pod also held 2ml but looked a bit different than later versions with the anti-burn wicking being clearly visible. These are integrated pods with no coil to swap and an easy to access sideport fill-hole. The charge port was mounted on the side and halfway up the battery, rather than on the base. Flavor production was decent,


Smok Novo 2

Smok Novo 2 Image

The first Smok Novo was a bit low on power if you wanted to use lower nicotine freebase e-liquid, the pod coil a bit crude, and prone to the occasional leak. The Smok Novo 2 remedied all these issues and was essentially the perfected model. Of the compatible group of Novos, the original, 2, 3, and 2C, all the essential elements are there in the Smok Novo 2.

Smok Novo 2 vs Smok Novo

Every Novo since has just been a minor evolution of this concept, save for a couple forays into adjustable wattage by the Smok Novo X, and the swappable coils of the enhanced Smok Novo 4 and Smok Novo 5.

SMok Novo 2 Image

The Smok Novo 2 is powered by an 800mAh battery and has up to 25 watts of output. The coil selection and quality were greatly enhanced. They remain standard equipment at any vape shop worth its salt, and the other is sitting on a mountain these pods at this very moment.


Smok Novo 2 Pods

Smok Novo 2 Pods

The Smok Novo 2 Pods Collection initially included an array of seemingly identical options but these have since been pared down. At one time there were two 0.8ohm coils, one Meshed and one DC MTL. There was also a 1.0ohm Meshed option. To finish out this lineup there were also two 1.4ohm pods. A Quartz Coil pod and a 1.4ohm MTL.

Filling Smok Novo 2

What all this means is that now the Smok Novo could be used to vape anything, rather than being a narrowly limited alternative to a Juul or MyBlu. This selection means that a compact Novo 2 could handle that style of e-liquid well enough yet retain a very small size. Over a half decade since its launch, it remains a competitive design and the primary choice for countless vapers.

The pod choice has since been rationalized a bit to one 0.8ohm Pod, a 1.0ohm model and a single 1.4ohm pod coil pairing. This remains a great mix of options and a capable group no matter which e-liquids you are using. But naturally, these Novo devices are optimized for nic salts.


Smok Novo 2C

Smok Novo 2C

The Smok Novo 2 was old enough to still have a micro-USB charging port. The Smok Novo 2C added faster USB-C charging and a new mesh coil pod: the Novo 2X MTL Pod with a resistance of 0.8ohms. If you do not currently have a Smok Novo and are looking for an easy-to-use device, this might be the logical choice depending on how strongly wed you are to USB-C charging.


Smok Novo 3

Smok Novo 3 Image

The Smok Novo 3 basically is identical to the Smok Novo 2, even when laid next to each other. There are some different color schemes, but their exteriors are the same size down to the millimeter. What has been enhanced on the Smok Novo 3 is the airflow.

There are some new coils integrated in the 2ml pods. Keep in mind that these first three Novos all have cross compatibility, so it’s all a matter of preference and you are not limited by which device you use, although the original Novo does lack the punch and battery life of later models. Because of the compatibility, and the perhaps excessive number of pod resistance options for the Smok Novo 2, there was just a new 0.8ohm mesh coil added to the lineup with the Novo 3.



Smok Novo X

Smok Novo X

Around the time of the Smok Novo 3 launch, Smok took a detour and launched the Smok Novo X. This device is not cross compatible with the Smok Novo 1, 2, 3, or 2C. It does have adjustable wattage and larger pod structure. The author much prefers the later Novo designs if you are looking for adjustable wattage, screen or have other motivations for moving beyond the compatible models of Smok Novo pod kits. 

Smok Novo X

This allows for a more robust coil and does provide a bit of improvement if you are vaping traditional freebase e-liquids rather than nic salts from your Novo.


Smok Novo 4

Smok Novo 4 Image

The Smok Novo 4 Pod Kit is the biggest step forward to date. It arrives with an empty pod and pair of 0.9ohm LP1 coils.

The Smok Novo 4 is a slightly larger design and hit the market with innovative new features. While it has the same 25w output, it features adjustable wattage and a screen like the Novo X. But keep in mind it is not compatible with the Novo X. As mentioned above, the author considers this Smok Novo 4 to be a comprehensively superior device to the Smok Novo X. Maybe the margins are slim when dealing with such similar devices but that is my conclusion. The coil longevity, airflow and flavor are all far better in the Smok Novo 4. 

