Air Bar Mini Vape Review

The Air Bar Mini is the smallest disposable I have reviewed in quite some time. This tiny, functional disposable vape serves up all Air Bar’s favorite flavors, supplying puffs like their other devices in a small form. Though small, its form factor, chromatic colors and anodized metallic finish, look elegant enough to be taken anywhere.


The flavors are the same as their other collections (with a few new additions), so if you have a favorite Air Bar flavor, grab a few Minis for the road. They are insanely comfortable to pocket (even comfy in that little watch pocket of your jeans) and significantly less expensive to use or lose.

Air Bar Mini Vape Specifications

  • Size: 76.2 x 31.8 x 22mm (375 x 1.625 x 0.875in)
  • Weight: 32g (13oz)
  • Battery Capacity: 600mAh
  • Number of Puffs: ≈2000
  • Resistance Value: 0.6Ω
  • Nicotine Type: Nicotine Salt
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg/ml)
  • E-liquid Capacity: 5mL
  • PG/VG Ratio: 60/40
  • Charging: None

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What Does that Mean for Vapers?

What’s new here is the tiny form factor (approx. 3” tall x 1” wide x ¼” thick). If you know diamond shapes, from the sides, it resembles a thin Marquise cut shape (closer to a Navette cut). Viewed from the front/back, it is rectangular with rounded corners. If you are not up on your diamond cuts, it looks like a fat little top wing of an old WWI biplane. A very tiny, fat, and shiny one.

The Mini is hassle-proof: no buttons, slider, readout display, or recharging port. You take it out of the box, vape up all the juice provided, and recycle it. The 600 mAh battery should easily outlast the 5mls of nicotine salt vape juice flavor provided. It is not rechargeable, and batteries usually have about a 2-year shelf life, so they are not the best choice for your zombie apocalypse bunker (that would be a Mi-Pod Pro+ and a case of juice) but are perfect for vaping on the go.

Three Parts of a Good Puff

  1. The Initial Puff is where you get your first taste of the flavor and feel the first Nic hit on your body. You will get an idea of how the device interacts with the juice to create its flavor profile. You will taste whatever is the most potent flavor initially, then the more subtle flavors in the mix.
    • Across the Air Bar collection, the first puff tastes good. Some flavors were tastier than others, but the tiny disposable provided flavorful puffs regardless of what it was filled with.  Most of the flavors are described accurately in the name; if it reads Peach Mango Pineapple, it will taste like Peach Mango Pineapple. There are exceptions like Clear or Black Ice, but most follow a logical and descriptive naming convention.
    • There is a considerable amount of ice in most of their flavors. There is enough ice that you often taste and feel ice on the inhale along with the primary flavor.
  1. The Exhale. It’s where you usually feel the iciness or harshness on the back of your throat. On the exhale, you will usually taste any "ice" that is added to the mix (Mint, Menthol, or Koolada) and secondary flavors that compliment the primary flavoring.
    • All the flavors in this collection have at least some ice. Most have a medium to medium-high amount of ice except, ironically, “Cool Mint,” which has almost no ice.
    • In all cases, the ice compliments (rather than buries) the fruit, mint, or candy flavoring. This is a good sign, as some manufacturers will use ice to cover up cheap ingredients or odd secondary flavors. Not the Mini, less ice and sweetener means you taste the ingredients and flavor without masking.
  1. The Aftertaste. Even a superb disposable vape that leaves a foul aftertaste gets low marks because that is how I will remember that flavor between puffs. Some vapes taste great on the first drag and exhale, but if it tastes good in-between puffs, it inspires you to hit it again soon. If it leaves a nasty aftertaste, you will subconsciously grab something else.

The Air Bar Mini vape flavors did not leave a foul aftertaste.  In all cases, the primary flavor dies down on your tongue; after a few minutes, most of the iciness also dissipates. I am happy to report that there were no weird chemical burnt-tasting flavors between puffs. They used top-grade flavors or added enough sweetness and ice to cover any errant flavors between puffs.  Either way, nothing nasty to report.

Air Bar Mini Collection Overview

I enjoyed reviewing the Air Bar Mini collection. There were a few “must-have” flavors (Black Ice, Blue Razz, Strawberry Kiwi), several “as-expected” flavors (Watermelon Ice, Watermelon Candy, Peach Blueberry Candy, Grape Ice, Clear), and a couple of “ho-hum” flavors, Cool Mint, Miami Mint).

The utility of a no-hassle, solid-vaping, good-looking, good-tasting mini-disposable device caught my attention. As hoped, the flavors are all good or good enough to vape over the weekend, on vacation, or anywhere I do not want to take my more expensive or larger vapes.

The overall vaping experience is excellent. The flavors are all good tasting, even in a tiny vape. The ice is usually present enough to make the primary flavors pop. Across the line, I didn’t find a single flavor that would receive the dreaded skull and crossbones.

Air Bar Mini Flavors Reviewed

We tested each Air Bar Mini flavor to provide details on each flavor before making your next disposable vape purchase.

Black Ice Air Bar Mini

Blackberries mixed with minty ice. This mint vape hints of blackberry (well behind the mint flavors, but it’s there). The ice and mint flavorings take over right out of the gate, but you can taste fruity undertones that provide sweetness and more flavoring. The Black Ice Air Bar Mini would be a great addition to a minty vape connoisseur, but someone who loves fruity vapes would be disappointed.

