Best Cream Vapes

The majority of the vape industry focuses on fruit, mint, menthol and tobacco vape flavors. However, there are many quality vape juice flavors and disposable vape flavors that provide extraordinary flavor with a creamy base. Many of these dessert-flavored vape flavors utilize a cream vape flavoring and add a touch of fruit vape flavoring to make the taste less overpowering. Our team of vape experts has reviewed dozens of the top cream vapes from leading vape juice manufacturers and disposable vape manufacturers.

Best Creamy Disposable Vape Flavors

We previously discussed that many vape manufacturers like to blend a fruit flavor with a cream base to get a subtly sweet flavor. Others provide their take on a vanilla cream, which ranges from flavors like crème brulee, vanilla ice cream, French vanilla, vanilla custard, and more. Below are some of the best of the bunch when it comes to cream disposable vapes.

Strawberry Cream VaporLax

The strawberry cream vape device from VaporLax provides an incredible blend of ripe strawberry and sweet cream. This same strawberry cream vape flavor is available in the VaporLax and VaporLax Sirius lines as well as the Draco vape by VaporLax. Most vapers see this complex flavor as more of a creamy dessert vape than a fruity vape due to the strong, creamy base. The strawberry is added to heighten the flavor in every puff.

Whipp'd Esco Bar 6000

The Whipp'd Esco Bar vape provides a decadent sweet and creamy vanilla taste that lasts just about as long as any other disposable vape on the market today. It's the perfect match for vapers looking for a nice, creamy vape that is easy to use and has no added fruit flavoring.

Fresh Vanilla Hyde Mag

The Fresh Vanilla Hyde flavor is used in many of the different Hyde disposable iterations. It is a popular, go-to flavor for vapers that prefer a creamy, dessert vape. The Fresh Vanilla Hyde Mag and Rebel Pro are two of the more popular Hyde devices that are long-lasting are provide this creamy vanilla taste. The Fresh Vanilla will remind you of a fresh scoop of French Vanilla Ice Cream. The Hyde Mag vape provides an ergonomic design that fits easily into your hand for a comfortable vaping experience.

Strawberry Cheesecake Coolplay Aire

The Strawberry Cheesecake Aire vape has an authentic New York cheesecake flavor with a sweet strawberry syrup topping. If you enjoy a decadent slice of cheesecake, this one is a must-try! This Aire vape puts a large emphasis on the creamy cheesecake flavoring rather than the strawberry fruit taste.

Strawberry Cream Draco Vape

As previously discussed, the VaporLax Draco Strawberry Cream vape provides a creamy blend of sweet cream and ripe strawberry flavorings. The Draco deserved its own spot on this list due to its game-changing 6500 puff capacity. Each Draco uses a mesh coil and a 16ml vape juice tank to provide the longest lasting vape experience on the market today.

Strawberry Ice Cream Vaal Max

The Strawberry Ice Cream Vaal Max is a truly unique disposable vape device. Unlike most other disposable vapes, it uses a sub-ohm, dual-mesh coil to provide loads of flavor in every puff. It also has a bit more of a direct-lung hit than other disposable eCigs because of the sub-ohm coil.


Cream e-Juice Vape Flavors

While many vape juice manufacturers focus on mint and fruit vape flavors, there are still many that have incredible cream vape flavors. Whether you are looking for a nic salt flavor for your refillable pod device or a high-VG e-Juice for your sub-ohm vape tank, we’ve got your covered.

Custard Air Factory e-Juice

The Custard Air Factory vape juice is a rich custard vape flavor with creamy vanilla undertones. This flavor is available in both a high VG e-Juice version, as well as a nic salt version. The Custard Air Factory Salt vape juice has the same great flavor as the original version, but comes in higher nicotine content and designed to be used only in low-powered vape pod devices. One unique aspect of the Air Factory Salt line is that flavors are available in a 1.8% (18mg) nicotine strength. This is a lower strength than most other nic salt vapes available for purchase.

Cookies & Cream Pod Juice

The Cookies and Cream Pod Juice flavor has a fantastic blend of milk chocolate and sugary cream flavorings. This flavorful nic salt vape juice tastes like a creamy bowl of cookies and cream ice cream in every puff of your vape device.

Strawberry Cream VaporLax Salt

As we previously discussed with the VaporLax disposable vapes, the Strawberry Cream VaporLax Salt flavor offers a great blend of ripe strawberry and sweet cream in every puff. The sweet cream is pretty overpowering in this vape flavor, so it is definitely intended more for vapers that enjoy dessert vapes. Vapers looking for a fruity vape flavor should probably look elsewhere because the strawberry is in the background of this primarily creamy vape.

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