Stop the Minnesota Flavor Ban

HF 2177, or its companion in the Senate, SF 2123, would ban sales of nicotine and tobacco products in flavors other than tobacco, even if they’ve been authorized by FDA. This means that several products sold in mint, menthol, or wintergreen would be summarily banned without any scientific review by the legislature or state health department. Even if a flavored product is granted marketing orders from FDA, it would still be banned in Minnesota. The effective date of the bill would be August 1, 2024.

HF 2177 is scheduled for a hearing on:

  • Monday, March 25, 2024
  • 1:00PM
  • House Commerce Finance and Policy
  • State Office Building, Room 10
  • Send written testimony by Friday, March 22, to:

Even if a flavored product is granted marketing orders from FDA, it would still be banned in Minnesota. Click here or on the banner below to access the CASAA Call-to-Action and make your voice heard. 

south carolina big tobacco protection act CASAA call to action


    Advocates in Minnesota are also encouraged to take this opportunity to send a message to your state representative urging them to oppose HF 2177 and any other legislation that would severely restrict your access to alternative nicotine products.


    A recent FDA sponsored study found that flavor bans increase cigarette sales. Big Tobacco's prefilled pods are limited to tobacco flavors. 

    Our feature Big Tobacco, Big Lies outlines the bold campaign of the tobacco industry. Their goal, eliminate the competition. 

    vaping to quit smoking

    Vape Flavor Popularity

    Regardless of age, adult vapers overwhelmingly prefer the characterizing flavors that the FDA seems so reluctant to approve. This benefits the tobacco industry. Even the 45+ age cohort prefers flavored vapes at a rate of over 60 percent. This despite flavor bans limiting adult access to in many areas of the country. 


    There are two reasons why prefilled pods made by Big Tobacco are hemorrhaging sales to disposable vapes. The first is that prefilled pods are only available in artificial tobacco flavors, not the popular fruit and beverage inspired flavors that can be found in every single consumable product on the market.

    Products ranging from kombucha to hard seltzer feature artificial flavor profiles that are very similar to those which are vilified when used in popular vape juices. It is almost impossible to imagine an adult appealing consumable product anchored on the cloying notes of fauxbacco. Possibly a coffee blend? It is a very short list. 

    Obviously, banning these flavors is a huge win for the tobacco industry. 

    Moral Panic

    Then there is the price issue. The difference in cost per 30ml of e-liquid vaped is massive. The consumer is not the only beneficiary of fair competition. Products from the independent vape industry have much better margins for the wholesaler.

    No editorializing or studies are needed here. It costs over $200 to vape 30ml of e-liquid from a Vuse Alto and $60 from a Lost Mary. Of course the companies trying to sell e-liquid at two hundred dollars per 30ml want rival products banned. 

    Cost per 30ml

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