Blue Razz Air Bar Mini

Air Bar’s Blue Razz is an exceptional blueberry raspberry mix with a medium amount of ice on the inhale and exhale. The Air Bar Mini Blue Razz vape is sweet, pleasantly fruit-flavored, and a little sweeter than most blue razz vapes. It does not have the “burnt olive oil” taste that some blue razz vapes seem to have.

Clear Air Bar Mini

Providing a lightly mentholated puff and nothing else. Just a light menthol hit for vapers that do not want fruit, sweetness, or ice added to their vape. The Clear Air Bar Mini makes for an excellent all-day vape, especially for those that live in areas with vape flavor restrictions.

Cool Mint Air Bar Mini

It tastes like a sweet menthol/mint vape with medium-low ice. The Air Bar Mini Cool Mint is understated and not very icy for a “cool mint” vape. It does supply sweetness on the exhale. I got more of a throat hit from Cool Mint, but it did not have as much ice as the fruit flavors in this collection. The slight chalkiness between puffs reminded me of mint-flavored tums. With continued vaping, the chalkiness subsides, and you get a decent sweet minty vape with medium to medium-low ice.

Grape Ice Air Bar Mini

Sweet grape juice and medium ice on the exhale. Air bar has turned up the grape flavor and the sweetness and added more ice since the last iteration of the flavor. The Grape Ice Air Bar Mini doesn’t have the grape cough syrup taste, nor the sour unsweetened grape juice flavor I associate with Grape Ice blends.

Miami Mint Air Bar Mini

Sweet, lightly iced mint flavor with a touch of sour. The Miami Mint Air Bar Mini reminds me of a mojito's mint flavors and sugar with maybe a touch of sourness from the lime but missing the spiciness of the rum.

Mixed Berries Air Bar Mini

Sweet Mixed Berries and medium ice on the exhale. The Mixed berries (blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries) flavor is a refreshing, sweet, candied fruit flavor with enough ice to make the flavors pop. The Mixed Berries Air Bar Mini may be too intense for some vapers as an all-day vape, but it will put a spring in your step when you find yourself craving sweet icy goodness.

Peach Blueberry Candy Air Bar Mini

Candied peaches and blueberries with medium ice on the exhale. This vape tasted exactly as I expected, having read the name. You get a candied peach taste initially with a hint of candied blueberries. After vaping the Peach Blueberry Candy Air Bar Mini, I still taste peaches and ice on my lips and nothing else; nice! The right amount of ice compliments the fruit flavors to make them pop without changing them from sweet fruity vapes into minty-flavored vapes.

Rainbow Blast Air Bar Mini

Modeled after the confection that supposedly tastes like rainbows. It has candied berry and citrus flavors with a medium amount of ice. It was as powerful-smelling as granny’s cheap perfume right out of the package, but after letting it breathe for a couple of hours, the smell dissipated, and it was ready to vape.

The citrus (orange) flavor behind the berries initially threw me. Expecting sweet berries, the low amount of ice and tang from the citrus left me wondering what the heck flavor I had just vaped. It became more enjoyable as I settled into the flavors appreciating the mixed berries and citrusy tang followed by medium-low ice. It was an interesting flavor, but medium ice was not enough to make these flavors pop. Between puffs, you taste only an enjoyable sweetness and ice. Maybe the Rainbow Blast Air Bar Mini is like a fine wine that only sophisticated vapers can appreciate. It is a unique and good tasting vape. The ingredients choices provide flavor combinations that are unique and flavorful.

Strawberry Kiwi Air Bar Mini

The Strawberry Kiwi Air Bar Mini tastes of sweet kiwi, subtle strawberry flavors, and medium-low ice. If you love sweet kiwi-flavored vapes (and there aren’t that many good ones), this is a vape you’ll enjoy. It is sweet, fruity, and pleasant tasting. The kiwi at once overtakes the strawberry flavor pushing it far back in the mix with the ice. You get ice on the exhale and taste fruit, but nothing tastes off between puffs.

Watermelon Candy Air Bar Mini

Sweet, candied watermelon with medium-high ice on the exhale. The watermelon is candied, not a subtle ripe fruit flavor, but a delightful watermelon confection taste with a decent amount of ice to make it pop. The taste doesn’t morph or become unappealing over time. You taste sweetness and ice on your tongue and lips for a few minutes and nothing else.

Note: If you find the Watermelon Candy Air Bar Mini too sweet for your taste, check out watermelon ice below, which is slightly less sweetened watermelon with a touch more ice.

Watermelon Ice Air Bar Mini

Semi-sweet, candied watermelon with lots of minty ice. This flavor is fruity, juicy, minty, and sweet with a medium-high amount of ice. More mint makes the fruit taste sweeter, and all the flavors pop more than the medium ice does with the Watermelon Candy. This watermelon is between a sweet ripe fresh watermelon and a candied watermelon. It is not as sugary as the Watermelon Candy but is not an altogether fruity-tasting watermelon either. If you like sweet watermelon iced vapes, you will like Watermelon Ice Air Bar Mini vape flavor.

In Summary

Your favorite Air Bar flavors are now available in a convenient travel size. My adult vaping daughters will sport these on the “go,” and are elegant and practical enough to appeal to my ex-military, ex-rocker adult tastes too. It looks classy, which translates to everyone in my house wants one. All-in-all, it is an exquisite little device and one of the best “mini” devices out there.

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