Tips for Vaping on a Budget: Best E-Liquid, Devices and More

With so many options for different types of vape mods, tanks, coils and e-liquids, it can be tempting to continually buy new accessories for your device. But if you’re looking to lower your budget, there are plenty of ways to invest in affordable vape options. Purchasing a cheap, single-use e-cig may seem like an efficient way to cut down costs, but it actually tends to be more expensive in the long run as these cheaper products break easily and need to be replaced. Check out some of our tips on how to find the best e-liquid options to save you money and get you blowing clouds with every puff.

How to Vape on a Budget

Purchase Refillable Pods

When adding e-liquid to your vape, you have two options—pre-filled pods and refillable pods. While pre-filled pods can be appealing and convenient, refillable pods offer vapers more flavor options and customization. Pre-filled pods are easy to use on the go because when you run out of juice, you can just pop another pod in and keep on vaping. But, refillable pods are more affordable in the long run as bottles of e-liquid tend to be cheaper than pre-filled pods. dripping liquid into vape device Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod cartridges can be filled with any type of e-liquid, allowing you to experiment with more flavors and even use online recipes to combine vape juice and create your own unique flavor. With the Mi-Pod cartridges, you also have greater control over the level of nicotine in your pod. If you’re looking to lower your nicotine intake, you can slowly integrate lower nicotine level e-liquids into your vape tank or seek out e-liquids with higher nicotine content to increase your cloud-blowing abilities.

Buy Accessories in Bulk

Like with anything you purchase, buying vape products in bulk can save you money in the long run. If you have an open-system vape mod, you have the ability to change out different parts to your mod like the tank, battery and coils. And, if you plan on keeping your vape for a long time, you need to make sure you are cleaning and replacing each part when necessary. You can cut costs here by ordering packs of coils in bulk and keeping them on hand when yours start to go. Buying e-liquids in bulk can really reduce expenses as well.

Invest in a Starter Kit

For anyone who is just getting started in the world of vaping, starter kits are the best way to get everything you need and save some money at the same time. Bundled starter packs usually come with a vape, a charger and starter e-liquids (either refillable or pre-filled pods). This option is much more affordable than purchasing each part individually as most starter packs offer a discount as an additional perk. vape liquids and clouds on dark background

The Best Affordable e-Liquid Flavors and Brands

Smoking Vapor provides some of the best e-liquid options for every kind of vaper. You can use your Mi-Pod pods to refill your vape with juice in an assortment of flavors from fruity options like strawberry and fruit loop to smoother tastes like Nilla cake and butter brew. Plus, you can select an e-liquid with exactly the right nicotine content for you. With refillable Mi-Pod cartridges, you’ll save money and be able to exert a lot more control over the types of vape juice you use.

The Mi-Pod is the Best Device for Your Money

Refillable, open system vape mods are your best device option when looking to vape on a budget, and the Mi-Pod can provide everything you’re looking for in a vape. With tons of e-liquid options to refill the Mi-Pod cartridges and an affordable starter kit, the Mi-Pod is one of the most budget-friendly options on the market. The sleek design, awesome skin options and ability to put the vape on a chain and wear it as a fashion piece definitely make the Mi-Pod stand out from the competition.

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