Launch of the Wi-Pod, Mi-One Brands’ Revolutionary Concentrate Vaporizer

Mi-One is pleased to announce the launch of the newest revolution in vaping concentrates--the Wi-Pod! This state-of-the-art vaporizer for concentrates is coming August 1st to Mi-Pod and other online vape retailers.

The Wi-Pod was designed by vaping enthusiasts to elevate you to the highest of heights with no hassles and the discretion you crave. This device is Mi-One Brands’ solution to all of your thick-oil vaping needs--no more leakage of your distillates or cartridges that will clog on you after only a few seshes. Enjoy the power and versatility of the Wi-Pod with the style and discretion you’ve come to look for from Mi-One Brands. 

Wipod thick oil vaporizer kit for concentrates

Our new device comes in three stunning colors, Gold Metal, Silver Metal, and Black Metal. All three colors feature a sleek and unassuming black detailing, while the colored metal front and back plates are inscribed with stars and stripes that represent Mi-One Brands’ pride in being an American manufacturer. 

Mi-One Brands is committed to bringing you only the highest-quality and innovative designs, and the Wi-Pod is our greatest creation yet. Read on to learn more about the features of this incredible device.

What Makes the Wi-Pod Amazing?

The Wi-Pod’s cutting-edge design revolves around the idea that both the pods and the devices should be as easy to use and hassle-free as possible to use, leaving you to get elevated on your own terms. 

The Wi-Pod is an autodraw device, so there are no manual buttons to press or get stuck, and the innovative dual airflow eliminates harshness and maximizes the flavor of the vape as you inhale each hit. The 350mAh battery is powerful enough to last all day, even through your heaviest of vape seshes, and the three-level power indicator helps to warn you when it's time to break out that convenient micro USB charger. 

Wipod portable vape pen for oil distillate

The ceramic coil will provide a smooth and flavorful vaping experience, hit after hit. 

With a 1ml fill capacity, the Wi-Pod will fit enough distillate to last you all day long. Compatible with refillable and disposable pods, the Wi-Pod is the perfect fit for all of your vaping needs.


Wi-Pod was Made With You In Mind

The best part of the Wi-Pod is that it was designed with your perfect thick-oil vaping experience in mind.

The device is small, compact, and lightweight, so it’ll slip into your pockets easily. The draw is quiet and discreet, for those of us that would rather keep our vaping to ourselves. If you want to show it off or share with friends, it’s as easy as purchasing a fashionable chain or lanyard from our store and hanging it around your neck to rock your own unique style.  

The pods are easy to fill, with no messy leakage or spitback to ruin your day. Just warm your syringe and pull the plug to refill--it only takes a few seconds, and then you’re on your way. 

The Wi-Pod makes it easier than ever for you to vape on the go, without any of the hassle or noise you’d normally associate with a mobile vaporizer. Best of all, the durable polymer body of the Wi-Pod was designed to last you for years to come. 

Get Yours August 1st

Mi-One Brands is incredibly grateful to have you along on this journey into the future of distillate vaporizers. We cannot wait for you to get your hands on one yourself. You’ll be blown away by the smooth yet powerful hits that device emits, but better yet you’ll have this amazing device to rely on for years to come.  
Don’t wait! Join the Wi-Pod revolution or shop all vape pens at Mi-Pod today.

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