EZ Bar 5000 Vape Review

The Ezee devices arrived in colorful square cardboard boxes with checkered racing stripes running down the front side of the box and the front righthand side of each device. Each bar has a unique color combination, making it easier to identify your flavor (at-a-glance) from a pile of EZ Bar Vapes.

The body reminds me greatly of the BC5000 vape device's look, feel, construction, battery size, and materials. That's where the similarity ends. Whereas EBD provides 13mls of juice, its dual QUOQ coils cook the vape juice faster, producing more robust puffs. The EZ Bar restricts airflow and cooks its juice with less heat obtaining 5000 puffs from 10mls of juice.

All the EZEE flavors had a similar underlying taste across the collection (probably whatever they used as its base), to which they added flavoring. It is not in any way unpleasant but bears noting. The flavors accurately reproduce whatever name is on the bar, so if you grab a Lush Freeze, expect it to taste like icy watermelon; if you grab Cherry Lemon, it will taste like Cherry Lemon. All the flavors were pretty good, and sweetness and iciness did not overwhelm them. You can taste the flavors of these vapes, and they provide some very vape-able flavors.


  • Operation: Auto-Draw Activated
  • Puffs Per Device: 5000
  • E-liquid contents: 10ml
  • Nic Strength: 50mg (5%)
  • Battery Capacity:  500mAh rechargeable
  • Heating Element: Mesh Coil 1.0- 1.1* ohms
  • Airflow: No Airflow Controller and medium to medium-low airflow.
  • Charging:  USB Type-C / Cable Not Included
  • Indicator Lights: Single charging light on the bottom next to the charging port.
  • Dimensions: *Approx: 79 mm x 41 mm x 19 mm
    • Approx: 3.5” tall x 1.5” wide, .75” thick,
    • Thin .5" tall oval drip tip protruding from the top.
  • Wrapper: Dark grey matted plastic with raised painted graphics and copy.

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What Does that Mean to Me?

  • The EZ Bar looks remarkably like EBDesign's BC5000. Looking at it from the outside, the only thing that is not precisely the same is that the EZ Bar mouthpiece is thinner, and the E.Z. shells are black with racing stripes compared to EBDesign's pastel two-tone shells. If you have ever held an EBDesign BC5000, you know precisely how the EZ Bar will feel in your hand but not how it will perform.
  • The EZ Bar comes with a 500mAh battery and a mesh coil providing somewhere between 1.0 to 1.1 resistance according to the manufacturer. Most bars this size come with a 650mAh battery, so the EZ Bar will not last as long between charges as most.
  • The E.Z. provides a solid MTL providing about 1/3 less airflow than an EBDesign device. The airflow is somewhat restricted (slightly less than an EBDesign BC5000). Getting a DTL hit from the EZ Bar is impossible, even allowing air in from the sides of your mouth. The E.Z. airflow is still too restricted to pull off a pho-DTL.
    • The 500mAh battery, coupled with a somewhat low resistance (1.0 ohm) coil, hit with less robustness than other devices in this category. When combined with the very low airflow of this device, the flavor production is robust and flavorful, perfect for MTL vapers.
  • The auto-draw heating element of this device engages immediately upon hitting it. You draw, and it provides vapor immediately—no ramp-up period until vapor production or weak puffs.
  • The 500mAh battery is on the smaller size for a rechargeable disposable, so the device will run for less time between charges.
  • It comes prefilled with 10mls of e-juice. 10mls is an average amount of juice for a disposable. The manufacturer suggests you can get up to 5000 puffs from this device. You will have to recharge the EZ Bar a few times before all the vape juice is gone.
  • Type -C charger (not provided) means you can recharge your disposable in less time when needed, and charger cables will be inexpensive and easy to find.
  • It is an ideal size for pocketing or palming.


  1. The Initial Puff is where you get your first taste of the flavor and feel the Nic hit on your body. You will understand how the device interacts with the juice to create a flavor profile and hit strength. You will taste whatever is the most potent flavor initially, then the more subtle flavors in the mix. The EZBARs performed well on the initial puff. The initial flavors you taste are as expected per the name on the device. Cherry Lemon tastes like cherries and lemons, and Cool Mint tastes like an icy mint. You do get some iciness on the inhale.  
  2. The Exhale: The exhale is where you feel any M.M.K. ingredients (Mint, menthol, koolada). The exhale is also where you have had time to discern any subtle intentional (or unintentional) secondary flavors. The ice in these flavors compliments the fruit, mint, or energy flavoring. The EZBARs have a very good exhale experience. I taste only medium ice with some fruit flavor on the exhale. The iciness does not overwhelm the other flavors, so you still taste some primary flavors on the exhale with a medium to medium-high amount of iciness. 
  3. The Aftertaste: E.Z. Bars were good in between puffs. Most of the flavors dissipated quickly, leaving iciness on your tongue for a few minutes after vaping. Some of the flavors left errant flavors between puffs. I'll tell you which flavors are subpar between puffs (see below) in the flavor reviews.

EZBAR Vape Flavors Reviewed

Blue Razz Lemonade EZBAR Vape: A classic blueberry, raspberry, lemonade-flavored vape. I enjoyed this flavor more than most other blue razz vapes. You taste the standard blue razz similar to every other collection's blue razz, but the lemon provides some much-needed sweetness that helps elevate the Blue Razz Lemonade EZBAR flavor past its peers.

