Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 Review

Geek Bar Pulse

The Geek Bar Pulse 15000 was a smash hit right out the gate. The new Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 collection doubles down with flash, great flavors and concrete performance improvements.

It also features two vaping modes, a dual mesh coil, airflow control and cosmic design elements. But the big deal is the vaping experience. The original Geek Bar Pulse 15000 Puff disposable could operate at either 10-watts or 20-watts. It was a design that packed a lot of performance and style into a very small package. The new one is even more powerful. 

The new Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 also triples down on space imagery, continuing a tradition that includes zodiac themed flavors and a Frozen Edition Geek Bar with icy planet drawings. 

Mi-Pod carries the complete line of Geek Bar Pulse vapes, flavors and devices. Peruse our collection and sample these flavors, formulated for the American adult vaper's palate.

If you are looking for a more complete deep-dive, check out our feature on the best Geek Bar Pulse flavors. Today though, we are looking at the next generation of disposable Geek Bar Pulse.

Geek Bar Pulse X 25K Specifications

  • E-liquid contents: 18ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Puffs per Device: 15,000 Pulse Mode / 25,000 Regular Mode
  • Battery: 700mAh (Rechargeable via USB-C)
  • 3D Curved Screen: Battery and eJuice Indicators and Power Settings
  • Quick Charging Capability
  • Dual Mesh Coil
  • VPU Dual Core Processor
  • Low Battery and Overcharge Protection
  • Curved CNC Display Board

Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

The Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 retains the great form factor and interface. The original Geek Bar Pulse got rave reviews but this is a competitive industry, and the Pulse X 25000 has an increased puff count and is an even snazzier device.

Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

The convenience level has been improved on the new disposable device. The battery is now 820mAh instead of 650mAh. This means more puffs between charges. Like the previous Geek Bar, this device boasts a dual core processor to provide overcharge protection and modulate performance, even when the battery runs low.

Consistent flavor is provided by an enhanced coil design and the e-liquid capacity has been bumped up to 18ml. There is still no button on the Geek Bar Pulse X. Airflow is dependent on the mode you are in. Regular Mode is now good for an estimated puff count of 25000 while Pulse Mode generates up to 15,000 puffs. The battery has quick charging capabilities, uses USB Type-C charging and the nicotine strength remains 50mg.

Dual Coil Design

At the heart of every top-tier, two mode disposable vape is either a dual coil or a pair of coils. Most companies choose the latter for packaging purchases. What mode you are in determines which of the atomizers is fired. Integral to this process is processing power.

In the case of the Geek Bar, it is a VPU dual core. This core also provides overcharge protection and regulates output. This is very handy as less sophisticated devices will see their performance fall off a cliff when the battery drops to a lower wattage. Luckily, you need not worry about this as you can track how much charge is left thanks to what they refer to internally as the "Curved CNC Display Board".

Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 Coil Image

3D Curved Screen

Dual modes, dual coils, an e-liquid capacity equivalent to a half bottle of nic salts, and big battery. All of these are impressive features, but Geek Bar has a monopoly on none. The Lost Mary MO20000 Pro for instance allows you to switch modes with a push of a button and then control airflow with a switch. The RabBeats RC10000 Touch actually has a touch screen with three modes. What none of the rival devices have is the world's first 3D curved screen on a vape.

While the important information for the display is still front and center, the sides of this device now illuminate as well. In regular mode, you have a starry sky with pinpoints of light. In Pulse Mode, a constellation appears and the graphics on the front facia change.

If all these bright lights are a feature or a bug is in the eye of the beholder. It certainly looks cool but a stealth mode like is found on the RAZ DC25000 would be appreciated by this vaper. It is a bit much. Especially regular mode. The device itself still monitors e-liquid levels and battery capacity, which demonstrating what mode it is in with dazzling lights.

Airflow Control

Like its predecessor, the Geek Vape X 25000 allows you to control the airflow and mode with a sturdy switch on the bottom. Holes are bored into the switch, which increases the airflow and provides a looser draw in the more powerful mode. This also pulls more air over a harder working (read hotter) coil.

While their marketing description of "AI Power Adjustment" is a concept best understood by their engineers, even without the light show it would be impossible to miss which mode you are in. The Geek Bar Pulse X 25000's Pulse Mode is more robust than the already hard-hitting Pulse 10000. The exact wattage has not been provided, the original was 20-watts, but the larger battery and new coil suggest something like 25-watts.

Ergonomics: Bite Friendly Mouthpiece

In terms of ergonomics, no stone was left unturned. The Pulse X 25000 features a bite friendly mouthpiece made of softer plastic and a collection of flavors that absolutely slaps. Traits that have carried over from the Pulse 15K. 

The device is grippy despite the displays and everything feel well balanced when held in your hand. It perhaps incentivizes the boost mode a bit because the display is tamped down a bit and replaced by a constellation, but this is one of the most perfect disposable vapes when it comes down to flavor and performance. 

Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 Flavors

The main selling point of the Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 is the same as its stablemate. It is available in the flavors that adults prefer and is a great value. The price per ml is up slightly on the original but the cost per puff is down due to a more efficient coil design. 

