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We have previously examined the best tobacco nic salts, which are a great alternative for adult vapers that prefer a tobacco flavored vape or happen to reside in a state that has a vape flavor ban. However, this one will cover the incredibly popular mango vape flavor. Even though we are currently covering the best Mango nic salt vape juice flavors, it is important to know that you can purchase prefilled mango disposable vapes that are easy to use, but are not cost effective.

Almost every vape juice brand and disposable vape brand carries a mango flavor in their arsenal. Our vape experts have tried countless amounts of them in order to get you the information on the most flavorful mango nic salt vapes on the market today.

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Best Mango Vape Juice Flavors

The most cost effective way to enjoy a mango vape is by utilizing a refillable vape pod device and pairing it with a mango nic salt vape juice. There are many reasons to switch from disposable vapes to refillable vape pod kits. Huge savings is the obvious reason. Most disposables hold between 5ml and 10ml of vape juice, while a 30ml bottle of nic salt vape juice costs about the same amount of money and contains 3-6 times as much e Juice. Using a refillable device and bottle of vape juice is also better for the environment than disposable vapes and gives you a wider range of flavor and nicotine strength options.

If your goal is to lower your nicotine strength on your way to quitting vapes completely, refillable vape pod kits provide a better choice than disposables due to the larger mix of nicotine strengths available. Most disposable eCigs are only available in 50mg (5%) nicotine strengths.

I Love Salts Tropic Mango

The I Love Salts Tropic Mango vape juice flavor provides a great option for vapers that enjoy a fruity mango flavor. This fusion of flavors designed by the flavorists at I Love Salts come together for a great all day vape. This fruity salt nic juice is available in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths.

Mi-Salt Mango e Juice

Mi-Salt Mango vape juice provides a base of fresh Alphonso mango flavor with added hints of exotic lychee vape flavor. This incredible mango nic salt juice is available in 20mg and 40mg nicotine strengths, which makes it a perfect way to step down your nic strength from a 50mg disposable vape.

Pod Juice Jewel Mango

The Juul Mango pod completely upended the vape industry with its release years ago. Ever since the Juul Mango Pod was taken out of the US vape market, many manufacturers tried to copy its success with a mango of their own. Pod Juice’s Jewel Mango replicates the outstanding mango flavor for your refillable vape pod. Sold in 35mg and 55mg nic strengths.

Mango Ice Air Factory Salts

Looking for a mango ice flavor instead of a straight mango vape? You can find an incredible balance of smooth mango and icy mint flavoring in thee Mango Ice Air Factory Salt vape juice. Typically known for their sweet fruit vape juice, Air Factory adds a kick of ice to this candied mango base. Available in 18mg and 36 mg nicotine strengths, which makes it a great option for vapers to step down their nicotine consumption from a 50mg disposable vape.

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