Yovo 18000 Ultra Review

With increased capacity, puff count, and an improved coil design the Yovo Ultra 18000 is ready to compete with the biggest names in vaping. The Yovo 18000 Ultra Collection contains a large selection of popular flavors. It is the total package. But there is a lot of competition in the disposable vape arena.

Disposable Vapes

The Yovo 18000 Ultra is a draw-activated disposable vape device. It is not Yovo's first device and is more than just a super-sized Yovo JB8000. Mi-Pod carries a huge disposable vapes collection, as they all offer comparable performance but there are enough unique features on stand-out in a crowded market.

At 88mm x 41mm x 23mm, Yovo Ultra 18000 is not particularly large for a smart vape. But it is what is contained within which matters. And compared to other disposable vapes, you can get an accurate view of what is going on inside of the Yovo Ultra 18000.

Visible Juice Tank

The typical disposable vape uses a polyfill soaked in e-liquid. This was true on outmoded cigalikes jammed with abysmal faux-bacco flavors from a decade ago and is true of the top Smart disposable devices of today.

Yovo 18000 Ultra

The Yovo Ultra 18000 breaks that mold. It has a visible juice tank. This takes the form of a transparent panel that runs down the side of the device. It also signifies a switch to a more efficient style of vape. The Yovo Ultra 18000 still has an e-liquid monitor on its smart display, but this switch to a tank-based design is no small deal. It splits the difference between a refillable vape pod kit and a traditional prefilled disposable.

Yovo 18000 Ultra Specifications

  • E-liquid contents: 15ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Puffs per Device: 18000
  • Battery: 850mAh (Rechargeable via USB-C)
  • Coil: Dual Mesh (TRX 2.0 Heat Technology)
  • Visible Vape Juice Tank
  • Large LCD Screen: Displays e-Liquid Meter, Battery Meter, and Inhale time.
  • Dimensions: 88mm x 41mm x 23mm

Yovo 18000 Ultra Alternatives

Yovo Ultra 18000 Features

The Yovo Ultra 18000 is a cutting-edge Smart Vape. Less than 4" in height, it is not overly large for the number of features it contains. These include a large 850mAh battery, significantly larger than its stablemates 650mAh battery.

Yovo Ultra 18000 Screen

The puff count is estimated at 18,000 thanks to an e-liquid capacity of 15ml. The nicotine strength is the industry standard 5 percent.

Yovo 18000 LED Display

While the original Yovo JB8000 did have a smart display, it consisted of battery life as a percent and a small liquid drop graphic.

The Yovo Ultra 18000 has a full display and with a graphic for inhale time. It also gives a percentage for battery life and e-liquid. As seems to be the trend, with rivals like the Geek Bar Pulse and Spaceman 20K Prism showing similar design elements, there is the obligatory spaceship graphic as well. In this case, a fire graphic that looks a great deal like the spacecraft in the 1981 arcade game Galaga.

Galaga Grapic Yovo Ultra 18000

The most important feature of all is the TRX 2.0 Heat Technology and the new dual mesh coil design. 

TRX 2.0 Heat Technology

The Yovo Ultra 18000 uses an innovative heating element that provides quick and even heating, resulting in a smooth and consistent vaping experience. This technology also helps to extend the life of the dual mesh coil by evenly distributing heat, preventing hot spots, and burning out prematurely.

The dual mesh coil design also contributes to a better overall vaping experience with improved flavor and vapor production. It is likely that future disposable vapes will transition to the tank and coil setup of the Yovo and who knows what other valid advancements have been thwarted by the FDA's Deeming Rule.


Yovo Ultra 18000 Flavors Guide

Disposable Vape Flavors

The Yovo Ultra 18000 has some standard disposable vape nic salt flavors. This should come as no surprise as these are by far the most popular choice for adult vapers. The popularity of these flavors is just one reason why an FDA showed that cigarette sales increase in areas with flavor bans.

The majority of adult vapers in every age cohort have shown a preference for fruit, tropical, beverage and fruit-menthol fusion flavors. It should be pointed out that these are time tested artificial flavors and popular in just about every consumable product under the sun.

Whether it is hard seltzers, soda pops, juices, confectionary sweets, kombucha or even breath mints, artificial strawberry, raspberry, peach and assorted other fruits have proven exceedingly popular. The list of unrelated consumables flavored with faux-bacco fake artificial tobacco flavors can be counted on one hand.

Yovo Ultra 18000 Flavor Review

There are many familiar faces in the Yovo Ultra 18000 collection. Now let us look at these flavor options and how they pop thanks the updated atomizer design. If you are looking for more dessert inspired options, check out the Fifty Bar collection, but if you are looking for great versions of crowd favorites you have come to the right place.