Smok Novo 4 Specs

The Smok Novo 4 series is the first to offer swappable coils, which is a much less wasteful approach to vaping. For previous models, you had to chuck the pod and the integrated coil once it was a spent force. Still draw activated, the Smok Novo 4 uses a new collection of Smok LP1 coils.

While similar, performance does seem enhanced, and it also offers a clever adjustable airflow dial. The 0.49 OLED screen is quite cool. Attractive, flexible, and packed with features, the Smok Novo 4 is a great upgrade on a tried and true vape pod kit design. The adjustable wattage makes it ideal for vapers who switch between flavors or even types of e-liquid, as the 25 watts is quite sufficient to handle the thicker high-VG juices. Smok Novo 4 Replacement Pods are sold in 3-packs.


Smok Novo 4 Mini

Smok Novo 4 Mini

The Smok Novo 4 Mini packs a bigger battery than the Novo 4, 900mAh hours. It does not have an OLED screen which allows for a smaller frame, but it loses the wattage controls. The clever airflow dial remains. Otherwise, it delivers the exact same performance envelope as the full-sized Smok Novo but is smaller with a bigger battery.

The LP1 coil and adjustable airflow are upgrade on older Novo pod designs, even if you lose the integrated coil aspect and now must manually swap them.

Smok Novo 4 Mini Specs

There is a reason those coils are in just about everything Smok has now, they are excellent. Just remember that Smok Novo Mini Pods arrive blank and require an LP1 coil. Just remember that 2ml Smok Novo 4 Mini Replacement Pods are blank and require a corresponding set of coils. Each kit comes with a pair 0.9ohm Mesh Coils of a new and robust design.


Smok LP1 Coils

Smok Novo LP1 Coils

While note compatible with other Novos, the Smok Novo 4 and Novo 4 Mini give you access to the outstanding LP1 coil collection. These coils are also compatible with a whole host of other Smok vape pod kits. The RPM 25W, Novo 4 Mini, Nfix Pro, Nord 4, and Pozz Pro can all use this collection of coils. The range of performance options is substantial, from the 0.8ohm MTL coil that comes standard with the Novo 4 to a higher resistance 1.2ohm LP1 Mesh coil. These are excellent and long-lived designs.


Smok Novo 5

Smok Novo 5

The Smok Novo 5 is the first device on the list to offer an upgrade in power output since the original Smok Novo 2 was bumped to 25w. This 30W design offers a lower resistance 0.7ohm mesh coil with the traditional Novo e-liquid capacity of 2ml.

Smok Novo 5 Specs

The Smok Novo 5 also has a dual firing option.  You can use a button or the time-tested draw-activation. It has gone back to the integrated coil in the pod, rather than the swappable coils of the Smok Novo 4. If you want a compact pod kit for vaping high-VG juices or lower strength nic salts, or you just require more vapor, it is the heavy hitter on the list. The lack of compatibility with previous designs, or with a family of coils like Novo 4 and LP1 family, is a check mark against. But the performance is there.


Best Nicotine Salts for the Smok Novo

Now that we got our Smok Novo homework out of the way, we can examine the best nic salts for Smok Novo vapes.

One of the key elements that enhanced the vaping experience provided by the little Smok Novo is salt nic vape juice. The higher nicotine content compared to traditional e-liquids offers a smoother draw without the harsh throat hit of a high-nicotine freebase.

The variety of flavors available in bottled salt nic vape juices further adds to the appeal, allowing users to enjoy their Smok Novo in multiple taste profiles. If you are switching over from disposable vapes, you may worry that refillable vapes have milder flavor profiles with less assertive artificial flavors. Whilst this is often the case, it should be noted that the actual nicotine utilized is the same and there are brands which cater to fans of the popular disposable vape formulas.

In general, as refillables are not competing toe-to-toe with combustibles on the same store shelf and are not as frequently selected by initiates whose palate might be fried, the emphasis is often on more subtle notes rather than a huge cloying blast of grape that tastes like a piece of gum.


Vaporlax Salts

Vaporlax Logo

You can save money by switching to a refillable, and this is the case even with the massive disposable vapes on the market today. A Smok Novo is a quite inexpensive device and the pods last for a very long time if you avoid vaping it when it is empty, and the coil exposed and dry.

