Six Reasons We Love the Mi-Pod Gentleman’s Collection

One part fashion accessory, one part next-level vape kit, our very own Mi-Pod Gentleman’s Collection Vape is the ultra-compact, stylish device you’ve been looking for. This exclusive collection includes must-have new versions of the Mi-Pod that kick things up in the style department. But these exclusive vape devices are more than just eye-catchers. They’re also top-of-the-line vaping devices that’ll excite the most diehard vapers. Here are some more reasons we’re all about the Mi-Pod Gentleman’s Collection at the moment.
  • It’s Slick: It’s Designed for Style — Like a stylish wallet or a cool phone case, the Mi-Pod is both good-looking and functional. Using top-of-the-line materials and ultra-trendy finishes — like handsome brown suede and eye-catching gold accents — the Mi-Pod delivers big-time in the fashion category. Unlike boring vapes, this sweet box is for more than just an amazing puffing experience — though it doesn’t skimp in that department, either.  
  • It’s Versatile: Works with Disposable and Refillable CartridgesAnother thing we love about this awesome collection is that it takes either disposable or refillable cartridges, depending on what you’re feeling at the moment. Disposable cartridges are best for the e-juice newbie who wants to test out different flavors and would prefer to avoid the mess of refilling, while refillable cartridges are usually more eco-friendly and affordable. Smoking Vapor also makes attractive vapes from this collection to suit any gender or personality.
  • It’s Convenient: Easy Charging and Wearable Within ReachThe Mi-Pod Gentleman’s Collection is all about convenience. Why? First, it features a three-color power indicator as well as a micro-USB port that makes it super simple to charge. If you lose your cord, replacing it is simple, and you probably have an extra one laying around the house somewhere anyway. Second, you can complement it with a chain, which makes it both easily accessible and super stylish. It also comes with an included lanyard so you can always keep it within reach.
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  • It’s Exclusive: Made with Patented Technology — Beginner and experienced vape fanatics alike will enjoy the exclusive, patented technology of the Mi-Pod. It has a patented OAS system (Oil and Air Separated) that helps ensure the vape offers excellent top airflow with no leaking. This device is sure to bring you a totally new vaping experience, especially if you’re looking for something that addresses those common pain points.
  • It’s Enjoyable: Designed for a Smooth Vaping ExperienceSo it looks good and it’s built with all the bells and whistles — but is it actually an enjoyable vaping experience? Surprisingly, yes. In fact, the Mi-Pod is consistently rated high by picky reviewers, with discerning vape fanatics calling it both “absolutely daring” and “a very convenient, portable vaporizer that offers some valid features you'd want in a vape.” If your goal is to find a top-notch device that will also match your outfit, there’s no better option than a Mi-Pod from the Gentleman’s Collection.
  • It’s Smart: Easy to Keep Charged and Take on the Go — Despite the fact that the Mi-Pod has a custom-built 950mAh built-in battery that keeps your device charged for a significant period of time, this isn’t one of those heavy, bulky boxes that takes up precious pocket or purse space. This convenient little device measures just 60 millimeters tall, 51 millimeters wide and 13 millimeters thick, so you’ll barely notice it when it’s stashed in your cargo. Keep one in your desk drawer at work, in your glove box or in your purse for a go-anywhere option.
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Try the Gentleman’s Collection for Yourself

Ready to give the Mi-Pod a whirl? The Gentleman’s Collection is a great place to start. Each device comes as part of a vapor starter kit that includes everything you need to get started with Mi-Pod, including the trendy box, two refillable vape pods, one lanyard, a micro-USB charging cable and a user manual. You can be sure these crowd-pleasing devices will hit the mark, whether for you or your favorite vape connoisseur, so make sure to grab your favorite as soon as it’s available.

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