Lana Del Rey Stops Concert To Search For Mi-Pod?

“Where’s my vape? Seriously, where’s my vape?” We have all been there at some point or another and understand the dread that builds the longer it takes for us to find our beloved vapes. Although, most of us will never experience a vape mishap as public as Lana Del Rey’s a couple weekends ago.

While playing a show in Portland in front of thousands the superstar actually lost her vape on stage while performing. According to fans at the show, she made it clear finding the vape was imperative and even stopped the show for a bit so people could search the stage for the missing vape pen.


Apparently the vape is still at large, but our guess is Lana is down a Mi-Pod from the stars collection. Lana has been spotted on multiple occasions vaping this popular fashionable vape brand over the last year. The Mi-Pod has made appearances in her latest music video and most recently Lana was vaping the Mi-Pod in a ‘Q’ Magazine photoshoot. It’s safe to say the Mi-Pod holds a special place amongst Lana’s go to vape pens.

Lana Del Rey Mi-Pod


Lana Del Rey Q Magazine

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