The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Your Vape: Best Practices, Destinations and More

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Your Vape Best Practices Destinations and MoreMost vapers realize the convenience of owning a vapor—free of clinging smoke odors, sleek, small designs and the ability to smoke it virtually anywhere. And, if you’re planning on taking a big trip, you’re probably going to pack your vape along with everything else. But, traveling with a vape isn’t as easy as you might think. Airlines have strict regulations on where and how to store your vapes to avoid interfering with the plane, and some states and countries even have vape bans. Before jetting off, read up on everything you need to know about traveling with a vape. Then, refill your Mi Pod and get ready for an adventure.

Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling

Flying with Your Vape

Knowing how to fly with a vape is one of the most important parts of traveling with your device. When vapes were first designed, they were much smaller and featured much less powerful batteries. Now, vapers are able to customize their devices with larger, longer-lasting batteries and refillable tanks. But, with this new technology comes new responsibility. TSA and all airlines have implemented strict regulations on how travelers can bring their vapes along with them. If you’re going to bring a vape on your trip, it absolutely must go in your carry-on bag. In fact, every airline employee is now trained to ask about electronic cigs before tagging your checked bag. The biggest risk with leaving vapes in checked luggage is that there is a much greater chance that the battery may start a fire while under the plane. Instead, toss the vape in your carry-on and you’ll be good to go.

While smoking cigarettes has long been prohibited on airplanes, vaping is now facing the same restrictions. Regardless of how you feel about this rule, it is strictly enforced, so keep the vape put away during your flight. Even though the vapor is odorless and disappears within seconds, it can be disturbing to other passengers who are not vapers. Keep yours in your carry-on and wait until you’ve reached your destination to take a hit. 

Other Vaping Regulations

As vapes become increasingly popular, states have responded by implementing regulations to monitor their use. If you’re traveling over state lines, you should be aware of your destination’s regulations to avoid running into any trouble during your trip. Some states have enacted laws that ban the use of vapes anywhere that cigarette smoking is prohibited, including inside public establishments. While other states have not yet enforced this same policy, you may still find yourself in a restaurant or bar that does not permit vaping in the building. Be aware of these regulations ahead of time to make sure you’re vaping legally.

Banned Vapes

Off-Limit Destinations

If you’re traveling outside of the United States, you may be surprised to know that there are quite a few countries that have banned vapes altogether. It’s important to research which countries have implemented these strict laws before you head out with your vape in hand. Many countries throughout the world have made it illegal to sell vapes or nicotine products, but it is not illegal to use them, which means you can hit your vape all you’d like without facing serious repercussions. However, if you’re visiting a country where sales are prohibited, you’ll probably want to stock up on Mi Pod pods, e-liquid and other supplies before the trip as it will be impossible (and illegal) to acquire them once you’ve landed. 

Thailand and South American countries are two of the most popular travel destinations that have strict regulations on vaping. If you’re planning a trip to either place, make sure you do your research before you go and familiarize yourself with what each country does and does not allow.

Vape with battery

Charge Your Battery Before a Road Trip

This is an easy mistake to make, but if you’re stuck in a car on a long drive and your vape dies, you’ll definitely regret it. While some vapes are capable of being charged in the car, this isn’t always the case. It’s best to start the trip out with a fully charged battery to keep you going during the road trip. It’s also a smart idea to pack a few extra pre-filled Mi Pod pods or vape juice in case you get low and there’s no place to stock up on more. 

Vapes We Recommend for Traveling

Mi Pod

Mi Pod

The Mi Pod is the perfect vape to take along on a trip. You can easily fit the small, sleek device into any carry-on bag, or opt to wear it as a necklace so you don’t have to worry about losing it amongst the rest of your things. If you are going to wear it on your neck during a flight, just be sure you’re not tempted to hit it on the plane or you will run into trouble. Aside from being the perfect travel-sized vape, the Mi Pod can be used with pre-filled pods, making it more convenient to quickly reload your vape when you run out of e-liquid on the go. 


Slightly different from vape mods, e-cigs are smaller devices designed to look more like a traditional cigarette. These are good for traveling as well because of the small size, but most e-Cigs are disposable, meaning you’ll need to find a store to purchase a replacement and you may not find the exact brand or type you’re looking for while in a new place. If you’re going to bring an e-cig along on your travels, consider packing a few so you don’t have to spend your vacation searching for a new one.

