Icewave X8500 Review

The Ice Wave X8500 is a long-lasting disposable vape. In the competitive arena of disposable vapes, there are a lot of shared elements: Icy notes, fruity flavors, draw activation, potent yet smooth nic salts, and an emphasis on flavor over vapor production with high-resistance coils and low wattage output. Mi-Pod has a tremendous collection of disposable vapes and serve as master distributors for many of the top brands. 

Today we are taking a look at the Icewave X8500 collection. As the name suggests, there is ice cold vaping and 8500 puffs in the forecast. 

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The Icewave X8500 collection has the same flavors as the impressive Zovoo Dragbar B3500 disposable. The manufacturer asserts these were formulated by American masters and designed for the preferences of adult American vapers. The Icewave flavors are icier, but the Zovoo Dragbar B3500 is by no means bereft of coolness. 

IceWave X8500

The basic flavor elements are the same as the Dragbar, but the Icewave nic salts add an extra splash of icy coolness. If you are interested in a lower puff but less expensive disposable device with all the same features, the Zovoo Dragbar Bar B3500 collection has great vapor and flavor production. Check out our Zovoo Dragbar B3500 review.



Icewave X8500 Specifications

  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Draw-Activated
  • Puffs: 8500+
  • Battery: 600mAh (USB-C Rechargeable)
  • Coil: Mesh 1.0ohm
  • Capacity: 18ml
  • Dimensions: 4" x 1.67" x 2"
  • Smart LED Display: e-Liquid Level & Battery Life


Icewave X8500 Features

  • Flavors formulated by American Masters
  • Smart LED Screen
  • E-Liquid Indicator
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • 1.0ohm Mesh Coil

The Icewave X8500 is 4" tall and 1 2/3" wide and 0.75" deep. Contained within this small package is the 600mAh battery, charge port, LED screens. The height includes the transparent mouthpiece. The LED display shows the remaining charge in the battery and the e-liquid level. There is no airflow control, but vapor production is excellent. The 600mAh lithium-ion battery is USB-C chargeable.

The Icewave generates an estimated 8500 ice puffs saturated with fruity flavor. This is possible because of the voluminous 18ml e-liquid capacity, an entire bottle of nic salts is 30ml.


Icewave X8500 Flavors


Ice Wave X8500 Flavor Review

IceWave X8500 specs

As mentioned, the level of ice in the Icewave X8500 is greater than the very similar Zovoo Dragbar B3500 lineup. In both cases, these flavors were developed by master American formulators for the palates of adult American vapers. The flavors are outstanding, featuring the most popular flavor profiles in vaping with a smidge of added coolness. 

The presence of a Ribena flavored vape may call the claim of American masters making flavors for American palates into question, as Ribena is certainly not a beverage staple in the US, but even it manages to showcase the notes and elements that the vast majority of adult nic salt vapers have shown strong preference for. 


Blue Razz Ice Icewave X8500

Blue Razz Ice Ice Wave X8500

The wave of ice cuts the trademark sweetness of the classic blue razz flavor. There are still excellent blue raspberry flavors, simply layered with the coolness suggested in the product name. A refreshing and chilly version of an always popular confection inspired vape, the Blue Razz Ice Icewave X8500 is one of the best blue razz vapes.


Blackberry Ice Icewave X8500

Blackberry Ice Icewave X8500

A sweet and tart berry vape with a bold level of ice. There are ample sweet fruit and berry confection notes. The blackberry remains assertive despite the chill, making the Blackberry Ice Icewave X8500 a balanced all-day vape flavor.


Cherry Cola Icewave X8500

CHerry Cola Ice Wave X8500

A pretty accurate representation of a cherry flavored dark cola, the coolness blends in perfectly with this rich and sweet flavor combination. Not all cola inspired disposables work, the Cherry Cola Icewave X8500 is one of the best.


Clear Icewave X8500

Clear Icewave X8500

The Clear Icewave X8500 is refreshing and crisp. It has ample coolness to blend in with their other icy flavors.


Fresh Mint Icewave X8500

Fresh Mint Ice Wave X8500

A fresh green wintermint flavor with a hearty kick of menthol ice, the Fresh Mint Icewave X8500 is a refreshing and invigorating flavor, expertly balanced to keep adult vapers engaged all-day.


Honeydew Watermelon Icewave X8500

Honeydew Watermelon Ice Wave X8500

The combination of rich honeydew flavor combined with sweet watermelon fruit and confection notes is a vaping classic. While not overly sweet, the admixture of chilly ice further strengthens the blend without masking the mixed melon notes of the Honeydew Watermelon Icewave X8500


Lush Ice Icewave X8500

Lush Ice Ice Wave X8500

The sweet and tart flavors of watermelon confection are thoroughly enveloped in a blizzard of vapor. One of the best Lush Ice vapes, the Lush Ice Icewave X8500 is more than just an icy watermelon flavor and has the sort of balance that adult vapers seek.


Mango Ice Icewave X8500

Mango Ice Icewave 8500

With tropical notes encased in a sour and sweet hard mango confection flavor, the coolness of the ice wave is broken, and bold fruit flavors shine through in every puff. The Mango Ice Icewave X8500 has a medley of great elements which make it a top-tier mango disposable vape.


