Oxbar RRD Vape Review

The Oxbar RRD is a truly unique vape kit that is in a league of its own. The Oxbar is a refillable and rechargeable disposable vape device that allows disposable vape users to get a longer lasting disposable vape experience without investing in a traditional refillable vape pod kit

Oxbar RRD Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 13.5mm x 34mm x 76.5mm
  • Pod Capacity: 5.5ml
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery: 550mAh
  • Mesh Coil (1.0 ohm)
  • Output Voltage: 3.3-4.2v
  • 5V/1A Fast Charging
  • Auto-Draw Firing System
  • For All Vape Juice (Nic Salts and VG/PG)
  • Type-C Charger (about 1.5 hrs. to recharge)
  • Easy to fill attached 5ml Pod (oversized fill hole, silicon)

What do the Specs Suggest?

  • It has a sizeable 5.5ml refillable juice tank good for 3-4 refills.
  • The device itself is slightly larger than a small box of wooden matches (1.25” wide x 3” tall x .5” thick).
  • The specs suggest it should hit okay, and the reality is that it does hit okay.
  • Since it is slightly underpowered, an airflow control slider would have helped eke out more flavor. As-is, the OXBAR provides a tight but weaker MTL hit than proper pod systems. It provides more robust, more flavorful puffs than most disposables.

Why Disposable Vape Users will enjoy the Oxbar RRD

  • OXBAR hits better than most disposable vapes. (Better airflow, more flavorful puffs)
  • Refillable and rechargeable but no pod replacement (more straightforward to use than a Pod System).
  • Suitable intermediary device for folks considering moving to a pod system.
  • Juice Bottles open the door to unlimited flavor combinations and nicotine strength options (mix flavors, create new flavors, the recreation of old favorites, ability to tweak flavors, i.e., add more or less ice, sweetness, etc.

Why Pod System Users will enjoy the Oxbar RRD

  • You can take it to places that might trash your more expensive pod systems (climbing, biking, surfing, parties).
  • Use the OXBAR for vape juice flavors that quickly gunk up a pod system. Dump 20 ml through this inexpensive device and save your replacement pods for another vape juice.
  • A good backup plan for traveling or going somewhere; they might take your vape away (airport security, concert staff, the unexpected)
  • To vape specialty juices that might harm your favorite device (CBD, melatonin, caffeine, other)
  • If you keep losing devices, you might consider using a less expensive OXBAR.

Battery and Charging

The Oxbar RRD houses a smallish 550mAh internal battery (for comparison, the Mi-Pod Pro has a 950mAh battery, and the MP2 has a 1250mAh battery). The smaller battery will require more frequent recharging. It includes a 1.0 Ohm mesh coil which usually means you can receive big, more flavorful puffs. The reality is that it hits better than most disposables and weaker than most pod systems.

Design & Style

The OXBAR sports a simple thin rectangle-shaped body with a large 5.5ml transparent tinted tank for easy juice viewing. It uses a duckbill-style mouthpiece that allows for a tight seal with your lips. A thin metal jacket that wraps the device with anodized paint gives it a simple, sturdy, and clean look. It has rounded corners and a tinted rounded pod that gives the little device a sleek and polished look.

The plastic bottom cover includes a breather hole. Also located on the bottom of the device are the type-C charging port and a small x-shaped charging light that shows when the device is hitting or charging.

It is a small, lightweight device. Given its small 550mAh battery, the heaviest thing about the OXBAR is the 5.5mls of juice it takes. It seems to last forever (one pod refill is half the amount of juice in one Elf Bar). The manufacturer suggests you refill this pod 3-4 times before tossing the entire device.

Ease of Use

The OXBAR is effortless to use. Charge it, fill it, vape it, and toss it after 3-4 refills.

Auto-Draw Firing Mechanism - There is no airflow slider, so to pull more vapor, you draw harder. For less vapor production, draw with less force. It’s all very intuitive.

Device Replacement –  After around four refills, the coils and cotton get pretty gunked up with residue, and you’ll start tasting something burnt and other undesired flavors. Note that not all juice burns up coils at the same speed. Sugary, sweet juices tend to gunk up devices much quicker than a straight tobacco flavor. That’s the sign that it needs to be recycled.
REFILLING - Open the rubber cover over the filling hole on the pod’s side. Pour in your juice until the chamber is full. Close the little silicon flap. Double-check that you sealed it well, or juice will leak out. If you use this device for the first time, you will have to wait five minutes after filling to give the cotton a chance to soak up some juice. If you are refilling a pod that has already held juice, you can refill and vape immediately.

Turning On/Off – Click the button on the bottom to turn it on the first time out of the box. I imagine they do this, so the device is fully charged the first time you pull it out of the box. Subsequent clicking does not seem to turn the unit off and then on again.

Charging – This is as easy as charging a mobile phone. Use a type-C charger. Let it charge until the light goes off, indicating a fully charged battery.

Price - The OXBAR lists for $14.99. and includes an attached (unremovable) 5.5 ml pod. Your vape bill will go down by about 1/3 using this device compared to disposables. It does not come with vape juice in the device (like most other pod systems).

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The Oxbar Puff Compared to Other Vapes

The OXBAR falls between a disposable and a pod system in design, durability, and functionality.  It’s not refillable, and after a few recharges [and refills], you recycle it like you would a disposable.  Similarly, it has a smaller battery (550mAh), is built with disposable caliber material, and comes in a cheap cardboard box with very little instruction like a disposable. 

On the other hand, I can fill the OXBAR with my favorite juice and see a clear cartridge stuck to the top containing cotton, juice, and a coil, just like a pod system. 

The OXBAR hits slightly better than most disposables but not as well as most pod systems.  It provides more airflow and flavor than most disposables, but not the punch of a true DTL Pod System.

The durability and materials used in the OXBAR seem closer to those of a top-end disposable rather than the more durable material needed for a pod system.  Disposables are expected to be in the field for a short time, so are built to last past the number of puffs claimed but not long past that. 

Pod Systems are expected to last for years, so they are built of sturdier materials and designed for repeated use, abuse, and reuse. The OXBAR does not have the heft, durable materials, additional airflow, and horsepower of a pod system.

The OXBAR is constructed with materials and design elements seen in top-end disposables like the BOBO and Draco but not in top-end pod systems like Mi-Pod Pro or Voopoo Vinci.

In Summary

The OXBAR is an intriguing low-cost refillable disposable that hits like a pod system. It is less powerful and cost-effective than a pod system with its smaller battery and less durable parts and pieces. However, it provides more airflow and flavor than the average disposable.

You save by using your juice and several refills with the pod glued to the device. You are still throwing away a battery every 3-4 refills, which is why it is less cost-effective than vaping through a proper pod system.

Disposable users will like the OXBAR because they can use their juice and favorite flavors through a device that hits better than a disposable. This device is less than ½ the initial investment of a pod system and only requires the user to learn how to recharge and refill the device. It would also make a great training system for people afraid to try a pod system. Later if they decide they prefer a pod system (everyone does), they can invest in a $40 Mi-Pod and have the best possible scenario for vaping.

Pod-System users will like the OXBAR because it is a cheap disposable pod system to use in emergencies or when you are not willing to risk your actual device but still want a tasty vape. It is perfect for vapers not willing to vape a disposable either because they got spoiled with the powerful, tasty puffs through their pod system. Another time to take an OXBAR is when you go somewhere the device might be damaged or confiscated. If it were your favorite pod system, there would be a fight. With an OXBAR, meh, who cares?

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