Alphonso Mango Yovo Ultra 18000

Mango is one of the early and great nic salt flavors. While the original Juul Mint is long gone, the popularity of mango inspired vapes lives on a half-decade later. The Alphonso Mango flavor in the Yovo Ultra 18000 lineup offers a rich, tropical taste that is both sweet and tangy. This variety of mango is renowned for its depth of flavor, resembling the actual fruit closely. The dual mesh coil of the Yovo Ultra enhances the mango notes, ensuring that each inhale is bursting with the authentic taste of Alphonso mango. This makes it a perfect choice for vapers seeking a flavorful experience that mimics the essence of ripe, juicy mangoes without being overly sweet or artificial. T

Berry Mix Yovo Ultra 18000

Mixed Berry is another classic nic salt flavor. Mixed Berry was once the flagship of the Vuse Alto line. Vaping has come a long way from 2017. The Berry Mix Yovo Ultra 18000 combines the sweet and tart notes of a classic mixed berry medley flavor. The flavor pops intensely with sweet and tart notes. It probably resembles a confection more than any fruit, but you can still identify the distinct notes.

Blue Carnival Yovo Ultra 18000

The whimsical Blue Carnival Yovo Ultra 18000 is inspired by a nostalgic spun sugar treat. This one is straight from the carny stand and provides a punch of flavor that will remind you of yesteryear. Adult vapers have embraced blue razz style vapes. The Yovo Ultra 18000 features two. The Blue Carnival is sweeter and has an airier mouthfeel.

Blue Razz Ice Yovo Ultra 18000

Blue Razz Ice Yovo Ultra 18000 is an icier and cooler relative of Blue Carnival. The coolness helps cut through the carnival of sweetness. Blue razz is a classic disposable vape flavor and fans of this flavor profile will love how this version has such great clarity and vapor production.

Cool Mint Yovo Ultra 18000

Mint might be the single most popular nic salt flavor of all-time. Yovo took no chances when getting this one right. It has ample coolness and sweetness, with crisp spearmint flavor. This is a palate cleansing vape which fans of minty vapes.

Grape Gami Yovo Ultra 18000

Purple concord grape is a very distinct flavor. The addition of gummy-inspired gami notes adds some tartness to the all-consuming, purple-inspired vapor cloud.

Peach Ice Yovo Ultra 18000

With a bold peach flavor merged with an icy finish, the Peach Ice Yovo Ultra 18000 is balanced and predictable. With impressive ripe flavors added to a hard confection base, this is a classic flavor for fans of peach vapes.

Peach Orange Pineapple Yovo Ultra 18000

The Peach Orange Pineapple Yovo Ultra 18000 disposable vape combines three unique and delicious fruit flavors. The sweet orange counters the brightness of the pineapple flavor, while peach adds its trademark ripeness. This is a refreshing vape with just a twist of cool.

Sour Apple Rainbow Yovo Ultra 18000

The delightful taste of sour green apple, similar to a Granny Smith, is often a standalone vape. But there is also wave of confection inspired notes. This is a complex sour, sweet and tart flavor that is brilliant. The apple notes truly elevate the rainbow of flavor notes.

Strawberry Cherry Yovo Ultra 18000

Cherry is a vape flavor that has increased in popularity, specifically in disposable vapes. It can standalone but is especially effective when added to popular and balanced nic salt flavors. Strawberry is a foundation that works perfectly with the bouquet of cherry flavors. The berry notes are exceptionally well developed, making this a fruit-inspired all day vape.

Strazz Yovo Ultra 18000

The Strazz Yovo Ultra 18000 stands out as a distinctive choice for berry lovers. This flavor masterfully combines the sweetness of strawberries with the zesty tartness of raspberries, creating a balanced vape experience. The result is a rich, berry-forward profile that captures the essence of both fruits. Thanks to the precision of the dual mesh coils, each puff delivers a vibrant burst of berry flavors, making it an irresistible option for those who appreciate the nuanced partnership of strawberries and raspberries.

Watermelon Ice Yovo Ultra 18000

The Watermelon Ice Yovo Ultra 18000 brings a refreshing twist to the classic watermelon flavor, designed to satisfy both fruit and ice enthusiasts. The vape starts with a deep, sweet watermelon taste that mirrors the freshness of a ripe, juicy melon on a hot summer day. This is immediately followed by a crisp and invigorating icy exhale, creating a cooling sensation that enhances the overall experience. The balance between the natural watermelon sweetness and the cool finish is remarkable, making it a standout choice for those looking for a vape that offers both fruity richness and a chilling kick. The dual mesh coils of the Yovo Ultra 18000 ensure that each puff is smooth, delivering consistent flavor from start to finish. Whether you're a longtime fan of watermelon flavors or looking for something that perfectly encapsulates the essence of summer, the Watermelon Ice Yovo Ultra 18000 is sure to impress.

Our Verdict

The Yovo Ultra 18000 series have successfully introduced a vibrant and varied range of flavors that cater to an extensive palette of vaping preferences. From the rich, tropical essence of Alphonso Mango to the refreshing chill of Watermelon Ice, each flavor is crafted with a discernible depth and authenticity. The dual mesh coil technology is a game changer, enhancing vapor production and the clarity of flavors, thereby elevating the vaping experience to new heights.

With its robust selection of popular flavors, the Yovo Ultra 18000 stands out in the crowded field of disposable vapes, offering both longevity and quality. It’s a solid choice for vapers who prioritize flavor fidelity and vapor performance. In conclusion, the Yovo Ultra 18000 series is highly recommended for its impressive range of flavors, technological innovation, and overall satisfaction.


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