Hyde Mag vs VaporLax BOBO

Neither the BOBO by VaporLax nor the Hyde Mag has been a “go-to” vape for me, so I am really looking forward to doing a deep dive into both disposables. At first glance, they are very different devices. The BOBO is heavier, cylindrical, metallic, and shiny. The Hyde Mag is smaller and ergonomically designed to fit snugly in a closed hand. It is wrapped in a soft, thick plastic shell.

Both of these disposable vapes have a couple things in common:

  • Both are fully wrapped, closed vape systems. No filling necessary for either disposable vape.
  • Both the BOBO and Mag are rechargeable via Micro-USB
  • Each disposable eCig has a nicotine strength of 50mg (5%)
  • Many vape flavors to choose from in each line

Vape Form Factors

The VaporLax BOBO vape device is cylindrical in shape and about the size of a roll of quarters. It has a “duck-bill” mouthpiece that takes some getting used to. It’s too large to stick in your mouth like most vape tips so you wind up French-kissing the duckbill when you want a big hit. Otherwise, you can just puff off the tip and it still provides a good puff.

The cylinders have a very slick metallic-looking skin. They are so smooth they may be easier to drop. The device is bottom-heavy so is easy to stand on a table and usually lands on its bottom when dropped. It includes an airflow slider and micro-USB charger slot on the bottom of the device. The adjustable airflow slider is very tiny.

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The Hyde Mag is a little smaller than the BOBO vape. It sports a soft textured plastic on a futuristic ergonomic body. It looks unique and once in your hand, there is no chance of it slipping out. Its form factor fits in a clenched fist perfectly, the soft plastic has some “grab” to it, and there are textured patterns down the side for grabbing onto.

The tip is a tiny round nipple like the VaporLax Draco and Vaal Max mouthpieces. The Mag looks unique, as it was designed after the same look and feel as the SMOK Mag vape mod device. There is a Micro-USB charging slot, but no airflow control.

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Vape Juice Content

The vape juice capacity of your disposable vape will give you an indicator of how long your device should last you.

  • The BOBO VaporLax vape contains 14ml of vape juice and lasts for an estimate 6000 puffs.
  • The Hyde Mag vape contains 10ml of vape juice and lasts for an estimate 4500 puffs.

Vape Experience

The BOBO by VaporLax comes with a tiny slider on the bottom that allows you to open the airflow to get more or less air on each draw. In its closed setting, it provides more vape juice in the mix and restricts the airflow to the point that you can take a solid, strong MTL hit. If you try pulling vape directly from the device to your lungs on the closed setting the airflow is too slow to allow you to get much of a puff and it is so concentrated, that it would be too intense going straight into your lungs. 

On the BOBO’s most open setting, you can almost pull off a DL (direct to lung) hit. It provides about 3x as much airflow, so you can get a lesser vape hit and pull in enough air to go straight to your lungs without feeling like you are suffocating.

The Hyde Mag does not include an airflow slider, so what each hit is identical. It seems like they attempted to accommodate the largest number of vapers using an airflow setting somewhere in the middle of other devices’ highest and lowest airflow settings. Luckily (or by design), it does hit well right out of the box.
The Hyde Mag’s stock airflow is somewhere in the middle of open enough for a DTL hit and closed enough for an MTL puff. The airflow of the Hyde Mag is like a BOBO with its airflow ¾ closed. It isn’t ideal for either MTL or DTL, but close enough for either due to its tiny round mouthpiece that allows you to easily pass more air at the mouth or easily tighten your lips around the entire mouthpiece enough to get a tighter hit.

Vape Flavors

I chose a few flavors that both disposable vapes have in common to provide a side-by-side comparison of how each disposable approaches its e-Juice flavor palate. In general, VaporLax BOBO strives to recreate authentic fruit flavors. BOBO flavors also add some sweetness and Koolada on the exhale, which provides some coolness on the throat without affecting the flavor much.

In general, Hyde Vapes seem to have focused on making one-off best flavors for each category. Less cohesion in the flavor pallet, but what they all have in common is that they strive to be the best version of that flavor.

VaporLax BOBO Paradise

The BOBO Paradise is a sweet-tasting juice vape with undertones of coconut. The product description says they used pineapple and strawberry as the fruit flavors, but the combo of Strawberry and Pineapple reminds me a little of guava or papaya especially mixed with the coconut. This vape reminds me of a Pineapple Coconut Rum mix. I might enjoy this more on a night of partying. Too sweet for everyday vaping, but the unique flavor deserves a spot in our juice lineup.

