Top Ten Reasons to Choose Zimo Over ZYN

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Zimo Over ZYN

Nicotine pouches offer a smokeless and spit-free alternative to traditional tobacco products. They could not be easier to use. Simply park a nicotine pouch between your lip and upper gum.

How to use nicotine pouches

There is a tingling sensation within a few minutes and most the nicotine is absorbed within a half hour. They are a discrete and effective product for adult nicotine users and require no combustion or vaporization. While ZYN deals with inventory issues we think this would be a perfect time to try Zimo nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are made from synthetic nicotine rather than tobacco-leaf. They are totally free of tobacco ingredients, tobacco flavor and the carcinogenic tobacco specific nitrosamines found in snus, chewing tobacco and dip. But Big Tobacco still has its fingerprints all over the market.

Marlboro cigarette maker Phillip Morris International manufacturers ZYN and that is by far the most popular pouch on the US market. Almost 3 in 4 (74%) of the nicotine pouch cans sold in the US are ZYN.

The 131 million cans of ZYN sold in the US during Q1 2024 was an 80% increase year over year, and they are on pace to smash 2023's 350 million can sales mark.

ZYN Shortage

ZYN's dominant role was further enhanced when they received free marketing from the ZYNSurrection. This was a conservative response to Chuck Schumer (D-NY) demanding ZYN be banned. With the vaping industry hobbled by restrictions, nicotine pouches have been a white hot alternative nicotine product. Then came the ZYN shortage 2024.

The ZYN shortage was first reported in early May. Today, major distributors of ZYN are out of stock in every flavor. Many store shelves have been cleared of ZYN, especially in areas like New York and New Jersey where vape flavor bans increased cigarette sales and drove demand for nic pouches. With the other options being legally enforced abstinence or being funneled back onto cigarettes, the popularity of ZYN and eventual shortages in flavor ban states should be no surprise. 

Anonymous reports quoted in Bloomberg suggest ZYNventory issues may carry on through the summer. This shortage is not all bad news though. It gives adult nicotine pouch users a chance to evaluate the product landscape.

There are great nicotine pouch products not made by the tobacco industry on the market. Mi-Pod carries several great options in our nicotine pouches collection.

If you are currently a ZYN user, we think you will find Zimo to be a very appealing option. We judge Zimo to be a superior product. It is a perfect choice, whether you are a ZYN diehard, someone who uses various oral nicotine products or a vaper looking for a convenient option.

The ZYN shortage is a great reason to try a new nic pouch product but Zimo stands on its own merits as a superb product. 

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Zimo Over ZYN

  1. Competitive Pricing: Despite being made by an independent producer on a smaller scale with top-tier ingredients, Zimo is competitively priced with ZYN.
  2. Superior User Experience: Zimo offers slow and consistent nicotine release with no leakage.
  3. Juicier Mouthfeel: The combination sweeteners and flavors used in Zimo pouches create a more juicy mouthfeel according to our customers. While still spitfree, it manages to provide a less dry and gritty experience than the competition.
  4. Longer Shelf Life:  The juicy experience is no accident. Zimo's innovative Water-Free Formula is new technology that provides an extended shelf life and allows a faster release of flavor while keeping the pouch moist.
  5. Amazing Range of Flavor Options: With just six flavors, Zimo manages to cover a wider range of palates than ZYN's technically larger lineup of choices. The six Zimo flavors are evenly split between traditional oral nicotine flavors and the fruit flavors that adults have embraced in every consumable product. Grape, Blueberry and Mango are formulated for adult vapers seeking the flavors they prefer. Mint, Wintergreen and Cinnamon are the flavors traditionally preferred by oral nicotine users.
  6. Wider Range of Nicotine Strengths: Zimo is available in 3, 6 and 8mg nicotine strengths. ZYN is only available in 3 and 6mg strength.
  7. Unique Flavors Not Offered By ZYN in US: If you look at international options, ZYN and their Big Tobacco rivals have all manner of flavor infused pouch flavors. On this side of the pond, they do not have direct competitor with the fruit flavored Zimo Pouches. Zimo has ZYN alternative flavors but ZYN has no answer for the delicious fruit inspired flavor options of Zimo. 
  8. High-Quality Ingredients: Zimo is manufactured from quality ingredients imported from the UK and made with European machinery to ensure quality control.
  9. Great Customer Feedback: Our internal data shows that buyers find Zimo to offer a superior product with a high level of repeat business. Specifically, the combination of moisturizing ingredients and flavors in Zimo pouches imparts a juicier and less dry mouthfeel without generating an abundance of saliva in a spitless product.
  10. Not a Big Tobacco Product: Zimo is an independent producer of high-quality nicotine pouches that compete with the biggest players by offering a superior product at a lower cost. The quality and availability of Zimo pouches make them the best ZYN alternative on the market today.

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