Oxbar G8000 Vape Review

The devices arrived in colorful square cardboard boxes. The Oxbar comes in a muted plastic wrapper that tears off easily. The device is rectangular with rounded corners and looks like someone took an EBDesign BC5000 and stuck it inside an old Go Pro2 thick clear plastic waterproof case. The clear plastic duckbilled mouthpiece protrudes an inch from the top.

The device includes Type-C charging and a slot to add a lanyard. Otherwise, it follows the body style of many cube-shaped, top-selling disposable vapes currently available: Lost Mary OS5000, Novo Bar, Vaal E5000, EBDesign BC5000, Esco Bar 6000, Flum Pebbles, and many others.

Underneath the device's see-through plastic case is a colored wrapper covering the battery, tank, and atomizer.

The thickness of the plastic "go pro style" cover suggests it would be very durable. I "accidentally" dropped the guava-flavored G8000 from shoulder height about ten times without any noticeable damage to the device.

The Oxbar G8000 vape feels solid, is a good size for palming, and fits in your front jean pocket easily. Its dimensions are approximately Approx: 2 ¾" Tall (3 ½" with mouthpiece) x 1 7/8" Wide x 1" Deep.

Oxbar G8000 Vape Specifications

Find the specs on the Oxbar G8000 disposable vape below:

  • Operation: Auto-Draw Activated
  • Puffs Per Device: 8000
  • E-liquid contents: 16ml
  • Nic Strength: 50mg (5%)
  • Battery Capacity:  650mAh rechargeable
  • Heating Element: 1.2ohm Mesh Coil
  • Airflow: No Control
  • Charging:  USB Type-C / Cable Not Included
  • Indicator Lights: Charging LED, draw-activated LED
  • Lanyard Included
  • Dimensions: Approx: 2 ¾” Tall (3 ½” with mouthpiece) x 1 7/8” Wide x 1” Deep

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What Does that Mean to Me?

The thick, transparent shell provides a sturdy cover for the device. Its size fits well in hand and is easily palmed or pocketed. Auto draw operation and no airflow control means you pick it up and hit it. You cannot change the airflow, but fortunately, between the existing airflow and duckbilled mouthpiece, you can quickly draw in some air along with your vape and eke out a pho-DTL.

The 1.2-ohm coil and 16ml of vape juice ensures many hits, and the ones you get taste good. If the coil burned any hotter, the flavors would be too robust; any less, and it would have been lacking. Oxbar got the math right as the device is a total "Goldilocks," not too robust or bland, but just right. Additionally, they carried this forward using a medium amount of ice and sweetness across the collection. Every flavor tasted good, even compared to other brands known for those flavors. Even their guava tasted pretty good to me.

Three Parts to A Good Puff

  1. The Initial Puff is where you get your first taste of the flavor and feel the nicotine hit on your body. You will understand how the device interacts with the vape juice to create a flavor profile and hit strength. You will taste whatever is the most potent flavor initially, then the more subtle flavors in the mix.
  • Very Good! They recreated fruit and candied flavors well; there is medium ice (probably koolada) as there is no additional mint flavor in the mix, just icy coolness—the initial puff tastes as expected. The Peach Ice tastes like sweet ripe peaches and ice, the Double Apple is one of the better (sweet and sour) apple flavors I have tried, and their Rainbow Skittles tastes like a freakin rainbow.
  1. The Exhale. The exhale is where you feel any M.M.K. ingredients (Mint, menthol, koolada). The exhale is also where you have had time to discern any subtle intentional (or unintentional) secondary flavors. The "Ice" in these flavors compliments the fruit, mint, or energy flavoring.
  • Very Good. On the exhale, you obtain flavors very similar to the inhale. You get some of the primary flavor and some ice. The Ice and added sweetness do not overwhelm the other flavors, so you still taste some of the primary flavors on the exhale.
  1. The Aftertaste. Even a great-tasting juice that leaves a foul aftertaste gets low marks because that is how I will remember that flavor between puffs. Some vapes taste great on the initial drag and exhale, but if it tastes good in-between puffs, it inspires you to hit it again soon. If it leaves a nasty aftertaste, you will subconsciously grab something else. An unexpected or unsavory aftertaste often indicates cheap ingredients.
  • I was happy to discover no unexpected, morphed flavors in-between puffs. Whatever flavor you are vaping lingers for a few minutes, along with some sweetness and ice. The in-between experience was pleasant and made me want to vape more of these flavors.

Oxbar G8000 Vape Flavors Review

We tested each Oxbar vape flavor to get a more detailed description by flavor.

Cool Mint Oxbar G8000

Cool Mint is a sweet mint with medium ice on the finish. Ex-smokers who enjoyed lightly mentholated tobacco in their past lives would find this flavor very familiar. They went for a mint flavor with some sweetness added. I won't admit that at one point, I smoked Kool Filter Kings or that the Cool Mint Oxbar G8000's taste just like them, but they do.