Cherry Lemon EZBAR Vape: A tasty, sweet cherry lemonade-flavored vape. I prefer sweet ripe fruit flavors to candied fruit flavors, but this Cherry Lemon EZBAR candy flavor rocks! It is robust and flavorful. The sweetness is more on the candy side of sweet than ripe fruit sweetness, and I loved it anyway.

Cool Mint EZBAR Vape: Cool Mint is a semi-sweet, semi-flavorful cool-mint flavored vape. It was a slightly sweetened mint that tasted fine but needed more vapor or a more robust flavor. Everything was there for a good puff; it was simply less flavorful than I wanted. Vapers looking for a menthol or mint flavor that has a light flavor should enjoy the Cool Mint EZBAR vape.

Grape Freeze EZBAR Vape: Sweet/sour grape flavors with medium to medium-high ice on the inhale and exhale. The Grape Freeze EZBAR vape is sweeter than most, but the grape tastes a little artificial to me (like a very weak grape juice. Maybe that's why other brands will add a bit of sour grape in their grape mix, so the sweetness doesn't overtake the fruit flavors. If you like a very sweet grape vape with a lot of ice, we have one for you!

Honeydew Pineapple Orange EZBAR Vape: A unique flavor! I haven't encountered this flavor combo before, but I like it! Medium to medium-high ice, extremely sweet flavors (three sweet fruits combined), vaped through this less robust device, works out perfectly. The lower airflow allows you to hit the Honeydew Pineapple Orange EZBar vape hard without getting too much sweetness or iciness for enjoyment. The sweet melon compliments the pineapple orange for an interesting flavor I haven't tried before. Try H.P.O. to taste something new, sweet, and icy.

Lush Freeze EZBAR Vape: A semi-sweet watermelon vape with medium ice. Many lush ice vapes are sickeningly sweet, unlike Ezee's Lush Freeze, which always provides an excellent medium-strength puff with a medium amount of iciness on the inhale and exhale. If you like watermelon-flavored vapes but do not want as much sweetness, try the Lush Freeze EZBAR.

Mango Passion Fruit EZBAR Vape: Very lovely flavor, medium ice on the exhale. Mango Passion Fruit is just a lovely vape! I'm not fond of mango vapes, but I like this one!

So to take stock: this smoother-hitting mango-flavored vape, with its lower airflow and less robust vapor, cooks this MANGO juice perfectly and tastes incredible! I am a big believer in using whatever works, and this does, even if I am not sure exactly why; the EZBAR Mango Passion Fruit vape is a great all day vape!

Pomegranate Berry EZBAR Vape: Pomegranate Berry is another delicious vape flavor from EZEE. You taste the sweet ripe berries, but before it gets sickly sweet, the pomegranate cuts in, providing a depth of tartness that offsets the sweet berries very well. I saw pomegranate in the name and thought, "yuck." Then I hit the vape and thought, "Holy Crapes, this is awesome!."
Pomegranate Berry EZBAR is another excellent-tasting all-day vape. The inhale provides an enjoyable sweet-tart flavor (sweeter than tart) with medium to medium-low ice. The iciness picks up on the exhale and mixes well with the sweet fruit flavors. In between puffs, there is a bit of a sour taste (I am guessing from the Pom) that I wasn't thrilled about, but the next puff fixed that quickly enough. In the end, a very lovely all-day vape.

Raspberry Watermelon EZBAR Vape: Sweet raspberries with medium ice, anyone? Luckily, the Raspberry Watermelon EZBAR Vape provides great sweet fruitiness in droves. The watermelon provides a melon sweetness, and the sweet but slightly sour raspberry works very well to create a complex sweet berry taste. Medium ice allows you to taste the flavors better. They might try to cover the primary flavor with additional ice if lacking. It was a good call by EZEE to use less ice, allowing the fruit flavors to take center stage. Berry goodness with medium ice on the inhale and exhale. No odd flavors between puffs, just sweet watermelon, and lingering iciness.

White Gummy EZBAR VapeWhite Gummy EZBAR is a classic gummy-flavored vape with sweet candy flavors and medium-high ice. Many candied fruit vapes are too sweet, but this White Gummy flavor is toned down so you can taste it rather than get buried in it. Over time, White Gummy keeps its lovely candied vape flavors with no unexpected taste in-between puffs. White Gummy is another delicious flavor from EZEE that I could vape all day.

EZ Bar Review Summary

Tighter airflow coupled with the 1.1ohm coil provides less air volume per puff (but more robust flavors in that smaller puff). I imagine this makes the vape juice flavor last a little longer (how they get 5000 puffs with 10mls of juice, whereas EBDesign BC5000s use 13mls of juice to provide the same 5000 puffs). Disclaimer: puff counts are infamously overinflated for marketing purposes, so 5000 puffs is a relative number for any disposable.

Being a dude from the '70s, I usually consider bigger, better, more robust flavor and more airflow is better.

However, this less powerful-hitting device coaxes the flavors out of the juice and provides near-perfect puffs in an all-day device. The little disposable hits less powerfully than similar disposables with similar specs, but still provides flavorful (but not robust) puffs. They are excellent mid-powered disposables that can provide enough flavor for enjoyable MTLs.

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