Most adult vapers want complex and delightful characterizing flavors. This makes perfect sense as there is zero demand for fake tobacco flavored consumer in any other product. Why wouldn't the same medley of artificial flavors also be popular in vapes?

Whether it is breath mints, hard seltzer, kombucha, iced tea, juice bar beverages or cannabis edibles, these are the flavors that appeal to adult palates. Even with widespread flavor bans, a stigma on vape flavors drummed up by paid media operatives and decades of combustible use, even the oldest demographic surveyed of vapers preferred artificial flavors fruit and beverage flavors to artificial fauxbacco notes in their e-liquids.

This is where Geek Bar makes their hay. What a delightful collection of heavyweight flavors they offer. It is typical for disposable vape devices to use some form of cooling mint, which helps prolong coil life. This holds true for the Geek Bar Pulse X, but the flavors are not a one-trick pony of sweet with a huge dollop of cool menthol ice.

Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 Flavor Review

Geek Bar leans heavily on the juxtaposition of slightly tart and sour notes against the familiar strains of fruit flavor. The dual mesh coil had excellent performance all the way until the end, which is a long ways off in a device this long-lasting.

Banana Taffy Freeze Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

The Banana Taffy Freeze Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 delivers a nostalgic carnival experience by blending the sweet and creamy essence of banana-infused saltwater taffy with invigorating ice notes. It's perfect for those who crave the sweet delight of banana confections with a cool, refreshing twist.

Blackberry Pop Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

With Blackberry Pop Geek Bar Pulse X 25000, indulge in the dark, sweet, and juicy flavors of blackberry transformed into a lolly-inspired vape experience. It captures the essence of blackberry confection, offering a unique, multifaceted vaping pleasure.

Blue Rancher Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

The Blue Rancher Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 is your portal to the past. Relish the delicious essence of blueberry and blue razz hard candies in this throwback vape that perfectly balances sweet and tart notes, bringing you a delightful all-day vape.

Blue Razz Ice Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

Blue Razz Ice Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 takes you on a sweet and tart journey down memory lane with its classic carnival treat inspiration. This flavor strikes a perfect balance, combining the nostalgic blue razz sweetness with an icy cold punch for an exhilarating vape.

Grapefruit Refresher Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

The Grapefruit Refresher Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 is inspired by the sweet and tangy flavors of ruby red grapefruit beverages. This vape captures the essence of a tart citrus kick, providing a refreshing and delightful experience.

Lime Berry Orange Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

The Lime Berry Orange Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 offers a perfect harmony of flavors, balancing mixed berry notes with the bright, citrusy essence of lime and orange. Enjoy this tantalizing trio of fruits in every draw.

Miami Mint Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

Miami Mint Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 encapsulates the refreshing sensation of sweet mint with a mild citrus kick. Feel the coolness envelop your senses, making this vape a perfect blend of minty sweetness and subtle zest.

Orange Fcuking Fab Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

Orange Fcuking Fab Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 is a fantastic addition to the Fcuking Fab series. It infuses a vibrant orange flavor into the signature fruit medley, enhancing the vaping experience with a burst of citrus delight.

Raspberry Peach Lime Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

Experience the seamless fusion of ripe peach and refreshing lime flavors with Raspberry Peach Lime Geek Bar Pulse X 25000. This vape combines a sweet red raspberry base to create a delightful and harmonious flavor profile.

Sour Apple Ice Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

The Sour Apple Ice Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 features a classic sour green apple flavor with a robust menthol ice punch. Enjoy the tangy, sour notes balanced with an icy fresh finish for a truly refreshing vape.

Sour Fcuking Fab Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

Sour Fcuking Fab Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 brings a sweet and tart confection twist to Geek Bar's signature Fcuking Fab flavor medley. This vape captures the essence of sour fruity delights for a captivating vaping experience.

Sour Mango Pineapple Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

Sour Mango Pineapple Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 offers an authentic mango flavor merged with the tartness of sour mango confections and the sweetness of ripe pineapple. This vape delivers a harmonious blend of tropical sensations.

Strawberry Pop Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

Strawberry Pop Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 brings the beloved nostalgic flavor of bright red strawberry pop confections to life. This vape captures the sticky sweetness of strawberry candy, offering an irresistible treat for any time.

Watermelon Ice Geek Bar Pulse X 25000

The Watermelon Ice Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 combines the refreshing notes of classic watermelon with a cool ice finish. This can't-miss flavor is the perfect blend of sweet and cool, ideal for a revitalizing vape experience.

Disposable Vapes Popularity

Disposable vapes deliver the ease of use, flavor, and satisfaction that adult vapers want. But it should be pointed out that this bandwidth could be used to create geofenced vapes and locking refillable devices. Studies have shown that vape flavor bans increase cigarette sales.

What is impossible to measure is how much positive innovation from the vape industry has been tamped out by the Deeming Rule and other outmoded market distortions, let alone a PMTA process which while under legal challenge for its validity has approved only 13 obsolete cigalikes during a timeframe when hundreds of combustibles have been approved. 


Mi-Pod carries a wide range of disposable vapes as these are outstanding and reliable products for adult vapers.

The consequences of ineffectual regulations are already being seen and the future will be bleak without a change in direction that accepts adult vapers want competitively priced and efficient products.  

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