Double Apple Oxbar G8000

Nailed it! Most double apple vapes include too much sour apple, so they are Granny Smith apple-flavored vapes (the sour ones). The Double Apple Oxbar vapes taste like an even mix of Red Delicious sweet and Granny Smith sour apples mixed. There is a medium to medium-low amount of ice that does not affect the flavor but does add some coolness. I do not think I have ever tasted a better Double Apple vape.

Kiwi Passion Kick Oxbar G8000

I wouldn't say I like guava vapes, but I liked this one. To give an honest review, I searched for vapers here at Mi-Pod that love guava vapes. According to one guava lover, the guava flavor gets a 7.5 out of 10 for good guava flavor. The Kiwi sweetens the guava significantly, and the passion fruit adds some depth (sweet/tart fruit).

This one is the most tolerable of all the guava vapes I have ever tried. It is sweet and tasty, hits well, and is not overwhelming on the inhale or exhale. It does leave a sweet yet undefined guava/passionfruit flavor on your tongue in-between puffs that I didn't care for, but guava vapers would probably enjoy. My second guava vape evaluator said it was good tasting guava vape.

I wanted an unsolicited opinion, so I got in front of one coworker in the hall and crop-dusted guava vape into an inescapable vape cloud. He provided several colorful expletives that I can't use here. Apparently, guava does not taste as fruity when consumed in a crop-dusting manner. So the final count is two for, one undecided, and one "W.T.F. dude, why did you crop dust me?"

Mad Blue Oxbar G8000

A traditional blueberry ice flavor. It started with the burnt olive oil flavor I sometimes get with blueberry (anything), but it quickly dissipated after sitting outside the package for a few minutes. After a couple of puffs, the Mad Blue Oxbar G8000 vape started tasting sweet and icy, as expected. On the inhale, I get sweet, yet tart blueberries, minimal ice on the exhale, and some blueberry aftertaste between puffs. Not my personal favorite of the collection, but their blueberry ice is better than most other blueberry ice vapes I have tried.

Mango Peach Oxbar G8000

This vape had potential for greatness, but fell short by every measure. The primary flavor is supposed to be Mango, but either the flavor itself is off, or is too bitter in contrast to the sweet peach flavor they paired it with. The two primary flavors do not mix well into a new flavor, but instead both vie for the top spot but in dramatically different ways. I asked several people to try this flavor including our resident Mango lover and everyone agreed it was not a good flavor. If you have been looking for a bitter-sweet medium-iced with a pronounced off taste between puffs, then Mango Peach by Oxbar could be your jam.

Rainbow Skitlz Oxbar G8000

Sweet candied rainbows with medium-low ice on the exhale. It works together well to recreate that specific candy flavor. Almost every manufacturer has a version, but most often miss the mark. It's like if it is too sweet and they can't tell what it tastes as they call it rainbow something. Oxbar G8000 Rainbow Skitlz is an accurate name for this vape. Going with less ice and more sweetness with a fruity mix seems the perfect recipe.

Sakura Grape Oxbar G8000

The Sakura Grape Oxbar vape reminded me of unsweetened grape juice with a touch of ice on the exhale. One of my coworkers suggested it tasted like the old unsweetened grape juice packets if mixed without enough water. He wanted me to know that while that was the description, he liked the flavor, which reminded him of his childhood. I still get communion wine when I vape it, but I like it just fine, so that did not deter me. While not my favorite grape flavor, it is a delicious grape-flavored vape that I did not mind accidentally grabbing blindly from the collection. It was still very vape-able every time I got my hands on it. I nice option for grape vape enthusiasts that prefer less sweetness.

Strawnana Oxbar G8000

Strawnana reminds me of a tasty strawberry banana smoothie. Not sweet enough for a milkshake, but it has a pleasant fruit flavor combo with medium-high ice that makes it pop. The taste between puffs is just fruity sweetness and ice. After a few moments, I could taste a lingering banana flavor akin to baby food semi-sweet ripe bananas. Less sweet, and surprisingly yummy. Not overly robust flavor works for the Strawnana Oxbar vape as an all-day flavor.

Watermelon Slushie Oxbar G8000

The Oxbar Watermelon Slushie vape tastes like, you guessed it; sweet ripe watermelons and medium low Ice on the exhale. Going with less ice again helped the watermelon flavors cut through and allowed more sweetness to take center stage on your tastebuds. Again, they provided enough of the right ingredients and not an overwhelming amount of the others. The finished vape is an excellent-tasting watermelon that will make a great all-day vape.

Oxbar G8000 Review Summary

The entire collection was excellent tasting. All the flavors tasted as expected according to the product names, and many exceeded my expectations. There was an adequate amount of Ice in the mix for all flavors but not an overwhelming amount, and no errant mint or menthol flavors were present where they didn't belong.

Other than Cool Mint (which had a fair amount of sweet mint flavoring), the other flavors were iced with koolada (flavorless but icy) to obtain the cool throat hit. Flavors I did not expect to taste good (Guava comes to mind) did taste good.
These are all ideal flavors for all-day vaping. None of them made me rethink my vocation. They gave me a newfound belief that Oxbar can make good-tasting all-day vapes. These vapes all hit well and are flavorful without crossing the line and becoming too much for an all-day vape. Try one today. You won't be disappointed.

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