Hyde Mag Coconut Crumble

I chose the Hyde Mag Coconut Crumble to go up against the VaporLax BOBO’s Paradise. This vape recreates a coconut cream pie flavor for me. The coconut is strong and comes with a touch of sweetness and no icy aftertaste. I usually do not gravitate toward coconut-flavored juices, but I would vape this all day. The sweetness offsets the coconut and without an icy finish, there is nothing overwhelming about the flavor. I can vape this all day. I like it so much that I took it home overnight to vape it more before finishing this article.

VaporLax BOBO Sour Bliss

This sour apple tastes a little bitter, like a dry, sour apple wine. In the VaporLax BOBO Sour Bliss, you'll taste strong sour apple and some sweetness undertone. I really didn’t care for this flavor myself, but one of my co-workers thought it just tasted like sour apples. So, opinions vary on this one. Definitely a disposable eCig for vapers that are looking for a sour vape over a sweet one.

Hyde Mag Sour Apple Ice

The Hyde Mag Sour Apple Ice flavor is spot on. It tastes like sour apples, sugar, and Koolada. There is some sweetness added so that it is not a sour flavor, it is a sweet-sour apple flavor with a slight Koolada finish. I like this flavor. It is too intense for vaping all day for me, but a good flavor to keep on the desk when you are in the mood for a sour apple blast.

VaporLax BOBO Sweet Nectar

The online product description from the flavorists at VaporLax say that the Sweet Nectar BOBO Vape is the flavor of ripe peach, apricots, and nectarine flavors. I taste the sweet peaches front and center in the mix. I don’t get specifically apricots or nectarine as the underlying flavors, rather maybe the apricots with sweet papaya. I don’t taste any nectarines. It has a cool finish, not overly icy, maybe a strong Koolada or a light mint.

This is a tasty and flavorful sweet peach vape. Peachy as heck with other sweet tasty fruit flavors in the mix.

Hyde Mag Fruit Punch

This one is a sweet fruit punch with an icy exhale. The Hyde Fruit Punch Vape flavor description suggests apples and berries with tropical fruit underneath. I taste the apple and strong tropical fruit (maybe pineapple or guava) and if there is berry in there it is far back in the mix.

True to form for Hyde Mag the flavor is very strong. Very sweet, very icy, and very tropical fruit tasting. On the first sniff out of the package, it has an artificial smell, but after the first toke, you taste authentic fruit flavors buried in sweetness and ice. With this Hyde vape, there is a slightly odd aftertaste maybe pineapple and something else, but not exactly a pleasant aftertaste.

Special Mentions

I lost count of how many BOBO and Hyde Mag flavors I vaped for this comparison. A few flavors were so good that I feel they deserve special mention. Even though the other brand did not have a matching flavor for a one-to-one comparison, they were just too tasty to leave off the list.

VaporLax BOBO Watermelon Splash

This is a good all-around, all-day vape. I am not the biggest fan of either mint nor watermelon, but the way they mixed this e-Juice is perfect. I would call it a mild icy watermelon. The flavor is a perfect mix, and the strength is not “too” anything, so you can just keep on vaping it without feeling overwhelmed. This makes for a nice hit. It surprised me how much I liked the flavor and hit it again. I still really liked it. Something about how understated the strength is and how minty and melon it is without overtaxing the taste buds made me appreciate it even more. There is no bad aftertaste or lingering flavors, just a very slight watermelon taste, nothing strange.

Hyde Mag Fresh Vanilla

Tastes like vanilla whipped cream. I used to vape Smoking Vapors Vanilla e-Cig cartridge flavor, which is a truly exceptional and amazing tasting vanilla. The vanilla in the Hyde Mag reminds me of that benchmark flavor with sweetness and a slight cream on the exhale. I can vape the Hyde Fresh Vanilla vape all day. I passed it around to my team and we all agree that this is one of the best vanillas out there.

In Summary

In general Hyde Mag, flavors are more concentrated, sweeter, and seem less interested in a flavor pallet that runs through the entire line, opting instead for each flavor to be its own stand-alone best version of the flavors they offer. Their flavor choices seem less concerned with authentic fruit flavors. They seem focused on adding more concentrated flavor and sweetness for a flavor punch. The Hyde Mag needs that additional concentrated flavor to provide flavorful puffs since its vape seems less powerful than most other brands.

For pure taste, Hyde Mag has some stand-out flavors. Their Fresh Vanilla and Coconut Crumble are among the best tasting dessert disposables on the market.

VaporLax BOBO on the other hand, can provide a more nuanced e-Juice flavor. I am not sure if the reason they achieve more subtle flavors is BOBO’s e-Liquid recipes, or if their device has a better battery and coil combination.The fine-tune airflow adjustment slider also may be the reason for the better, truer taste.

The BOBO flavors are accurate fruit flavors and they do not bury their flavors with sweetness or ice. Some of the BOBO fruit flavors are now among my favorites.

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