Evo Drip SO4500 Vape Review

The Evo Drip SO4500 is a large-sized plastic cylindrical sub-ohm rechargeable disposable with a built-in 510 LONG drip tip and 15mls of 10mg (1%) nicotine strength e-Juice.

The 850 mAh battery, 0.5 Ohm Coil, and high airflow work together to provide an excellent Direct to Lung (DTL) hit. It produces more clouds than any other disposable I have tried to date.

The Evo Drip vape arrives with 15mls of lower-Nic (10mg) e-liquid. Coupled with its high airflow and low resistance coil, it provides a lot of low Nic vaporized juice to your lungs. The 1% juice means you do not get a nausea-producing amount of nicotine from a vape session. Due to the volume of air passing through, you still get a great deal of nicotine but not in a concentrated tight puff like a low-flow MTL device would provide. More airflow coupled with lower nicotine produces deep, flavorful puffs and an extended vaping experience.

Two relatively large holes at the bottom of the device provide airflow. Those two holes provide more airflow than most people would ever need for a large DTL puff. The Evo Drip does not have an air control slider, so you can expect it to provide big DTL puffs every time. Fortunately, coupled with the lower 10mg e-juice, it provides big enjoyable puffs every time. It also produces a fair amount of clouds on the exhale compared to any other disposables.

EVO Drip Vape Specifications

  • Resistance: 0.5 Ohm
  • E-Liquid: 15ml
  • Nic Strength: 10mg (1%)
  • Battery: 850mAh
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Puffs: 4500
  • Charging light on the bottom
  • Drip Tip: Built-In, Smooth Plastic, 510 LONG

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The body is 4” tall. Plus, its .5” tall, built-in plastic, 510 LONG mouthpiece makes it 4.5” tall. Evo Drip is 1.25” wide (about the size of a roll of 50-cent pieces). The grip is a matted plastic that feels comfortable in hand. The drip-tip and bottom are shiny, smooth plastic, giving it the appearance of a tropical fish missile, making an “o” face.

The device has white charging lights on the bottom to tell you when your device is engaged or charging. It does not change colors. If you have a red plastic-colored device, the white light appears to glow red. If you have the green plastic device, the white light will show through and appear to be green. Please do not call support asking if there is an issue because your red device glows red. It’s not.


  • To vape this disposable, you have to hit it like you mean it (and trust the process not to make you choke). If you like little mouthfuls of vape that you let rest in your mouth before pulling it into your lungs (an MTL puff), you will not be able to engage this beast. It hardly acknowledges a little mouth puff or two. You would think it didn’t work, as more than one person in the office thought. In reality, it was because you must take a big pull and trust that the manufacturer correctly designed the sub-ohm vape’s airflow and nicotine strength to accommodate that big puff. They did, and it does.
    • DTL vaping is a different experience. You would choke if you tried to hit an MTL device (Elf Bar, Fume, or other) with as much enthusiasm as is required to get a puff from this device.
    • This device will require a large amount of air to pass through it, but with only 10mg nicotine-strength vape juice, you have to pull 5x as much air through it to get the same amount of nicotine as you would from one mouthful of 50mg juice. If you prefer lowering your nicotine consumption, this is one of the best lower nicotine disposable vapes
  • The 850mAh battery is a decent-sized battery for a disposable vape devices, so it will run for a long time before recharging. It comes prefilled with 15mls of e-juice, so you will have to recharge it at least twice before you use up all the e-juice provided.
  • The low 0.5 Ohms of resistance means it will produce more vapor when you hit it, but the wide-open airflow will dilute that aerosolized vape juice with air providing a significant amount of more diluted vapor. The Evo Drip will use the juice quickly, which is probably why it only provides 4500 puffs even though the device is twice the size of other disposables. It provides such flavorful DTLs that using up its juice faster is a small price to pay for a better vaping experience.
  • If you are into big DTLs like I am, this is the only disposable game in town other than the Vaal Max, which uses a different approach to get there, so it isn’t a perfect comparison.
  • Type -C charger provided means you can recharge your disposable in less time when you need to charge it.
  • These disposables have some heft, which is nice, but their overall size makes them inconvenient to carry around. If you carry one in your front pocket, don’t sit down too quickly. I prefer smaller devices when traveling for convenience. I prefer the larger devices once I arrive at my destination because they last a long time and are easy to find. You will not misplace this device.
  • DTL Device – DTL stands for direct to lung vs. MTL, or mouth to lung. If you think of how you vape, you either pull a bit of vapor into your mouth that you pull into your lungs (MTL), or you draw to your lungs straight from the device (DTL). If you have ever watched someone smoking that green whacky tobacky, they pull through the m-cigarette into their lungs in a strong, long steady pull using a DTL or direct-to-lung puff. A device with sufficient airflow and potent vapor lends itself to this style of vaping.
  • MTL Device - On the other hand, a device with tight airflow is better for people who prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping because a mouthful is all you can pull out of a device with tight airflow. Cigar smokers smoke this way and usually prefer to continue to vape this way when they switch. A slider on a device allows you to choose how much airflow you like. In this case, there is no slider, and it provides a strong DTL puff every time.

