Interview With a Vape Model: Buffalojuicegirl

Mi-Pod Modelled by BuffaloJuiceGirl on instagram

Getting to know Buffalojuicegirl

Buffalojuicegirl is one of the most well known and respected vape models on Instagram. She currently rocks an impressive 47.9 thousand followers, and that number grows more and more each day. She is currently sponsored by Mionevape. We took the time and sat down with her to ask her some question about her lifestyle and what it takes to be a famous vape model!
 What made you start vaping?
"I first started vaping on my 30th birthday to help me quit smoking"
Limited edition Mi-Pod by Mi-One Brands
 If you could create an flavor, what would it be?
"I've been trying to get my mom to replace smoking with vaping for years. The reason she keeps going back to cigarettes is because she cant find a plain flavor with a strong throat hit. So, if I had the opportunity to create an e-liquid, I would tailor it to her needs. Something basically flavorless. Maybe a very light tobacco flavor."

How to fill a Mi-Pod pod

 If you could make any mod, what would it look like? (Shape, size, colors) "Definitely ties in with my answer to the previous question. I would create something that closely resembles a cigarette to help people like my mom transition from smoking to vaping."

Top 3 favorite juices?"Changes so frequently and that’s one of the reasons vaping is so appealing to me. Variety is the spice of life! Mambo Mango has definitely held a steady spot in my top 3 since its debut."

Anything you’d want to tell people who have never vaped before?
"Break the stigma and educate yourself. Vaping is a lifestyle."

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Why did you become a vape model?
"For as long as I can remember I've always enjoyed sharing the things I love with friends and family and even with strangers. Whether it's a new product or even exciting new information. If it's something I find useful or beneficial I just have this urge to share it with people. When I started vaping it was no different. I posted photos of my favorite products for the world to see."
shiny mipod stars limited edition
How long have you been modeling?
"I started modeling when I was 2 years old."
Is their a secret to your social media success?
"Being successful in any area of life requires commitment, time and effort. I think the secret is being consistent even if you're not seeing the results you hoped for."
Who takes your pictures? Do you take all of your own pictures?
"I do take my own photo's.  I use a professional DSLR camera, a tripod and I use my phone as a remote."
Best e-liquid mango vape flavor of the year
What are your favorite vape shows?
"I don't have a specific favorite, I love them all."
Where can fans see you next?
"The next vape convention I will be attending is ECC in Detroit, Michigan on April 13th - 15th followed by the Midwest Vapor Expo in Cleveland, Ohio on April 21st & 22nd."

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