Peach Ice Icewave X8500

Peach Ice Ice Wave X8500

Ripe peach notes are not overwhelmingly sweet or saccharine in the Peach Ice Icewave X8500. The crystallizing element of ice envelopes the flavor but does not hide the unique flavor elements. This is a pure iced peach vape, one of the best, with a tremendous depth of flavor nestled in an ice wave.


Ribena Icewave X8500

Ice Wave X8500 Ribena

It is a bit odd that flavors formulated by American masters for American tastebuds would turn to a signature UK beverage. But the black currant and ice notes simply work.

This unique vape flavor captures the intriguing balance of sweetness and tartness that black currants are known for. The addition of a cooling ice wave adds an extra dimension, making this a truly refreshing vape experience. Ideal for those who enjoy a fruity vape with a cool finish, the Ribena Icewave X8500 stands out in the flavor lineup.


Sakura Grape Icewave X8500


Sakura Grape Ice Wave X8500

Purple Concord grape flavors are being paired with the essence of aromatic Sakura blossoms in many nic salt e-liquids. The results are superb, and the extra ice wave does not diminish the flavor clarity or pleasantness of the balanced Sakura Grape Icewave X8500 vape. 


Sour Apple Icewave X8500

Sour Apple Ice Wave 8500

Adding a blast of ice to a flavor inspired by ripe Granny Smith apples and sour hard apple confection flavors always works in disposable vapes. The Sour Apple Icewave X8500 is no exception, with plenty of cool and sour notes to keep you interested through all 8500 puffs. 

Strawberry Banana Icewave X8500

Strawberry Banana Ice Wave X8500

The Strawberry Banana Icewave X8500 is a classic flavor wrapped in an extra layer of coolness. But the menthol does not overwhelm but enhances the smooth banana and complex strawberry flavors. 


Strawberry Ice Cream Icewave X8500

Strawberry Ice Cream Ice Wave X8500

A creamy and sweet vape inspired by strawberry ice cream, there is also an icy menthol layer added for balance. It does not mar the silky cream notes or bright strawberry flavors. The Strawberry Ice Cream Icewave X8500 is outstanding, falling just shy of the Strawberry Ice Cream Flonq Max but still proving an excellent vape. 


Strawberry Kiwi

STrawberry Kiwi Ice Wave X8500

 Sweet tropical kiwi notes are almost always assertive, and this combination of berry and kiwi is no exception. Flavors as familiar in a beverage as they are in vapes are present. The iciness adds a layer of balance that draws the competing fruit flavors together in the Strawberry Kiwi Icewave X8500.


Vanilla Casta Tobacco

Vanilla Casta Tobacco ice wave X8500

Casta Tobacco is a premium cigar flavor served as a template for the authentic notes that permeate this excellent disposable. Creamy and sweet vanilla flavors are mixed in, smoothing out the more robust and full flavored notes. The Vanilla Casta Icewave X8500 is a great choice for vapers who are currently using pre-filled tobacco flavored pods or those who prefer flavors inspired by tobacco over flavors inspired by fruit, beverage and confection flavors. 



Icewave X8500 Appearance

The appearance of the Icewave X8500 is influenced by its LED displays, they are prominent and colorful. There is a liquid drop graphic which represents how much vape juice remains in the device using a green to red color scheme.

It is a colorful device, compact and quite attractive. 

The displays are straightforward and valuable. A battery life indicator and e-liquid level indicator are hugely useful in a closed system. You need not worry about unraveling cryptic indicator lights that flash on and off when puffing. As a final detail, there is also a lightning bolt that is illuminated while charging.

The rectangular look of this long-lasting disposable is unique. There are artistic efforts and color splashes prominently featured. The appearance might be might be flashier than some older combustible initiates would prefer but it also has to stick out in a crowded marketplace. 

Unlike the Dragbar, which strays into the realm of the kitschy, the artistic flourishes seem purposeful and accent the displays. While the images on its stablemate Dragbar are technically cassette playing boomboxes, a device that no minor has used in close to 40 years, the concern is always that such renderings cast vaping in a negative light with critics. 


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It is only natural that the Zovoo Dragbar B3500 and Icewave X8500 will be compared, even if they are quite different devices. The chilled out Icewave X8500 device is significantly longer lasting, holding 18ml versus 8ml in the Dragbar. That accounts for the puff differential of 8500 versus 3500.

The Dragbar B3500 proved a wonderful device. It had all the bells and whistles of the largest disposable vapes, had rechargeable functionality, a Smart LED display that monitored e-liquid and battery life, and was available at a lower price point. Despite being a less expensive and short-legged disposable, its advanced coil and output were a match for any disposable in terms of vapor density and flavor. 

Dragbar B3500 versus Icewave X8500

Zovoo Dragbar B3500

Apart from its appearance, looking as much like a Comic-Con tchotchke as an e-cig, the Dragbar B3500 would be a perfect device for initiates. It is portable, potent, user-friendly, and with an 8ml capacity doesn't saddle the buyer with weeks of vaping a flavor they tried out and did not like.

For long-term use cases, it is hard to argue against the longer lasting Icewave X8500. It not only holds more nic salt e-liquid but lasts longer between charges due to its larger battery: 600mAh versus 500mAh. That extra leeway can be very important in scenarios where charging is not an option. 

The flavors themselves are similar enough where preferences are entirely subjective. If you are looking a smidge less ice, the Dragbar B3500 makes sense. If you are looking for the longest lasting disposable vape possible with great icy flavors and excellent MTL performance, the Icewave X8500 wins in a landslide. 

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