You get almost no vapor if you try to pull in just a mouthful (an MTL). This device shines when you give it a big draw. About ¼ of the inhale into the puff, you will start to feel a good vape hit starting.

EVO Drip Collection Overview

After vaping all 17 Evo flavors, flavors repeatedly, I found eight that I loved, seven that were pretty good, and two that were just “okay.”. The flavors all taste like they are supposed to. Fruit flavors taste like fresh fruit, the mint is flavorfully minty, and the energy flavors are zingier than energy flavors from other manufacturers.

They did a great job recreating the flavors “as described” in the name. With few exceptions, the initial puff was a good one, and if the name suggests it will be Sour Apple, it will surprisingly taste like sour apples. If it says Mango Ice, it tastes like icy mangoes, not candied mangoes, not mangled mangoes, just fresh fruity mango flavors with ice. Straightforward naming conventions like theirs allow customers to make better decisions, especially when buying online. Thanks for that, Evo!

With the Evo Drip collection, I did not taste any unexpected flavors in-between puffs: I tasted hints of the same fruity flavors I received from the initial puff. No lousy aftertaste. Thankfully good lingering flavors occurred in most of the collection.

Evo Drip Vape Flavors Review


Sweet watermelon and tasty, sweet apples. Apples and sweet watermelons are present in the flavor profile shortly after you pull the vapor. It gets delicious about halfway through the pull, and you start to feel the MMK (mint, menthol, or koolada) cooling the back of your throat. The flavor intensity is slightly less on the exhale, but you get a nice mixture of fruit and ice, making for a lovely tasting exhale.

After a few puffs, I stopped vaping. I waited for any unexpected or weird flavors to present themselves, as happens when the manufacturer uses inferior ingredients or flavors that interact unexpectedly after the initial hit. With the Evo Drip collection, I did not taste any unexpected flavors in-between puffs: I tasted hints of the same fruity flavors I received from the initial puff. Lingering goodness reminds me of how good the vape was initially and makes me want to hit it again.


Sweet blueberries with slight coolness. I usually avoid Blue “anything” as most manufacturers use ingredients that provide what reminds me of a burnt olive oil flavor in the mix. I find this true of most Blue Razz or blue (fill in the blank) flavors. That is not the case with Blue Slushie.

Blue Slushie is sweet and Berri-Licious. There is a slightly odd aftertaste after several puffs, but it is so significantly reduced compared to other blue razz types that I enjoyed this flavor. I taste berries, sweetness, and a slight amount of ice. Blue Sushi is one of the best Blue “fill in the blank” flavors I have ever vaped. The sweetness overrides most errant flavors in the mix, and after several puffs, I could only slightly taste any unexpected flavors between puffs.


So much mint iced goodness in a DTL. The mint reminds me of a mint ticky-tacky. It starts cooling your throat about halfway through the inhale and provides a nice minty throat hit through the inhale and exhale. In between puffs, I caught a slightly chalky taste that I didn’t expect. Besides some very slight chalkiness, it is a good-tasting and hitting mint flavor.


Candied ice. Evo Drip Ice Skittles is a sweet and refreshing vape. You do not receive a big, sweet blast right out of the gate, but as you keep drawing in on your DTL puff, it gets sweeter and icier the more you draw. I stop pulling when it hits my perfect amount of flavor (about ¾ of a lungful) and exhale.

As opposed to Vaal Max Rainbow Sugar, where they added mint flavoring to the sweet, candied flavors (skittles + mint = -not yummy), Evo Drip used koolada, which cools without interfering with the candied sweetness. It tastes right, hits right, and cools right.


Icy mangoes and nothing else. I taste sweet mangoes, feel koolada on my throat, and nothing else. I am only a fan of guava, mango, or lychee-flavored vapes if they are spot-on ripe and tasty fruit flavors. This Mango Ice is perfect!

Evo’s attention to detail makes this an exceptional fruity mango-flavored vape. It tastes like sweet fruit, not like a bad candied imitation of fruit. The mangoes were fresh, ripe, and fruity enough, and it reminded me that I love mango, “the fruit.” It was mango, “the vape” flavor I have hated all these years.


Icy mangoes with a splash of lemon. This flavor is very close to Mango Ice with subtle lemony undertones. After several slow puffs, I could smell lemons more than taste them, but it subtly changed the finished flavor to a brighter citrusy version of their Mango ice. I found it changes the mango enough to create a new mango-citrus fruit flavor that I quite enjoy.


Sweet fruity peaches and ice. I enjoyed this flavor very much. It is an authentic sweet ripe peach flavor with just enough ice to make the fruit flavor pop. The ice hits well on the inhale and exhale and does not leave a bad taste in-between puffs. I could happily vape this one all day!


