Rifbar Turbo-X Review

The mighty Rifbar Turbo X is a performance boosted disposable vape and it wades into market crowded with formidable competition. Disposable vape devices like the Smok's Spaceman 20K Prism, the US assembled Fifty Bar, the legendary Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo, groundbreaking Geek Bar Plus, innovative Fasta 18000, flavorful Raz TN9000 and eco-friendlier Off Stamp TN9000 all bring performance and flavor to the table. The Rifbar Turbo X is designed to go toe-to-toe with these heavyweights. Let us see how it stacks up.


If you know you are in the market for a long-lasting and hard-hitting disposable vape, you can always skip this whole review and jump straight to our Rifbar Turbo X Collection. The flavors are predictably delicious in this feature laden vape. 

Rifbar Turbo X Specifications

  • E-liquid contents: 18ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Puffs per Device: +15000
  • Battery: 700mAh (Rechargeable via USB-C)
  • Power Modes: Normal Mode / Turbo Mode
  • Made with Dual Mesh Coil (1.2 ohm)
  • Full Color LED Screen: Battery and e-Liquid Meters
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 100.8mm x 49mm x 25.5mm

Rif Bar Turbo-X Alternatives

Rifbar Turbo X Features

The Rifbar Turbo X is a visual attractive but rather standard looking Smart vape with a full-color LED screen. It is laden with technology. It is a bit beefier than many rivals; all this is to be expected with its larger battery and e-liquid capacity. At a hair under 4" from base to drip tip, it is slightly longer than its nearest peer the Spaceman 20K Prism. For the sake of comparison, a Lost Mary OS5000 is just about 3.25" in length. While not as narrow as the RabBeats RC10000 Touch, it is just about 2 inches wide.

The Rifbar Turbo X holds 18ml of e-liquid and the nicotine strength is the obligatory 5 percent. The battery is a 700mAh, a bit bigger than average but necessary if you chose to run this device in the more powerful turbo mode. The dual mesh coil design has a resistance of 1.2ohms. This is an advanced disposable vape device and hits should not be untenably weak or harsh when the battery or e-liquid levels are low.

Other features include spill resistance and an advanced chipset that keeps performance balanced from start to finish. 

Rifbar Turbo Mode

There are two modes. Normal mode can extract up to 15,000 puffs. It is equivalent to the basic voltage of a typical disposable vape but run through an efficient mesh coil.

The Turbo Mode cuts battery life while increasing e-liquid consumption. This tradeoff equates to a decreased puff count of 10,000. The upside is that it really ratchets up flavor density and vapor production. Personally, the author finds no need for a direct-lung 5 percent nic salt hit. But the market has spoken on this subject. The more restrictive MTL setting.

Rifbar Turbo-X LED Display

The Rifbar Turbo-X is a very sleek and modern looking design. In keeping with rivals like the Geek Bar Pulse and Spaceman 20K Prism, there are some astronaut themes. In this case, an image of the space shuttle on the box. The Geek Bar Pulse memorably features a rocket ship graphic when in pulse mode. The Rifbar Turbo X has even more intricate designs, messages and the aforementioned space shuttle appears on the LED screen as well.

The Smart LED Screen shows the following essential functions: Battery life, e-liquid, mode, and something known as "Puff Moment". This is a graphic that visualizes the duration of each puff. Whether such elaborate screens are necessary on a disposable vapes is rather beside the point. Maybe someday the FDA can answer for this and the seeming regulatory capture of their agency by the tobacco industry. The Deeming Rule attempted to stall out technological progress at the year 2016. But that simply isn't how the world as we know it currently operates.

Adjustable Air Flow

The importance of adjustable airflow cannot be overstated; it allows users to customize their vaping experience to their personal preference, controlling the balance between flavor intensity and vapor production.

For those who prefer a tighter draw, simulating the draw of a combustible, narrowing the airflow provides that experience with enhanced flavor notes. Conversely, opening the airflow facilitates a smoother hit with greater vapor production, appealing to users looking for a more substantial cloud as the increased airflow adds air to the draw.

This level of customization in a disposable vape is a game-changer, offering a tailored vaping experience that can satisfy a wide range of users, from beginners to seasoned vapors.

At this point, there are many disposable vapes that feature adjustable airflow. The Orion Bar 7500 has had it for years. Geek Bar, RabBeats, the RAZ TN9000 and others also feature a toggle on the base that allows adult vapers to increase or decrease airflow.

What makes the Rifbar Turbo X difference is that there is a separate button for switching power modes and airflow. The Geek Bar and Raz TN9000 let you open the airflow and increase power at the same time. The Rifbar Turbo X can be run in either power setting with all the airflow options on the table. The Spaceman 20K Prism also has this functionality. It is huge, as otherwise the "adjustable airflow" is permanently wed to the power setting.

Vaping the Rifbar Turbo-X

The Rifbar Turbo X has some serious performance for a disposable vape but is designed with adult convenience store vape buyers in mind. It may have a screen that looks ripped from a vape mod but all you really need to do is make sure it is fully charged. And it arrives with a charge. Opening the box and puffing away is all you need to do.

