Best Low Cost Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes have proven to be incredibly popular with adult vapers because they are satisfying, easy to use and are available in the flavors that former smokers and adult vapers prefer.

Disposable vape devices may be the easiest way to vape but they are not the most convenient. An inexpensive refillable vape pod kit or Mi-Pod 2.0 device, combined with a bottle of nic salt vape juice provides a user experience that equals or exceeds any disposable and is far more cost effective. Refillable vapes typically provide significantly better flavor than their disposable vape counterparts and offer vapers the flexibitily of choosing their nicotine strength of choice. While most disposable vapes are only in 50mg nicotine strength, there are some companies that offer low nicotine disposable vapes.

Disposable Vape Types

It is possible to offset the expense of disposable vapes by seeking out less expensive models and the best values. There are older, smaller stick style disposables like the Puff Bar that rely on a cotton polyfill soaked in a nic salt vape juice. These were the original disposable vapes that created the explosion in disposable vape popularity. Most of these devices only had 1 to 2 mL of vape juice in them and tiny batteries which limited their production costs and retail costs. We have previously discussed Puff Bar alternatives in another vape blog article.

Nowadays, disposable vapes have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, batteries and e-Liquid capacities. While you can still find cheap disposable vapes, they may not be the best option when compared to others on the market. Even if a disposable vape costs less than a more expensive counterpart, users may need to purchase them more frequently and actually spend more money over time.

Vegaz Disposable Vapes

The Vegaz disposable vapes are one of the best values in disposable vapes that vapers can find. The Vegaz is prefilled with 4ml of vape juice and retails for only $7.99. Furthermore, the Vegaz sampler pack is available for the low price of $19.99. This allows you to get each Vegaz vape for about six dollars per unit. When you figure that each Vegaz can last most vapers about 2-4 days per use, it is easily one of the most cost effective disposable vapes on the market.

VaporLax Disposable Vapes

The VaporLax disposable vape is a top-selling disposable vape line that is sold nationwide. While they are not as inexpensive as others on this list, they make up for it with their tremendous longevity. Since they contain 6.5ml of vape juice in each device, and have a quality 1000 mAh internal battery, they last significantly longer than others on the list. If you are on a tight budget, these offer a nicer value than some of their competitors due to their reasonable price and life span. You can find the VaporLax Disposable Vape Sampler Pack for $49.99, which offers five different flavors at just under ten dollars per unit.

The older model of the VaporLax disposable vapes are available for about 50% off the original price. The Peach Mix, Tropical Punch and Banana Ice are the only remaining flavors available at this discounted rate. However, these disposables do not have the same quality as the newer VaporLax vapes.

Blazer Bars

The Blazer Bars are a really inexpensive disposable vape device that hold 1 ml per vape. The Blazer vapes typically retail for about $5.99 per disposable vape unit and are available in 7 different flavors. The top selling flavors in the Blazer vapes line are the tobacco, mixed berry and rainbow options. All Blazer Bars contain a 50mg nic salt vape juice.

Kangvape Onee Stick

The Kangvape Onee Stick is a popular disposable vape device that has risen in popularity mostly due to it’s affordable retail price and flavor selection. The Onee Stick vape comes in 17 flavors and has bright, eccentric designs on the shell of the disposable vape. This 7mL vape usually is available for $10.99 to $14.99 at convenience stores and smoke shops. You can find the Kangvape Onee Stick for $10.99 at Mi-Pod’s online vape shop.

The top sellers in this disposable vape line are the Kangvape Cool Mint Onee Stick and the Kangvape Banberry Onee Stick, which combines strawberry, banana and mint.

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