Mi-Pod’s All-American 4th of July Celebration

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Are all of our fellow Americans ready for an explosive 4th of July? 

Here at Mi-One Brands, we want to help you feel patriotic and celebrate in style with the best device in the industry: the Mi-Pod! 

Most of you may not know that we are an American company, unlike most other manufacturers in our industry. Our diverse international team exemplifies those ideals that make this country great, and our varied backgrounds and skills allow for the incredible innovation and design that makes Mi-One Brands stand out from the competition. 

Our talented team combines their valuable years of experience with our mission: to change the lives of adult smokers and their families for the better, as well as to provide the smoothest, most enjoyable vaping experience you’ve ever had.

We were founded back in 2008 with this mission in mind, and wow, has the industry changed in the past eleven years! There have been so many challenges since those early days but we’ve kept up with this fast-paced business, innovating the Mi-One in 2014 and then launching our award-winning device, the Mi-Pod, in 2017.  

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Between 2016 and 2018, the Mi-Pod won over twenty industry awards, putting us at the forefront of the vaping world. We have been featured in Forbes for our incredible growth and innovation--and we have all of our amazing customers to thank for allowing us to become a household name in the industry. 

Go into any local vape shop in the know and you’re sure to see our stylish devices decorating the shelves, shining in a variety of elegant colors. Mi-Pods stand out from the competition and draw all eyes, while still giving you that incredible All Day Vape. 

Not only have we accomplished amazing things in the last few years, we are thrilled to announce that, coming in August, we’ll be rebranding as Mi-One Brands! Keep an eye out for that--there are very exciting things happening for us in the future and we are so grateful for your continued support in everything we do!

Not a Mi-Pod user yet? Here’s a few reasons why you should be!

  • Compact, sleek feel
    • The Mi-Pod’s compact design is small enough to fit in your pocket, giving you total discretion. User-friendly and simple, this device only has two moving parts. 
    • Perfect for all us clumsy vapers--no glass to break on this pod! The lanyard that comes with each device will also keep it in your hands, not on the floor. 
  • High-quality design
    • Stealth mode and three power indicators give you the power to fully control your vaping experience. Enjoy a mouth to lung style vape with a unique patented adjustable airflow -- no giant clouds to exhale, just smooth flavor and nicotine delivery.
    • With less than an hour needed to charge the robust 950mah battery, you’ll be vaping all day with no problems.
  • Stylish
    • The variety of fashion-forward and sleek design options will allow you to express your vibrant and unique personality.
    • Our new Royal collection will have you feeling like you should be wearing a crown!
  • Economical
    • Because of its efficient design, the Mi-Pod burns juice more slowly than other devices, saving you money on pods and juice. 
    • Mi-Pods are far more economical than smoking cigarettes while allowing you total control over your nicotine consumption. 

If you’re looking for the perfect pod system to bring with you to your BBQ on the 4th, look no further than our newest Royal collection. 

With five stunning colors to allow you to express your personal style, there’s no better way to get that smooth flavor and show off your personality this summer! The beautiful and elegant quilted exterior of these devices is both eye-catching and feels wonderful in the hand. Purchase yours today! 

Finally, we want to extend a warm thank you to all of our supporters on social media for helping us to reach 100k followers on Instagram. We are grateful to have the following that we do and we promise to continue to bring you great things in the future.

It feels wonderful to have our company backed by the best customers in the business--those who appreciate innovation and who love to support American companies. When you purchase a Mi-Pod, you know that you will receive a high-quality device that will suit your needs and won’t break on you at the most vital moments.

Have a great and safe 4th of July! Enjoy your time with family, your hot dogs and hamburgers, your fireworks, your cold beers, and your Mi-Pod this holiday. 

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