BC50000 Tobacco Vape Flavors Review

A new set of tobacco flavors in the BC5000 vape line have been released and they offer a varying assortment of tobacco taste. Some provide a no-frills tobacco taste, while others are sweet tobacco blends that add a variety of flavors to the mix.

The ratio between tobacco and non-tobacco flavoring in each vape varied greatly among these four new tobacco flavors. Most of these flavors are reminiscent of specific Cigarillos (little filtered flavored cigars). These would be perfect for anyone that enjoyed flavored cigarillos from brands like Cheyenne, Swisher Sweets, White Owl, or Santa Fe.

BC5000 Tobacco Flavors

Our vape review team took a look at each of the new tobacco flavors available in the BC5000 vape line.

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Blueberry Tobacco BC5000

The blueberry-to-tobacco ratio is about 50% blueberry and 50% tobacco, a significant splash of blueberry flavoring for flavored tobacco. This vape tastes like Blue Razz with a fair amount of tobacco flavoring added in. The Blueberry Tobacco BC5000 vape does remind me of the Cheyenne Berry Cigar flavor.

Coffee Tobacco BC5000

The coffee flavor to tobacco flavor ratio is about 70% coffee and 30% tobacco. It is an excellent-tasting vape if you like coffee flavors. I enjoy coffee-flavored vapes and enjoyed this flavor immensely. This tasty vape is similar to the Coffee Tobacco by Fume because it is an excellent coffee-flavored vape with a hint of tobacco on the finish. The Coffee Tobacco BC5000 is not a tobacco flavor with hints of coffee but a coffee vape with hints of tobacco. Regardless I enjoyed this flavor for hours on end.

Cuba Cigar BC5000

This tobacco flavor is not messing around. If you recently transitioned from combustible cigarettes or cigars and want that cigarette/cigar tobacco flavor and throat hit, here is your next vape. Spend any time in Vegas? That old-school casino tobacco smell is what this vape reminds me of. The Cuba Cigar BC5000 ratio of tobacco to other flavors is 100% tobacco flavored and 0% anything else.

Mint Tobacco BC5000

The Mint Tobacco BC5000 vape is a tobacco-flavored mint vape that includes enough ice to remind me of a mentholated cigarette. The tobacco-to-mint ratio is around 80% tobacco and 20% crisp, light menthol. The taste reminded me of a brand of cigs I smoked in high school. If you are missing your mentholated cigarettes, this flavor will be pleasing. Just enough mint/menthol taste without it becoming too overwhelming.

Nut Tobacco BC5000

The Nut Tobacco BC5000 vape is a lovely, nutty tobacco-flavored vape. It might be a hazelnut flavor I am tasting. I am pretty sure they modeled the flavor after Santa Fe Gold cigarillos' nutty tobacco flavors. The mix is around 80% tobacco with around 20% essence of nuts on the finish. Nut Tobacco is a flavored tobacco rather than a tobacco flavor mixture. Nut tobacco's flavor should please ex-smokers, ex-cigarillo smokers, and those who like a hint of hazelnut in their tobacco flavors.

Strawberry Tobacco BC5000

Everyone that tried this flavor liked it, myself included. The Strawberry Tobacco BC5000 is a tobacco flavor with an essence of sweet ripe strawberries way down in the mix. Around 90% tobacco flavors and 10% sweet strawberries create a lovely tobacco vape flavor with hints of sweet strawberries. It works well, and I wish they had done this same tobacco to flavoring ratio with their other flavored tobaccos as it is different and tasty.

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