Crazy Ace B15000 Review

Crazy Ace B15000

Disposable vapes are all the rage with adult vapers, offering satisfying draw-activated performance, great flavors, and nearly bullet-proof reliability. It is only fitting that the ZoVoo, makers of the IceWave X8500 and Drag Bar disposables, have entered the fray with a design that features "Rage Mode". The Crazy Ace B15000 is laden with popular features. The Crazy Ace B15000 collection naturally offers the great nic salt flavors which most adult vapers greatly prefer.

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Which leads us to several important questions. How do these features function in the real world? What is the vapor production and draw like? And most importantly, how good do the flavors taste? 

Crazy Ace B15000 Specifications

  • Puff Count: ~15,000
  • Capacity: 10mL+10mL
  • Dual Tank Design
  • Dual Mesh Coils
  • Puffs: Up to 15000
  • Battery: 900mAh Rechargeable via USB-C
  • Nicotine Strength: 5%
  • Dimensions: 48mm x 24.5mm x 104 mm


Crazy Ace B15000 Features

  • Rage Mode (Boost Mode)
  • Real-time E-Liquid Monitoring
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • ZoVoo Technology



Crazy Ace B15000 Review

Engineered by ZoVoo, the Crazy Ace is not the first dual tank and dual coil design. Nor is it the first disposable vape engineered with a boost mode to provide bigger clouds. There are disposables that have an ultra large display that dwarfs the e-liquid and battery displays located at the bottom corner of the Crazy Ace B15000. Here is where you find the upgraded display with a drop graphic to measure e-liquid contents and a screen that displays battery levels. This is real-time data rather than an estimate based on how many times the device fired.

Crazy Ace Image

That similar features are found on other disposable vape competitors does not change the fact that this is a very innovative design, with a large capacity, and is designed to bring near endless vaping joy to adult vapers.

On unboxing, it is not really any larger than its rivals, despite having a large capacity battery with a power rating of 900mAH rechargeable via USB battery. Most disposables are limited to 600 to 650mAh. The partially clear plastic shell has some art, with a design theme like ZoVoo's IceWave X8500 and Drag Bar B3500.

Crazy Ace Image

The main sign that you are dealing with a different, dare we say crazy, beast is on the bottom. Here you find a switch simply labeled "Rage". This is how you activate the boost mode, much like the Geek Bar Pulse, Pyne Pod and several competitors, this is a disposable vape that can ratchet up the power.



Crazy Ace B15000 Performance

It is amazing how much performance disposable vape designs are extracting from the same basic hardware as their predecessors. While it might be an exaggeration to say the Rage Mode provides double pleasure or you can enjoy double clouds, it is a legitimate boost mode that increases vapor production.

Crazy Ace Screen

Using a dual tank and dual coils is a sound idea for a disposable that kicks out an estimated 15,000 puffs. While the atomizing efficiency of mesh coils has been greatly augmented, cutting through the e-liquid contents of a 20ml disposable vape and still bringing rich taste at the bottom is a steep ask. While the power of boost mode made be what is marketed, the dual mesh coil design has a more important job and that is to bring consistent flavor throughout the lifespan of the disposable device.



Dual Tank and Dual Coils

There clearly are adult vapers who find that this greater power output improves the vaping experience, personally I find 5 percent to stiff and certainly don't need to direct-lung nic salts.

ZoVoo, backed by VooPoo technology, in theory realizes this. But to compete, sometimes you need all the bells and whistles. 

COil Crazy Ace BC15000

In any event, it is a mode that can be turned off as well. When not raging, crazy aces disposables device performance is very similar to the industry standard. That means a taut draw, great flavor and decent vapor production.

When the dual mesh coil design is firing at full song in Rage Mode, it is firing out vapor clouds comparable to the Viho Turbo, Geek Vape Pulse and Pyne Pod.

For typical use, you just end up with the dual mesh coil set-up splitting the labor so that neither gets gunked up having to cut through 20ml of nic salts. The use of dual coil architecture also explains the need for a larger battery design in this compact device. The battery level and e-liquid levels obviously drop faster in rage mode.

If you want to enjoy double clouds, Rage Mode is for you. For continuous vaping joy in a long-lasting disposable, regular mode in the Crazy Ace B15000 extracts more puffs from less e-liquid. In either event, a battery rechargeable via USB-C can be quickly kickstarted but Rage Mode cuts through the power faster. You may not get double pleasure in regular mode, but you will get close to double puffs.

And in a dual tank design like the Crazy Aces disposable device, that is a lot of vaping. Mi-Pod's disposable vapes collection features all the hottest new products, such as the Crazy Ace B15000. The reality is there is a lot of overlap in flavor options as a set of about a dozen profiles dominate sales, and the nicotine strengths are typically the same on every disposable. 

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Crazy Ace B15000 Flavors

 ZoVoo has had several successful disposable vape models, which generally improve on previous incarnations. The displays and even the e-liquid graphic remains the same between the Crazy Ace B15000 and IceWave 8500. The Crazy Ace has less ice and a greater e-liquid capacity. Here are the flavors. 