A natural peach, mango, and strawberry fruit flavor mixed with light ice. While sweet and fresh authentic fruit flavors, this fruit combination isn’t my favorite mix. I know from experience that I would love a peach strawberry, a mango strawberry, or a peach-mango. Any two of these fruit flavors mixed would have been perfect.

With these three flavors, I feel like the strawberry takes away some of the sweetness and adds depth to the flavor, making it a fine-flavored vape that sophisticated pallets find appealing. I, with my redneck pallet, wanted less sophistication and more fruity sweetness.


Sour Apple on the inhale, hard candy-flavored apple vape juice. Sour yet sweet candied apple. This tastes exactly like the green apple hard, sugary candy from yesteryear that, if you bit down on too hard, would make your jaws stick closed, whose name we cannot use here. There is little to no ice in this flavor which works.


Straightforward fresh strawberries and ripe kiwi fruit flavors with light ice on the finish. I love a good strawberry kiwi flavored vape. Everybody has one in their lineup, but Evo Drip nailed it! The strawberry is sweet and aromatic, and the kiwi compliments it wonderfully. Great tasting on the inhale, Great tasting on the exhale, and only a sweet sugary taste left on the tongue between puffs. I would vape this all day.


A good strawberry pina colada with very light ice on the finish. SPC is another flavor in almost every manufacturer’s line card. Again, Evo nailed a good-tasting fruity strawberry pina colada. I would have appreciated just a touch more coconut, but all the pina colada flavors are there. Adding strawberry to the mix gives it more depth of flavor (something extra to taste on the exhale). I like this flavor and how the device hits it, so it receives high marks for this flavor.


Energy drink meets pineapples. This vape has that electric energy-drink flavor typical of energy drink-flavored vapes. They added some pineapple (and maybe other tropical flavors), providing sweetness and something different in an energy drink-flavored vape.


Vanilla custard-flavored vape. Evo Drip’s VCT has a slightly-sweet vanilla flavor as opposed to a sweet custard pudding flavor. It is not an unpleasant flavor, pudding flavors have never been my favorites, but I would bet someone that loves custard and vanilla would love this vape. There is very little sweetness or ice in this vape.


A candied sweet watermelon flavor with medium iciness on the inhale and exhale. While Evo Drip’s Watermelon Ice recreates an authentic sweet icy watermelon fruit flavor, this watermelon bubblegum vape is a sugary candied watermelon akin to the juicy large squishy pink watermelon gum that sounded like “Blubba Blubba Blubba Gum.” Sugary sweet watermelon with ice is a pretty good-tasting vape.


Watermelon Ice is an authentic sweet icy watermelon fruit flavor. They nailed the sweet fresh watermelon flavor in a delicious all-day vape. The longer you draw a puff out with this device, the more intense the flavor becomes. At about ¾ of a lungful, the flavor is robust. It tastes smooth and flavorful on the exhalation. In between puffs, I do not taste errant flavors, just a little sweetness, and ice on my breath.


A sweet watermelon/lime vape with low ice. It took quite a while to discern the difference between their watermelon limeade and watermelon bubblegum. Both are very sweet watermelon vapes. Where the watermelon bubblegum had a sugary sweetness, the watermelon limeade has a touch of sourness from the lime that makes the sweetness of the watermelon pop. It is a clever nuanced difference. It allows the fresh fruit to taste sweeter without adding an artificial sweetener like you would expect to taste in a vape modeled after candy or bubblegum.


WTF did not stand for what I initially thought it did. * When the rep stopped by, I asked him, and he said it was their Blue Slushy flavor with Sub-Zero added, creating a super-iced version of their Blue Slushy. Initially, we thought it was similar in taste to our Draco Luscious flavor, only with more ice.

Now that I am vaping Blue Slushy and WTF side-by-side, I can taste some of the blueberry, sweetness, and possibly hints of other fruit. Then halfway through the puff, the fruit flavor is overwhelmed by so much ice that all other flavors have become mint-flavored iciness.

If you LOVE iciness, you will love this vape. Whereas most of the Evo Drip collection dissipates into a slight sweetness in-between puffs, this flavor and iciness stick around for a long while on your tongue after you exhale. You taste slight blueberries and mint between vapes with lots of ice. If too much ice makes you whiny, stay away from WTF.

* I initially thought WTF stood for watermelon, tropical fruit, and freeze, but what did you think I thought WTF stood for? Lol.

In Summary

You will not find a better easy-to-use disposable that hits like a sub-ohm vape. I have been waiting for this collection for a long time. Five years ago, when I decided my mods were too much hassle to use, I put them in a drawer and forgot about them. Hitting these sub-ohm disposables makes me want to go home, find my parts, replace my old parts, order some new juice, get a build running, and make some clouds.

Not really; I’m going to keep slamming these new Evo Drips

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