Mi-Pod 2.0 vs Mi-Pod Pro

Mi-One Brands is committed to creating only the highest-quality and innovative designs.  Sounds like a standard marketing statement at first, until you get one in your hands. We're going to dive deep into the differences between the Mi-Pod Pro vape device and Mi-Pod 2.0 refillable vape pod systems.

Mi-Pod 2.0 vs Mi-Pod Pro Comparison

Mi-Pod 2.0 Information


The Mi-Pod 2.0 sports a new design combining only the best materials and user-inspired ergonomics.  I love the slim profile that uses a high-density custom made 1200mAh built-in battery for maximum battery life.  It is so compact I can forget I am carrying around three of them until I reach in my pocket.  There is something about having more than one device with me that gives me a feeling of security during my busy day. It makes it a no brainer to switch between flavors, all made possible by the thin profile and sturdy design.  These were made for vapers by vapers.  That’s a thing you can’t appreciate until you have it in your hands, take better puffs, and find it easier to use than your day-to-day device.

The new laser-cut mesh coil pods feature our patented OAS system (Oil and Air Separated) with no leaking, longer coil life and incredible flavor production. This device makes the same juice I have been using taste better. Stronger and cleaner hits, no leaking liquid with your hit, no leaking air on the inhale.  It is just a better vaping experience, finally. These coils also allows vapers to use nic salt vape juice as well as high VG e-Juice in the device.

Another thing I really like about the Mi-Pod 2.0 is the ultra-sensitive airflow switch for both MTL and DTL vaping combined with the auto draw function, provides a nice tight hit without leaking in air from anywhere.  It just feels sturdier, and hits more solidly than other devices by comparison. Most important to me is that it makes my juice taste better.  That’s why I vape, so this was a huge deal to me.  Thinking about it, the Mi-Pod 2.0 has provided me with the best puffs I have ever tasted and an idiot-proof design so I cannot get any juice in my mouth, this alone would be enough to get me to switch.  Seems they put in a feature just for me, easy to put the pod in this device.  It only goes in one way so unlike the Mi-Pod Pro there is no chance of inserting it wrong and then having to go back and spin the cart 180 degrees to work.  This device has the pod not only improved for better puffs, but also will only go in the correct way now.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Design

Meticulously crafted to bring an entirely new and upgraded vaping experience that enhances the entire sensory experience: better hits, makes your juice taste better, feels solid and ergonomic in your hand, looks beautiful and makes me say, “oh yeah” sporadically after a hit.

Another handy feature is the 4 stage power indicator LEDs with easy on/off switch.  This makes the downtime part of your device’s life easier to manage.  I like the four stage LEDs because when I plug it in it shows me how much charge the battery has left (1-4 LEDs light up to show you how much charge is left).  I cut it close to discharging the battery upon occasion but haven’t had one run out of charge if I remember to charge it at night.  Since I have three running at any given time that isn’t a problem. The micro-USB port means I can always find a cable when I need one.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Upgrades

Alone each feature is a huge improvement, but together they provide one of the best vaping experience available.

  • A slimmer profile, made for vaping by vapors.
  • A larger high-density 1200mAh battery for increased battery life. 
  • The new laser-cut mesh magnetic coil pods feature our patented OAS system (Oil and Air Separated) with no leaking, longer coil life and incredible flavor production.
    • Combined with the Mi-Pod 2.0’s ultra-sensitive airflow switch for both MTL and DTL vaping provides an entirely new and upgraded vaping experience that enhances the entire sensory experience. 
  • New physical on /off Switch for ease of use and increased battery life.
  • Four (4) Responsive LED Battery Lights.
    • Placed on side for easy viewing while smoking.
  • Tighter Draw by design, means more flavorful hits.

Sub-Ohm in a Pod System

Experience sub-OHM e-liquid without sacrificing flavor. Too often, sub-OHM e-liquid is either not functional with pod systems or the taste is highly muted. That’s because sub-OHMing normally requires thicker e-liquid that old-fashioned spring-shaped coils do not provide enough contact with the cotton to produce a good hit.

You can use thicker e-liquid in the Mi-Pod 2.0 without sacrificing flavor because we use mesh coils that make full use of the available surface between the mesh coil and cotton.  More shared surface area means more flavor. If it was a car think the difference between a carb and fuel injection to put more liquid where you need it.


It has made my experience using every other device a little less enjoyable.  Now I am always comparing my other devices to the Mi-Pod 2.0 and they fall short on flavor, hitting, and ease of use.  Damn you MiOne Brands for ruining all my other devices by comparison. 

I puff more now because I enjoy it more.  Makes me wish for a bigger pod because I go through more juice now that I am enjoying vaping more.

There are not the hundreds of wraps available to customize the look and feel of the Mi-Pod 2.0 the way there are for the Mi-Pod Pro.  That will change over time.

Unlike the Mi-Pod Pro, the Mi-Pod 2.0 doesn’t come with a lanyard.  Most people probably won’t care, but when I am crawling around in the garden it is easier to continue puffing using the lanyard to always keep the device within arm’s reach.  My kids say the lanyard is lame, but I think its lamer searching the house for my misplaced devices.  The Mi-Pod 2.0 still has the hole at the top of the device to add a lanyard, so I used one of the 40 lanyards I have obtained at events over the years, and they work fine.

Mi-Pod Pro Information


I still love my MiPod Pro with its smaller form factor and similarly sleek design.  Many of the great features in our Mi-Pod 2.0 are in there: sleek form factor, high-quality materials, micro-USB port, good battery life, and hits like a champ.

It has good airflow compared to other “last year” devices.  It is a little smaller so I can walk around with four in my pocket without noticing compared to three 2.0s.  The Pro includes a lanyard, so I don’t need one in every room to find a device. I would say the Mi-Pod Pro is on par (or better) than other all-in-one (AIO) systems.

There are a hundred available wraps for customizing Mi-Pod Pro to look and feel any way you can imagine.


It is missing the next generation vaping features available now in the Mi-Pod 2.0.  Of course, since this is new technology the 2.0 has that advantage over other AIO vape systems currently on the market.

The Pro has a smaller battery than the 2.0, less flavorful puffs (compared to the 2.0), and if filled incorrectly can deliver some juice in your mouth (like all the AIO devices from yesteryear). 

It is easy to put the pod in backwards.  It will only work when the contact pins are lined up and the pod itself will go in either way so you have to look inside to see that you are putting the pod on correctly.  This has been improved in the new Mi-Pod 2.0.


I still use both devices constantly.  The Mi-Pod Pro is smaller and perfect for vaping around the house.  It can’t hit as cleanly or as tastefully as the Mi-Pod 2.0 but compared to other manufacturer devices it is still better built and a better vape device than its non-Mi-Pod 2.0 peers.

Ruined other devices for me.  The Mi-Pod 2.0 hits so much more tightly, hassle free, and tastily that once you hit it, you won’t want to go back to any other device. That has been my experience.


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