Vapes to Leave at Home

Any Vape with a Larger Battery

Box mod large vape

The larger the vape battery, the less convenient it is to bring on a trip. Some vapers definitely prefer to use the vape mods with huge batteries because they can last longer and offer adjustable features, but these vapes can cause problems during travel. Size is the obvious disadvantage because large batteries can take up more room than you think and put added weight into your carry-on. But, the biggest risk with a large-battery vape is the greater risk of causing a fire should you accidentally leave it in your checked bag and airport security doesn’t notice. Of course, it’s unlikely that your vape will start a fire, but there is a chance of this happening and that’s not a risk you should be willing to take. Instead, opt for a vape with a smaller battery during your travels and double check that you’ve stowed it in your carry-on bag. 

Best Vape-Friendly Destinations

Vaping In England


Vaping is widely accepted throughout England because many people believe that it is a safer alternative to cigarettes, which led the government to provide citizens with easy access to vapes and vape products. If you’re traveling to this part of Europe, you shouldn’t run into many issues with smoking your Mi Pod while touring the cities and purchasing should be a breeze as well. However, you should keep in mind that you are in a totally different area of the world, which means you’ll probably run into a lot of vape products that you aren’t familiar with. On one hand, this could be great because it allows you to test out new vape juice flavors, but if you’re accustomed to specific products, you may not find exactly what you need during your travels. Pack a few back-up pods or vape juice bottles just in case. 


Canada is known for its laid-back attitude towards marijuana, and this mindset seems to spill over into vaping as well. Vaping is not restricted or regulated throughout the country, but some private establishments such as restaurants and bars may implement their own restrictions while on the premises. Although it is legal to vape in public, there is no regulation on vaping products, so be mindful of this if you’re planning to buy any supplies during your trip. 


Another European destination with pretty lax vaping laws, Germany’s restrictions are very similar to those found in the states. Vaping is allowed in public, but again, some businesses may have their own rules on vaping, and anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to purchase vapes or vape products. 

New Zealand

Aside from being a sick place to visit, New Zealand is very accepting of vapers. Again, the legal age to vape is 18, as with the U.S. and Germany, but as long as you’re not a minor, you’ll find that you can vape pretty much anywhere you go in the country, so don’t forget to pack your Mi Pod for your trip down under. 

Large vape events

Popular Vape Events

Looking to make vaping a part of your vacation? There are tons of events throughout the country and the world that celebrate vapes, host vape-related activities and test out new vape products. Here are some of our favorite vape events that you can check out this year.

The Hall of Vape in Germany

It comes as no surprise that Germany makes the cut for one of the best vape events in the world. The Hall of Vape takes place every year at the end of spring or the beginning of summer in Stuttgart, Germany. This three-day event welcomes hundreds of vape vendors from across the globe to show off their products and display new advances in vape technology. Any avid vaper will be in heaven at this trade show event featuring some of the best vape producers in the world. 

Vape Barcelona in Spain

Barcelona is at the top of many people’s bucket list, so why not check it off yours and attend a vape event at the same time? Vape Barcelona takes place in July with 2019 being the inaugural year. In fact, it’s the first vape-related event in the entire country. This large-scale expo plans to welcome more than 15,000 vape companies who are bringing their best products directly to their customers. The best part? Tickets are free, but you have to register and hope there are still tickets available.

National Vape Expo in New York

If you’re looking for a vape event in the states, the National Vape Expo in Uniondale, New York is held at the Nassau Coliseum, less than an hour away from New York City. At this vape event, not only will you meet top vape companies in the industry, but you’ll also have the chance to speak with the three event hosts about their own vaping experiences. Don’t miss a chance to test out new products and head into the city to get a taste of the Big Apple all in the same trip. 

Best Practices for Traveling with Your Vape

There’re a few better things in life than taking off on a much-needed vacation. But, what’s a vacation without your Mi Pod? Traveling with vapes can be a tricky area to navigate until you familiarize yourself with all the important info. If you’re planning to fly to your destination, be aware of the TSA regulations, and if you’re going international, check the country’s laws before whipping out your Mi Pod in public. Once you’ve covered all the bases, pack up your vape and hit the road.

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