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The vape industry has shifted many times in the past couple of years. Vape mods once reigned supreme and gave way to the prefilled vape pods. The prefilled vape pod devices became popular once Juul became the biggest vape company worldwide. Due to the rise in popularity of vape pods, the government passed a federal flavor ban on prefilled vape pods. This change in regulation led to disposable vapes becoming the most popular product type.

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The Rise of the Disposable Vape

Once disposable vapes became extremely popular, vape manufacturers looked to find new innovations to optimize the experience for vapers. Disposable vapes provide a quality experience for new vapers and experienced vapers alike. Disposable devices are also easier to use than refillable vape pod kits because they are prefilled with the users flavor of choice.

Disposable vape manufacturers started creating longer lasting disposable vape devices in order to appease vapers that were not satisfied with the poor quality of original models like the Puff Bar. Older disposable vape devices would often burn out quickly due to their poor components, small battery capacity and lack of vape juice.

Draco Disposable Vapes

The Draco disposable vape is a sleek, cylindrical disposable vape that is prefilled with 16.5ml of vape juice. Vapers can get every drop of vape juice out of the Draco disposable vape pen because of it’s rechargeable battery. This unique feature in the Draco vape allows vapers to get 6500 puffs out of one device. Not only is the Draco one of the longest lasting disposable vapes available on the market, it also offers an adjustable airflow on the bottom of the device that allows users to control each puff. The one main con with the Draco device is that it can sometimes come off as too flashy for vapers that prefer more of a stealthy vape.

After testing out the Draco device, it is clear that there was a lot of time and effort put into the flavor options in the Draco. The Draco line contains perennial top-sellers like Cool Mint, Mango Berry and Strawberry Cream while also adding some unique vape flavors to the arsenal. Mango Dragonfruit, Citrus Lemonade and Sour Cherry are incredible vape flavors that are not found in many other lines.

Kangvape Onee Max

Kangvape’s newest edition to their selection of disposable vapes is the massive Onee Max. The Kangvape Onee Max is a large disposable vape that has a unique shape and mouthpiece that helps it stand out from the competition. While the Onee Max vape is filled with 18.5ml of vape juice, it is hard to get all of the vape juice out of each device because the battery is not rechargeable like the Draco vape. Even though the Onee Max disposable has a 1000 mAh internal battery, it often takes users a longer time to go through the 18.5ml of vape juice than it does the battery.

Onee Max or Draco Disposables

Even though the Kangvape Onee Max contains more vape juice in it’s device than the Draco vape, our vape experts have seen that the Draco lasts significantly longer than the Onee Max due to it’s rechargeable battery.

Both the Onee Max and Draco contain a 50mg nicotine strength and utilize tobacco-free nicotine vape juice. The Onee Max and Draco are also very similar in that they are both among the longest lasting disposable vapes on the market today. They both also carry some great vape flavors that all vapers will enjoy.

The Onee Max and the Draco come in at similar price points so the decision really comes down to flavor options and device quality. While the quality of the Draco disposable vape is superior to the Onee Max, some vapers may enjoy the different flavor profiles like Energy or Passion Fruit that are not available in the Draco line. Our vape experts top-graded options out of the Onee Max and Draco vapes were the Strawberry Cream Draco and the Citrus Lemonade Draco vape. As previously mentioned, the Draco device lasted longer than the Onee Max and provided higher quality fruit flavors than the Kangvape.

One last important note... make sure to have a Micro-USB charging cable on hand if you decide to purchase the Draco disposable vape. None of the top rechargeable disposable vapes come with a charging cable in the package.

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