All the technology flows together seamlessly. The mesh coil, airflow, multiple power modes and bright display allow the user to be as engaged as they want. There is no fire button but a small button on the base allows you to switch between power modes.

Most of my experience was with the airflow ratcheted down and the power mode at normal. In this standard format, the Rifbar Turbo X can snap off a seemingly endless string of flavorful puffs. The brightness of the display seems a bit pointless if you are not switching between modes. The reason for the spaceship imagery in vapes remains unclear. But you will need to carefully mix bottled nic salt and refillable pod kit to match the performance that the Rifbar Turbo X achieves right out of the box.


Rifbar Turbo X Flavors

Rifbar Turbo-X Flavor Overview

So many myths about vape flavors have been laid to rest by data yet persist. A recent FDA study found that vape flavor bans increase cigarette sales for instance. And every bit of research conducted over the last decade has shown adult vapers prefer the vilified "characterizing flavors", roundly rejecting the fake faux-bacco notes injected as artificially into e-liquids as the most elaborate blue raspberry menthol fruit fusion.

This shouldn't be a huge surprise. Every consumable product seems to rely on the same combination of artificial fruit flavors. They are found in products ranging from cough syrup to kombucha. Soft drinks, breath mints, hard candies, hard seltzers, and cannabis edibles are all sold in flavors like strawberry, grape and raspberry. Only in vaping is this considered some great affront, with prohibitionists insisting that adult vapers can instead huff on clouds of fake tobacco notes instead. Note that there is no great portfolio of fake tobacco flavored products on your grocery store shelves.

As a disposable vape that is intended to be sold to adults, the Rifbar offers these great and popular flavors. This includes vaping's greatest hits. Mint, fruit, fruit-menthol, and tropical infused nic salts abound in a solid lineup of smooth nic salts. Are these flavors worthy of a "Puff Moment" as visualized by on the SMART Led screen of the Rifbar Turbo X?

Alaskan Mint Rifbar Turbo-X

The Alaskan Mint Rifbar Turbo-X is a good and solid mint flavor. It has a decent bit of sweetness, not unlike a nice mint gum. There is a solid icy kick on exhale.

Banana Ice Rifbar Turbo-X

The Banana Ice Rifbar Turbo-X is a classic banana ice disposable vape. While some reviewers may pretend a vape tastes like a real cavendish banana, we all know what we are here for. That sweet and unmistakable banana confection flavor with a big blast of icy menthol. The Rifbar Turbo-X delivers on both counts.

Black Ice Rifbar Turbo-X

Sweet blackberry essence is an underrated vape flavor, particularly when combined with sweet mint or cool menthol. Rifbar went the icier route, and it pays dividends for the customer. The chilliness and just enough berry tart make for a delightfully balanced flavor.

Blueberry Mint Rifbar Turbo-X

The tang of blueberry confection flavor is widely popular in countless products for a reason. Naturally, it works well in a disposable vape too. There are some more authentic berry notes sprinkled in, but the keystone flavors are sweet mint and luscious blueberry flavors.

Blue Razz Rifbar Turbo-X

Blue Razz is possibly the defining disposable vape flavor. Every company carries this flavor, and to some extent they all blur together. This predictable deliciousness drives the popularity of blue raspberry vapes. All the desirable and nostalgic notes are played by Rifbar. Enjoy a throwback to the days of carnivals and blue soaked paper cones at the zoo or ballgame.

Double Apple Rifbar Turbo-X

This is a double apple flavor, augmenting the typical green apple and Granny Smith confection flavor with a sweet and juicy red apple kick. This brings out a bit more balance in each puff/

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Rifbar Turbo-X

Kiwi adds a nice tart bite to a rich guava flavored disposable vape. If you like tropical fruit vapes, this one hit out three distinct profiles in one cohesive vape. Passionfruit has a sweet, slightly tart flavor, with a tropical aroma. It combines citrus notes with a touch of ripe sweetness.

Lush Ice Rifbar Turbo-X

Watermelon vapes are generally a confection leaning affair, as an actual watermelon is more of an experience than a taste that is easily transmitted. There is some juicy flavor involved of course, and then with the addition of ice and pinch of tartness you have a classic Lush Ice vape. The difference between watermelon ice and lush ice can be vague. No matter how you define it, this is a very chilly and delicious watermelon heavy disposable.

Lemonade Rifbar Turbo-X

Lemonade is an all-in-one flavor, with tart and sweet sugary notes. The best have a refreshing effect that overcomes the citrus bite. The worst can be a bit acidic and harsh. The Rifbar lemonade is a big and bold flavor option that captures the flavor of summer but can be enjoyed all year around.

Mint Ice Rifbar Turbo-X

A chiller mint with herbaceous notes, pure mint flavors abound in this palate cleansing classic. Fans of mint disposables, and there is legion, will love this formula.

