ECC 2017 Recap

ECC 2017 has come and gone and Smoking Vapor couldn’t have had a better weekend. One product reveal, a brand new juice launch and thousands of interaction with the people who count, you! Here are a few of the event highlights from Smoking Vapor: Mi-Pod Revealed Compact, sleek, fashionable, unique and delicious were just a few words that people used to describe our newest product. The Mi-pod was a year in the making and was on point at the show! Consumers, stores and wholesalers alike were extremely pleased with this unveiling. We got the Mi-pod into the hands of some of the top thought leaders in the industry like @drewdrips and they were excited to tell all of their followers about this compact mod that packs a stylish punch. The Mambo Mango juice pairing with the Mi-pod was by far the most popular juice pairing with the Mi-pod. Some described the flavor as, “a match made in vape heaven.” Mi-pod specs were another huge crowd pleaser. The 950mAh lithium battery hammered the point through that this device isn’t just unique because of design but was engineered to please all style of vapers. Let’s not forget about the fact that refillable pod systems had people in awe knowing that they could easily fill the pods with any of their favorite juices. Old Loco Launched Releasing a new juice to the market can go one of two ways… they like it… or they hate it. We are proud to say that Mambo Mango, Salsa Grape, Tango Pomelo were chugging away at the show! It is safe to say taste buds were inspired and they loved what Old Loco had to offer. Something about the Old Loco & Mi-pod pairing was out of this world for a lot of people. Overall, Mambo Mango took first place in the taste test. We are so happy all of our flavors delivered exactly what we were aiming for. Something new, energetic, and inspiring to the taste buds. Smoking Vapor Best Booth Awards Best booth (besides ours 😉): The best booth goes to Cosmic Fog with their epic multi-level set up and cool giveaways.

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