If you are looking to explore the benefits of switching to a refillable vape pod kit, Vaporlax Salts  are a great starting point. The most popular flavors with adult vapers are all here: Mint, Banana Ice, Blue Razz, Strawberry Cream, and others. They have been blended specifically for use in pod kits and help provide long-lasting performance by not gumming up coils. Vaporlax Salt are available in 25 and 50mg nicotine strength. Outside of the Flonq Max with its three nicotine strengths, this is generally not an option with disposable vapes.


Pod Juice Salts

Pod Juice Logo

Pod Juice is another legacy brand and like the Smok Novo itself were originally formulated to take the fight to Juul. The offer a massive selection of outstanding flavors that stand up just as well against the current crop of disposable vapes. There is almost no flavor under the sun you won't find in the Pod Juice Collection, and they have been formulated to pop. More impressively, they come in three nicotine strengths: 20, 30 and 55mg. This is huge if you are a veteran vaper who wants to cut down their intake. All the fruity flavors are here, so are some great cool and icy options. The federal government banned Juul Mango some years ago, but tropical flavors and bold menthol notes still abound in the impressive Pod Juice lineup.


Juice Head Salts

Juice Head Salt Nic

The Juice Head Salts Collection has a great collection of the flavors that adults prefer. The nicotine concentrations available are 25 and 50mg. While the mix of flavors available is dwarfed by Pod Juice and to a lesser extent Vaporlax, every fruity flavor has the bold taste that adult vapers and especially disposable vape users love. As is most often the case in salt nic, the ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol is 50/50. This is ideal for avoiding burnt coils, as the thicker VG will start to gum up coils on smaller pod kits. Blueberry Lemon Juice, Watermelon Lime, Raspberry Lemonade and Watermelon Lime are just a few of the beverage and fruit inspired flavor profiles which Juice Head has expertly crafted.


I Love Salts by Mad Hatter

I Love Salts Logo

I Love Salts by Mad Hatter is another popular brand that has been designed specifically for use in refillable pod kits like the Smok Novo. All the flavors are catered to adult vapers, with a balance of fruity and dessert options. The nicotine strengths available are 25 to 50mg. Precisely balanced flavor is the order of the day, with Spearmint, Blue Razz, and Mango being three of their most popular options.


Cloud Nurdz Salts

Cloud Nurdz Logo

Cloud Nurdz Salts, much like Mad Hatter's I Love Salts, are a follow-up line that is manufactured by a legacy high-VG vape juice company. While either could be filled into Novo pods, today we are concentrating on salt nic. Cloud Nurdz really leaned in with the flavor, providing profiles with a concentration of bold notes that is close to what you get in a disposable vape.


Air Factory Salts

Air Factory Salts 

Air Factory Salts are sold in 18 and 36mg nicotine strengths. The flavors are zest and bold. In truth, 36mg is quite sufficient in a pod kit even if a bit less than the high concentration nic salts that are carried by most other brands. Ideal for vape pod designs, the Air Factory Collection has a backlog of great flavors to try. They even have a custard and few unique flavors to go along with the usual assortment of menthol and fruit fusion flavors. There is plenty of kick, making them an ideal alternative to disposables and perfect fuel for any Smok Novo.


7 Daze Salts/Reds Apple

7 Daze Logo

These are monster nic salt vape juice flavors. Full stop. Loaded with the icy coolness and fruit flavor that adult vapers love, there is not a stinker in the group. The 7 Daze Reds Apple Collection is stacked. The trademark hint of red apple is well-calibrated and entirely additive. And they basically have all of vaping’s greatest hits in their lineup. Worthy all-day vapes that are perfect for any of the Smok Novo pod kits listed above.


Disposable Vape Popularity

The rise in popularity of disposable vapes among adult vapers can be attributed to their use of nicotine salts. Nicotine salts have a lower pH level and are less harsh on the throat when compared to traditional freebase nicotine found in many e-liquids. This allows users to vape higher concentrations of nicotine without the harsh throat hit, providing a more satisfying experience.

Higher nicotine strength nic salts allow for many design compromises to be made in a vape, most of which greatly enhance usability and convenience. Less vapor is required to provide a satisfying experience. It takes less battery power to provide this smaller amount of vapor, allowing for compact packaging. Potent nic salt vapor lends itself to mouth-to-lung vaping, which in turn allows for higher resistance coils, which burn e-liquid less quickly. All these elements were drawn together perfectly in the modern disposable vape. Mi-Pod has a vast selection of the best disposable vapes, and are the master distributor for many of the top models on the market.

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