4 Reasons Why the Wi-Pod X Is The Best Vape Pen of 2019

The Wi-Pod X is the newest premier product from Mi-One Brands. The Wi-Pod X kit features a brand-new pod/cartridge design that truly separates itself from other pod devices in the vape market. The design is sleek, the pods are remastered, and the taste is absolutely amazing. Here are some of the key factors that make the Wi-Pod X the number one vape pen of 2019. 

Experience Sub OHM in a pod system!

The Wi-Pod X allows you to experience the sub OHM e-liquid without sacrificing the flavor that you desire. Too often, sub OHM e-liquid is either not functional with pod systems or the taste is highly muted. The Wi-Pod X uses a patented ceramic pod technology that truly makes this pod compatible with all sub OHM e-liquids.

Wi-Pod X

True cross-compatible pod

WiPod X doesn’t stop at sub OHM e-liquids. You can also enjoy your favorite nicotine salts and vapeable CBD in this remastered pod. This compatibility far outpaces other pod systems and vape pens on the market. Depending on your preference the Wi-Pod X delivers.

New Easier Filling

Side slot pod filling makes the WiPod X very easy to fill. Simply open the side slot and insert your juice tip into the large opening. Fill the pod and close the silicone side slot. After this, you are good to enjoy your favorite e-liquid, nic salts, or CBD liquid. 

Wi-Pod X pods

No leaking & No spitback

New revolutionary pod design completely cuts down any pod spitback and leaking. The Wi-Pod X pod delivers a truly enjoyable vape all the way to your last refill.

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