Jewel Mint Pod Juice Flavors Explained

Pod Juice has four Mint flavors in its Jewel Mint Collection: Jewel Mint, Jewel Mint Diamond, Jewel Mint Lush Freeze, and Jewel Mint Sapphire. Each has several unique mint flavor profiles to impress mint-loving vapers. Since there can be a lot of confusion surrounding this nic salt vape juice line due to its odd name choices, we tried to give you a spot-on description of each Jewel Mint flavor.

Pod Juice has recently taken the vape juice industry by storm and is one of the most popular e-Liquid brands available in vape shops today. They are well known for having some of the best mint salt nic vape flavors.

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Refresher on Minty Vape Flavors

Since we will be reviewing four mint salt nic flavors, I thought it important to review the three main cooling compounds used by vape juice manufacturers so we can have a more nuanced conversation about these four mint flavors.

Menthol is a crystalline organic compound found naturally in plants like peppermint and spearmint. Menthol is a mild painkiller, which is why they put it in fruit-flavored throat lozenges as well as fruit-flavored vape juices. When added to vape juice, menthol gives an icy feel as it activates the cold-sensing nerve receptors in the mouth and throat. Menthol also adds more of a throat hit and a slight “icy” feeling; it adds peppermint or spearmint flavor to the mix, depending on what type of plant the menthol was extracted from.

Mint vape flavors often have a very broad meaning. In a vape shop, sometimes peppermint or wintergreen flavors will simply be called Mint. In general, vape juice labeled mint should be less powerful and less icy than menthol. In science, mint is the plant from which menthol is derived, and menthol is the organic compound responsible for the spicy-sweet icy taste. Mint flavors also tend to add a bit more sweetness to a vape than menthol flavors do.

Koolada adds a cooling sensation to vape juices but does not have the minty taste. Koolada triggers the same cold receptor group as menthol but doesn’t have the mint flavor. This makes it perfect for adding to fruity flavors for a refreshing exhale while minimally affecting the original fruit flavors.

Pod Juice Vape Flavor Collection

The Pod Juice nic salt vape juice line is loaded with exquisite vape flavors. Pod Juice comes in 23 flavors, with all of them being available in 3.5% and 5.5% Nic strengths. These flavors have been blended for use in refillable vape pod systems.

Jewel Mint

Pod Juice Jewel Mint is an amazing mint vape juice. The story goes that after trying dozens upon dozens of different mint salt nic profiles, Pod Juice came up with its original, signature fresh cool mint flavor. I approve!

The inhale is a super cool, frosty menthol, while on the exhale the flavor develops into a slightly sweet mint fusion. This reminds me of smoking menthol filtered cigarettes flavors back when I smoked combustible cigarettes. The mixture is a great option for vapers that used to smoke menthol cigarettes.

Jewel Mint Sapphire

Pod Juice’s Jewel Mint Sapphire has the same tasting frosty cool inhale as the original jewel mint, combined with a boost in flavor and minty sweetness. This fusion is the smoothest and most flavorful mint yet. It tastes like a cleaner peppermint flavor to me, compared to the Jewel Mint, which has a strong menthol flavor profile. The Sapphire is lighter, pepper-minty, sweeter, and stronger than Jewel Mint. It works for me as a fresh mint flavor (different than Jewel Mint’s Menthol flavor profile). One way to describe it is that the Sapphire wakes you up more on the inhale.

Jewel Mint Diamond

Pod Juice’s Jewel Mint Diamond takes the 'sweet' out of their top-selling Jewel Mint Nic salt. Not everyone likes sweetness added to their salt nicotine flavors, which is why they have formulated Jewel Mint Diamond. As experts in creating flavors to please, the Pod Juice team has developed this smooth and flavorful blend that provides the same pure minty pleasure as their Jewel Mint, but without the sweetness.

Flavor-wise this tastes like they toned down the Jewel Mint by removing the sweetness. What is left is a solid menthol flavor with little to no sweetness. A non-sweet mint is not my jam, but I see why they did it. It changes the flavor quite a bit. You still get the menthol but with much less icy aftertaste. If I vaped mints, I would want one of each of these in my collection.

Jewel Mint Lush Freeze

Pod Juice’s Jewel Mint Lush Freeze, formerly known as Jewel Mint Lush Ice, is a mix of mint and watermelon. The mix of flavors has the melon in the back seat as a flavor enhancer for the mint. It tastes like non-sweet fruit mint. It is an interesting tasting mint vape. For mint lovers looking for a mint with hints of other flavorings, this offers a great addition to any mint vape juice collection.

Each hit provides a crisp, cool, and fruity-all-day flavor. Unlike many other flavors that become dull, this lush ice will keep you coming back for more all day long.

In Summary

To mint vapers, having some mint flavor variety is important. Pod Juice has put more thought into a solid complete mint collection than any other juice manufacturer I have come across.

Putting myself into the shoes of someone that loves vaping mint flavors, I easily understand how one mint vape juice flavor might get repetitive after a while. Pod Juice offers several great-tasting mint flavored options running from a light Koolada/watermelon, menthol options (sweet and unsweetened), and a peppermint mint option.

I vaped these in my Mi-Pod 2.0 pod system which provides tighter airflow but exquisite flavor. This allows more flavorful puffs so that I could really taste the nuanced differences in these four mint flavors.


My favorite is the Jewel mint diamond unsweetened. Describe above exquisitely. I use the Novo 2 device. Love this line of juice.

Lee Mary May 01, 2023

Good stuff

Frankellys Silv April 13, 2022

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