Peach Pear Rifbar Turbo-X

The Peach Pear Rifbar Turbo-X perfectly combines the lush, sweet flavors of peach with the crisp, fresh essence of pear, presenting an elegantly flavorful vaping experience that truly stands out.

Pina Colada Rifbar Turbo-X

Kicking back with the Pina Colada Rifbar Turbo-X is like taking a mini-vacation with each puff. Seriously, it nails the whole creamy coconut and sharp pineapple vibe so well, you'll almost feel the sand between your toes and hear the waves crashing. It's a beach holiday in a vape.

Pineapple Ice Rifbar Turbo-X

The Pineapple Ice Rifbar Turbo-X delivers an exquisitely tropical pineapple flavor coupled with a refreshing icy finish, providing an invigorating and deliciously chilled vaping experience with every inhale. If you like pineapple vapes, this is a great disposable vape for you. If you are not a fan of pineapple flavors, well there are plenty of other choices.

Sour Cranberry Grape Rifbar Turbo-X

The unique blend of tangy cranberry and sweet grape in the Sour Cranberry Grape Rifbar Turbo-X creates a vaping experience that is both refreshingly sour and pleasantly sweet, making it a standout choice for those seeking a flavor that perfectly balances these two taste sensations. It’s not your typical disposable vape flavor, but the elements work well together.

Strawberry Mango Rifbar Turbo-X

The Strawberry Mango Rifbar Turbo-X marries the succulent sweetness of strawberry nic salts with the tropical zest of disposable-certified mango. A pair of favorites, this is a match made in heaven. The berry notes and tropical mango essence are smooth and flavorful.

Strazz Rifbar Turbo-X

The Strazz Rifbar Turbo-X is a masterful blend of the sweet strawberries and the tangy raspberries, creating a berry-rich vaping experience that delightfully tickles the taste buds.

Triple Berry Rifbar Turbo-X

The Triple Berry Rifbar Turbo-X offers a sensory delight to mixed berry vape aficionados, merging the juicy essence of three distinct berry flavors into a harmoniously complex vape experience, crafting a perfect berry medley. A nic salt classic.

Sour Grape Rifbar Turbo-X

Sour Grape Rifbar Turbo-X punches up the flavor intensity with a bold fusion of sweet and sour Concord grape notes, delivering a puckering pleasure with every puff. For those who find grape an overly sweet nic salt, the sour notes are appreciated. This is a flavor combination that is gaining popularity with adult vapers, also appearing in a Sour Grape pop flavor in the Geek Bar Pulse.

Cotton Candy Rifbar Turbo-X

This flavor is pure carny. As frivolous and delightful as sticky spun sugar at the state fair. Both "blue" and "pink" elements appear. These are light hints blue raspberry and strawberry.

Strawberry Banana Rifbar Turbo-X

The combination of strawberry and banana may have started as a smoothy inspired flavor, but generations of adult vapers now know it as a classic e-liquid combo. It works great as a nic salt. The potent and highly flavor disposable vape format allows the strawberry and banana notes to really shine.

Honeydew Melon Rifbar Turbo-X

The Honeydew Melon Rifbar Turbo-X is a reminder of how vaping took a flavor as unloved and uninspiring as tepid honeydew melon and made it into a legendary flavor. This one is bold too, much more delicious than a picked over fruit cup. Comparable to great hard-shelled confection. And the Rifbar's mesh coil draws out every flavor note.

Watermelon Bubblegum Rifbar Turbo-X

Like Blue Razz and Cotton Candy, some of the best vape flavors date back decades. The earliest days of artificial flavorings included watermelon confectionary sweets, but the flavor really emerged as a bubble gum flavor in the 1970s. The Watermelon Bubblegum Rifbar Turbo-X takes inspiration from that juicy classic and never gets chewed over and worn out.

Strawberry Watermelon Rifbar Turbo-X

Strawberry Watermelon Rifbar Turbo-X packs a one-two punch of confection and fruit inspired notes. The strawberry is sturdy and sweet. Watermelon proves an intricate flavor but one that can be mistaken for nothing else. Combined, neither overshadows the other, making for an ideal flavor for a disposable vape that generates more than its share of vapor and bold flavor notes.

Our Verdict

Adult vapers who prefer disposable vapes really can't go wrong with this one. The Rifbar Turbo-X has a big capacity and you can control the power output and airflow. The flavors, while not as adventurous as RAZ TN9000 or the Beard Vape Co. flavors of Fifty Bar, are all strong and represent the most popular nic salt flavors. The FDA's mismanagement of innovation and the potential of vape products explains why these disposable vapes, with amazing flavor and performance, are beginning to look like mini-mods with smart displays. 

Imagine the types of innovations we could be dealing with now if refillable vape pod kits were allowed to flourish. Geofencing, devices that can be locked by phone, higher-wattage outputs allowing lower nicotine strength flavors, the list is almost endless. 

But we can only review what exists currently. When it comes to flavor density, vapor, and quality, the Rifbar Turbo-X deserves to be considered among the best devices on the market. 



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