Watermelon Bubble Gum CrazyAce B15000

Crazy Aces disposables device B15000

At some point, the time has passed for just monitoring real-time data on an ultra-large display. This is when the tires hit the pavement in the vaping world, and you can judge the quality of the flavors. The Watermelon Bubble Gum Crazy Aces disposables device delivers. This is a classic and nostalgic flavor, loaded with tart and sweet confection notes that taste exactly as good as advertised.


Strawberry Kiwi CrazyAce B15000

Strawberry Kiwi Crazy Aces B15000

The Strawberry Kiwi Crazy Aces disposables device is a beverage and fruit inspired flavor. The kiwi notes are folded nicely into the strawberry to create a great all-day berry flavor with a mild tropical infusion.


Lemon Pie CrazyAce B15000

Lemon Pie Crazy Ace

The Crazy Aces disposables device is a perfect conduit for the Lemon Pie flavor. This is an unusually bold effort to pull off a dessert flavor in a disposable. And it really works. Very authentic. Only other than a fork and a plate, a real-time e-liquid monitor and dual coil vape are involved. There are cream notes piled atop a great lemon custard nic salt.


Blueberry Raspberry Ice CrazyAce B15000

 Blueberry Raspberry Crazy Aces

The Blueberry Raspberry Ice Crazy Aces disposables device features a slight fruit twist on the usual blue razz. This is also a signature flavor, with a more authentic blueberry essence replacing the carny confection blast of blue raspberry. The punch of tart raspberry pulls it all together, making a perfect flavor for a day of vaping.


Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry lemonade crazy ace

The Strawberry Lemonade Crazy Ace B15000 is not overly tart and mimics the flavor of perfect summer beverage. The lemonade is refreshing, the addition of strawberry cuts some of the acidity baked into an artificial citrus flavor.


Fuji Apple CrazyAce B15000

Fuji Apple Crazy Ace BC15000

If you are looking for a fruit based apple vape, rather than the typical green apple confection and Granny Smith inspired flavors, the Fuji Apple disposable by Crazy Aces is a perfect choice. This has always been a popular inspiration for nic salts, and this is an unusually tasty rendition with a juicy mouthfeel and sweet, refreshing notes.


Pineapple Slush Crazy Ace B15000

Pineapple Slush Crazy Ace B15000

The beverage infused Pineapple Slush flavor has an icy finish and plenty of sweet pineapple notes to back it up. A great tropical vape flavor.


Strawberry Watermelon Crazy Ace B15000

Strawberry Watermelon Crazy Ace B15000

The Strawberry Watermelon combination is a popular one in vaping. While quite sweet, the watermelon notes and strawberry flavors are both evident. There is a bit of berry tang to offset the waves of sugary vapor.


Peach Mango CrazyAce B15000

Peach Mango Crazy Ace Bc15000

The Peach Mango Crazy Ace disposables device combines a pair of extremely complementary flavor profiles into a perfect vape. The rich, dank flavor of mango has impressive depth and tropical inspiration. Nectary peach flavors are sweet but do not overwhelm.


Fresh Mint CrazyAce B15000

Fresh Mint Crazy Ace B15000

A signature disposable vape flavor, the Fresh Mint Crazy Ace B15000 has the mildly herbal and cool notes to compete with the best. There is a spearmint flavor which is typical of this style of vape. It tastes exactly as you would expect it to, which is refreshing and delightful.


Rainbow Burst CrazyAce B15000

Rainbow Burst Crazy Ace

The Rainbow Burst Crazy Aces disposables device features a confection and fruity inspired flavor. The rainbow medley merges smoothly, and it is a very enticing vape. The burst of tart and sweet allows Rainbow Burst to stand out from the many credible competitors in this market space.


Banana Ice CrazyAce B15000

Banana Ice Crazy Ace B15000

Creamy and sweet notes mixed with an icy chill; this makes for a great flavor. The Banana Ice Crazy Aces produces on this front. The banana flavor is not overly artificial due to the chilly veneer of menthol. There are enough encased creamy notes to keep the taste buds engaged.


Lush Ice CrazyAce B15000

Lush Ice Crazy Ace B15000

The Lush Ice Crazy Aces disposables device has everything that a fan of icy and watermelon flavored vapes wants. It has a blizzard of chill, and the punch of fruit and confection to add variety.


Sakura Grape CrazyAce B15000

Sakura Grape B15000 Crazy Aces

A bit milder and less purple than standard Concord grape inspired fare, the Sakura Grape Crazy Ace is a winner. The Sakura grape space tends to include floral elements with the grape notes, which are mild and enjoyable.


Our Verdict on the Crazy Ace B15000

The Crazy Aces B15000 has the power and the features to compete with the most sophisticated disposable vapes on the market. It can turn up the wick when it comes to vapor production but deliver plenty of flavor MTL puffs in regular mode. The flavors are top-notch. There are really no holes in its game, apart from a lack of lower nicotine options. You would have to switch to the Flonq Max Smart to gain that level of flexibility.

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