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As we usher in 2024, many vapers may be considering a New Year’s resolution geared towards reducing their nicotine intake. One issue barring such a commendable goal is that so many adult vapers use disposable vapes and these are almost across the board limited to 5 percent nicotine strength. 

While switching to a refillable vape circumvents this limitation, saving money and opening a world of different nicotine strengths and types of vape juice, the convenience and performance of a disposable vape makes them the primary choice of many adult vapers.


Reduced Nicotine Strengths for 2024

The Flonq Max Smart addresses this issue head-on. Available in three nicotine strengths, you can enjoy the eight most popular flavors in 5 percent strength, 2 percent strength and nicotine free.

Flonq max smart gif

Flonq Max Flavors in 0, 2 and 5%

Here are the Flonq Max Smart flavors available in 0, 2 and 5 percent nicotine strength. These are some of the best flavors in vaping, formulated for the American palate and representing the best-selling profiles on the market today with adult vapers. 


Flonq Max Smart

If you have no interest in lower-nicotine disposables, every flavor in the Flonq Max Smart Collection is available in the standard 5 percent strength. It is a long-lasting device and has all the features and performance of a leading disposable. Here is a review of the Flonq Max if that is the case.

If you are interested in a disposable with multiple nicotine strengths, continue reading.

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Flonq Max Smart: Three Nicotine Strengths

It is easy to differentiate the three nicotine strength models, the white colored Flonq Max Smart has 5 percent nicotine strength, the 2 percent Flonq is colored grey, and the nicotine free model is black. Not every flavor is available in all three nicotine strengths, Tobacco, Clear and few others only come in 5 percent.

Flavor Table Flonq Smart Max

The Flonq Max Smart has an LCD screen that monitors e-liquid levels and battery life to within 1 percent. This is a big improvement on the many drop shaped graphics and green/yellow/red systems found on many rivals.

Holding 14ml of e-liquids, the Flonq Max Smart generates an estimated 10,000 honest puffs. A greatly improved coil design draws dense flavor and vapor even when the level of e-liquid drops low. USB-C chargeable, a standard 650mAh battery provides enough power for a heavy day or two of vaping.


Smart Appearance

Flonq Max Smart

The mouthpiece and appearance of the Flonq are almost as smart as the features. In an era where vaping and disposables seem under constant attack, it is nice for a device to have an unmistakable mature and adult appearance. There are no weird illustrations, no pastel colors, no ill-advised fruit flavor splashes. It looks a bit like a piece of consumer electronics, which is ideal discrete vaping and appropriate since this is a lithium-ion battery powered vape that is intended only for adults.


Zero Nicotine Mouth-to-Lung Vape

The zero nicotine Flonq Max is actually a huge deal. There are many nicotine free vape juices available, but almost all of the high-VG variety and designed for use in high wattage vape mods. They appeal to vapers who are using powerful gear to generate huge clouds. But in 2023, most vapers are using lower wattage and discrete devices, be they disposables or draw-activated refillables like the Smok Novo or UWell Caliburn series.

The zero nicotine Flonq Max Smart is one of the first vapes to offer this style of flavor centric performance but free of nicotine.

The Flonq Max Smart offers zero nicotine flavors that provide the familiar MTL vaping flavors and 50/50 VG/PG ratio preferred by most bottled nic salt and disposable vape users.


Flexible Flonq Max Smart

The Flonq Max Smart, even in the zero-nicotine strength model, provides an impressively satisfying vaping experience. Here are our experiences using the three models.


Flonq Max Smart (5% Nicotine Strength)


Flonq Max Smart 5%

The Flonq Max Smart in 5 percent nicotine strength will cut a familiar but impressive figure. It is simply a peer to the best and longest-lasting disposable vapes on the market. With great flavors and smooth draw, this robust and sturdy device leverages an advanced coil to generate crisp and pure flavor. The 5 percent nicotine strength, which has become the defacto industry standard, performs as exactly how an adult vaper would expect.


Flonq Max Smart (2% Nicotine Strength)

 Flonq Max Smart 2 percent

While less than half as potent as the standard 5 percent, the excellent vapor production of the Flonq Max Smart is somewhat surprising considering the industry standard 3.7v battery is powers this disposable vape. This can be attributed to a more efficient coil design.

The hit on the throat remains smooth and the 2 percent strength actually lends itself to a less intense vaping experience. Most nic salts are offered in 5 and 2.5 percent. Two percent is also the cap for European and UK vape juices. Whether it is fine for you purposes or not, it certainly is not punchless. As such, many vapers may find it surprisingly easy to more than halve their nicotine intake by switching from the white colored Flonq Max Smart to grey one.

This is still a strong nic salt device, freebase e-liquids usually sold in 0.3 and 0.6 percent strength.


Flonq Max (Nicotine Free)

Flonq Max Smart 0 percent 

There have been nicotine free disposable vapes before. Where Flonq did a great job was making formulas that do not just take like overly sweetened air. The underlying VG/PG ratio still delivers a dense body of vapor, it just happens to be free of nicotine. This isn't a given, as bold disposable vape flavors can tilt towards overwhelming when not backed up with the nic salt kick. 

It may seem odd at first to be vaping a nicotine free vape, this being mostly the purview of cloud chasers. While we cannot legally recommend how one use this device, the author found it most handy to have a zero Flonq Max Smart around  


Flonq Max Smart Flavors

As mentioned above, every Flonq Max Smart flavor is available in 5 percent and select flavors come in all three strengths. The vaping experience at the various nicotine strengths will vary a bit, as there is both half as much and also no nicotine in two of the versions. But they managed the flavoring of the lower nicotine options quite well, they are not overly cloying or weirdly sweet.

Flonq Max Smart Flavor Table

Our Verdict on Flonq Max Smart

The Flonq Max Smart on its own, without any lower nicotine options, is one of the best and longest lasting disposable vapes. It is also a Smart Vape at the top of its class. 

If you are looking for a bog standard, mesh-coiled, 5 percent nicotine strength device it should be at or near the top of your list. 

But the multiple nicotine strengths are a game changer. If you are entering the new year with an interest lowering your nicotine intake, and are looking for a familiar vape performance profile to utilize, the draw-activated 0 and 2 percent nicotine strength Flonq Max Smart is probably your best option. Not that there are many choices.

Even switching to a refillable will not unlock many, if any, 50/50 VG/PG e-liquids that are 0 percent strength. For nicotine free, you will be funneled to higher-VG fare, which can be vaped from a pod kit but generates more vapor and requires more wattage plus and lower-resistance coil. 


Switching to Refillable Device

Eventually, vapers should look to switch from disposable to refillable device. They save money and greatly reduce the waste generated by vaping. 


Another New Year's Resolution

Even if reducing nicotine intake is not on your itinerary, reducing the waste generated by your vaping habit and improving public perception should be a New Year's Resolution. 

The easiest way to do this is to treat your disposable vape with the respect that a lithium-ion disposable vape that delivers highly potent nicotine strengths deserves.

  • Keep out of the reach of pets and children.
  • Never litter your disposable vape.
  • If possible, recycle or save disposables for recycling.
  • If recycling is not available, drain battery as far as reasonable and safely dispose of.
  • Do not vape, even in total stealth, in areas where it is not permitted.
  • Remind others that if you do not currently smoke or vape, do not start.
  • Do not recklessly attempt to modify, break or open your disposable vape. 


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