How to fill your Mi-pod

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The Mi-Pod combines innovation, performance and fashion into an easy-to-use vaporizer.  In order to treat yourself to the most enjoyable vaping experience ever, you will need to know how to fill the Mi-Pod replacement pods. Let’s go over the steps to filling your 2pk pods today.

Prep your pod

Unlike most traditional vape pens, Mi-Pod uses refillable pods rather than replacement coils or disposable cartridges. Mi-Pod Replacement pods fit up to 2mL of E-liquid / Nic Salt, and last up to 5 refills (~10mL). Start setting up your pod by removing the silicone cover from your pod and set aside. At the bottom of your pod, pull the silicone plug from the filling port and turn your pod upside down. You are now ready to start filling your pod.

Filling the Mi-Pod 

Grab your juice bottle and fill the pod from the bottom, through the filling port. We recommend Nic Salt E-Liquid for Mi-Pod Refillable Pods. These pods are also compatible with SubOhm E-Liquid. The 3mm opening should take most juice bottle-tips. With your pod upside, down tilt the pod at a 45 degree angle towards the cotton. With your bottle end inserted into the pod, begin to fill. Your goal is to make sure the cotton is saturated. (Tilting the pod ensures saturation, watch the e-liquid as it flows into the cotton) Continue to fill your pod but do not overfill. Do not get e-liquid into the center airflow. 

Close the filling port and shake your pod vigorously so any possible air bubbles rise away from cotton. Stubborn bubbles can be moved by tapping the pod on a hard surface.

Mipod filling replacement pod diagram

Prime your pod 

Insert your filled pod into the Mi-Pod device ensuring pins on bottom of pod align with pins in battery. Turn your device on with 5 rapid clicks on the power button. Be careful when using a freshly charged device, an improper pod can burn within seconds. Patience is key. Take a few short draws off your pod to prime. After priming your pod you are good to enjoy your Mi-Pod pod. 

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