Best Vape Juice for Caliburn Vapes

The Uwell Caliburn vape system has been one of the most popular refillable vape pods available on the marketing for a couple of years now. There are a couple of different vape devices in the Caliburn family. The Uwell Caliburn, Caliburn X, Caliburn KOKO, Caliburn AK2 Kit, Caliburn GK2, Caliburn G, Caliburn G2, and Caliburn A3 vape kit all provide varying pods that have resistances that typically are between 1.2 ohms – 0.8 ohms. They are easy to use, reliable vape devices that are great for beginners and experienced vapers alike.

Common Caliburn Vape Pods

The most commonly used UWell Caliburn vape pods include the Caliburn pods, Caliburn A2 pods, Caliburn KOKO Pods and Caliburn G pods. These refillable pods typically work best with nic salt vape juice that has around a 50/50 VG/PG mix. It is always important to know what VG/PG ratio your e-Juice of choice uses, because it will affect how it reacts to the coil in your vape pod system. E-Juice flavors that have a higher amount of VG (vegetable glycerin) will often be a bit thicker. This more viscous vape liquid will sometimes cause issues in various vape pod systems. If you are using a vape pod system with a high VG e-Juice and are often tasting burnt coils, you may want to either invest in a new vape kit or try out an eJuice that is a 50/50 VG/PG mix. Most nic salt vape juices currently sold use a VG/PG base that is near 50/50.

Best Vape Juice Flavors for Caliburn Devices

After testing various Uwell Caliburn devices using a wide mix of e-Juice types, our vape review team has found that most prefer using nic salt vape juice with most Caliburn kits. While it is possible to use high VG e-Juice in most Caliburn pods, the experience does not seem to be as satisfying compared to use with nic salt vape juice. For vapers that prefer high VG e-Juice, it probably makes most sense to use a vape device with a higher wattage output and lower resistance coils. Below are some of the nic salt vape juice brands that worked best with the Caliburn pods.

Pod Juice

Since the Pod Juice nic salt vape juice line was designed for, you guessed it, pod systems, this is a natural fit. Each Pod Juice vape flavor performed very well in each Caliburn vape device with no leaking and quality flavor profiles. Pod Juice uses a 50/50 VG/PG blend that seems to be the perfect mix for most Caliburn pod systems. Our staff's favorite Pod Juice flavors were the Jewel Mint Pod Juice flavor, which provides a crisp minty taste, the decadent Cookies and Cream Pod Juice flavor, and the sweet Pink Burst Pod Juice flavor.

VaporLax Salts

VaporLax Salts were a favorite among many in the office when testing the Caliburn devices out. VaporLax Salts provided a nice, clean flavor production in every puff. The VaporLax Salts worked tremendously with Caliburn pods that had a resistance as low as 0.8 ohms and as high as 1.2 ohms. The Rainbow Mix VaporLax Salt, which has a sweet and tangy fruit taste that is packed with flavor in every puff and was a favorite amongst the review team. Another top choice was the Blueberry Ice VaporLax Salt vape juice. It has a true blueberry taste mixed with a crisp mint that meshes well with the berry taste.

I Love Salts

I Love Salts vape juice flavors are simply one of the finest nic salt vape juice lines around. They have a wide variety of flavors in their assortment that should satisfy even the pickiest of vapers. Whether you enjoy true tobacco flavors, flavorful mints, or sweet fruit vapes, I Love Salts vape juice has you covered.

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This has convinced me to give the caliburn pod system a trial run.

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