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Old Loco is an E-juice that was created by Smoking Vapor. Born out of a passion for traveling, vape and the entertainment lifestyle. The line consists of three flavors; Mambo Mango, Electro Currant, and Salsa Grape. Since Old Loco's release the unique e-juice has been creating quite the buzz. Mambo Mango won "Best Citrus" at the vape showcase two consecutive times! Grape Apple flavor with a distinct Portuguese White Grape on inhale infused with a hint of Green Apple on exhale.   Salsa Grape is not your typical grape flavor. It's much more than that, and that's probably why it's so highly rated. What makes Salsa grape so unique is the fact that it's Grape Apple flavor is infused with Portuguese White Grape on inhale infused with a hint of Green Apple on exhale. To simply call it "Grape flavored" would be an understatement. Shop Now
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Mambo Mango isn't a two time award winner for no reason! Different from other mango flavors because it stays true to what a ripe mango tastes like. Mango Lychee flavor with a perfectly ripe juicy Mango followed by a mouth watering sweetness of Lychee. Old Loco really did an amazing job finding two flavors that compliment each other so perfectly! The Mambo Mango experience would be best described as a 'smooth ride' with it's sweet mango hit and cooler finish. It's a bit sweeter than the other two flavors, but also a fan favorite!
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Electro Currant is a flavor that you don't see very often. Electro Currant is a succulent Black Currant with a hint of candy and bubble gum. This is one of those flavors that you can puff on for days on end and not get sick of. It's almost disappointing to vape any other juice after tasting this juice. Old Loco truly hit a home run with this one. Shop Now The Old Loco line is award winning for a reason. If you're tired of the same old boring flat vape flavors, we suggest taking a look into this line.

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