New Pod Juice Flavors Released

Pod Juice has done it again! They’ve released a set of new nic salt vape juice flavors that provide unparalleled flavor in every hit of your vape pod.

As a brief review, Pod Juice is a leading e-Juice manufacturer, based out of Los Angeles. They are known for their nic salt vape juices that are designed specifically for use in low-wattage vape pod devices. Each Pod Juice nic salt flavor is made in an FDA-compliant, ISO laboratory for premium, consistent quality. Now let’s dive into the new vape flavors available from Pod Juice.

New Pod Juice Vape Flavors

Pod Juice recently has decided to discontinue a handful of their flavors to make way for a new batch of quality nic salt vape juices. We’ve tested some of the latest Pod Juice vapes to find the best flavors of the bunch.

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Cookies & Cream Pod Juice

The Cookies & Cream Pod Juice flavor is a very well done chocolate vape flavor. It blends a rich milk chocolate taste with a sweet creamy filling for an eJuice blend that you can vape all day. Not many companies make a chocolate e-Juice flavor, so it is nice to see one done to perfection.

Blue Razz Lemonade Pod Juice

The Blue Razz Lemonade Pod Juice salt nic blends a sweetened blue raspberry flavor with a nice citrus lemonade. You will taste the sweet raspberry on inhale and a touch of the sour lemon flavoring on exhale. The Blue Razz Lemonade flavor perfectly pairs sweet and sour fruit flavors, which is a popular combination amongst vapers. This flavor also comes in a “freeze” version, which means that it uses the same base flavor but adds a menthol kick. Both the Blue Razz Lemonade and Blue Razz Lemonade Freeze are top-selling Pod Juice flavors.

Churros Pod Juice

Not much in life is better than a freshly baked churros. Churros Pod Juice captures the taste of the popular cinnamon and sugar dessert in this incredible nic salt vape. A nice balance of spicy cinnamon to balance out the sweet sugar taste.

Strawberry Jam Pod Juice

The Strawberry Jam Pod Juice vape juice tastes like a fresh strawberry jam that you’d place on a slice of toast. It seems to add a hint of other fruit flavorings to go with the strawberry-flavored base, however it is definitely a primarily strawberry vape.

Graham Cracker Pod Juice

The Graham Cracker Pod Juice nic salt flavor seems like it has many of the same cinnamon and sugar characteristics of the Churros flavor, but it is not as overpowering. In order to complete the graham cracker taste, there is a touch of honey flavoring that adds some complexity to this vape. Graham Cracker Pod Juice is a unique flavor that is definitely worth trying out in your refillable vape device.

Lemon Sugar Cookie Pod Juice

The Lemon Sugar Cookie Pod Juice uses the same great formula used in some of its other great flavors. It blends a sweet flavor with a tart flavor to provide a complex taste in every puff. You'll get even mixes of fresh lemon zest, sugary frosting and a delightful sugar cookie base.

Blue Razz Slushy Pod Juice

The Blue Razz Slushy Pod Juice flavor tastes just like your favorite blue raspberry slush beverage that you’ll enjoy in the summer time. You get the same great taste without the blue mouth after enjoying it. This flavorful nic salt from Pod Juice as comes in a “freeze” edition which means that it comes with an icy mint flavor on exhale.


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